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9 Common Problems With Pilote Motorhomes

9 Common Problems With Pilote Motorhomes

Pilote Motorhome was established in 1962, and they manufactured their first caravans in the same year. These are larger motorhomes and have lengths of about more than 7 meters. Depending on their models, it provides sleeping space for 2 to 6 persons.

Common problems with Pilote motorhomes include faulty central locking system, noisy suspension parts, double floor issues, poor temperature maintenance, difficult maneuverability, faulty bathroom sink faucet, dome cap of the shower drain, frequent falling of window blind, and bubbling of the floor.

Pilote has become the French market leader, with over 60 years of experience manufacturing motorhomes. They are famous for their high-quality build parts and several options for living space. I selected their bunk bed layout for a road trip with my family. My children slept on the bunk bed, and it was comfortable.

Problems Solutions
Faulty Central locking system Clean with sandpaper
Noisy suspension parts Lubrication of suspension parts
Issue with double floor Re-install the screws
Poor temperature maintenance Add more insulation
Difficulty maneuverability Install sensors and rear-camera
Faulty bathroom sink faucet Cleaning with lemon juice
Dome cap of the shower drain Use metal rood for cleaning of shower drain
Falling of window blind Re-install window blind
Bubbling of floor Use dehumidifier

Faulty Central locking system

Many people faced issues with the central locking system in Pilote P740C. You cannot close the entry and exit doors of the motorhome because of the bad central locking system.

My friend also owned the same model and told me he could not lock the entry door properly. He closed the door and thought it was locked, but it was not because of the poor engagement of the metal connectors.

The issue came because of the dirty connectors of the locking system. Pins cannot come in contact with the metal connectors because of the dirt and rust on them.

You can also face problems because of the dry and dirty connectors. Dust and dirt come on these connectors with their age and surrounding environment.

Water can come on these metal connectors because of the broken entry door seal, which causes the moisture to seep inside. Moreover, they become dry because of the poor lubrication. My friend used sandpaper to make these metal connectors neat and clean.

He rubbed the affected surface with sandpaper in a circular motion. It is also better to spray the lubricant on their surface to reduce rusting issues.

Noisy suspension parts

You can hear the noise from the suspension parts of Pilote motorhomes while driving. It is frustrating to drive with noisy suspension parts because of distractions.

Noise from suspension parts comes because of the grinding of metal parts. Grinding noise from metal parts comes because of the lack of lubricating fluid.

Moreover, you can hear the noise because of loose suspension parts. Damaged shocks and control arms lead to rattling noise during driving.

You should avoid driving because it can completely damage the suspension parts. It is better to check the bearings of the control arm and replace the damaged bearings with new ones. Lubricate the suspension parts properly and remove the rust from their parts using steel wool.

Double floor issue

Pilote motorhomes are equipped with double floors to ensure their durability. The double floor in this motorhome is not installed correctly, which can lead to problems and heavy repairs.

The underfloor compartment is secured with internal hatches. Moreover, the wooden frame is also connected with the underfloor.

Conventional wood screws are used to attach the wooden frame to the underfloor. These are not correctly installed and come off, which causes the separation of double floors.

You have to hire a mechanic to fix the double floor, which causes costly repairs. You have to spend thousands of dollars to repair the floor and carefully re-install the screws.

Poor temperature maintenance

Many Pilote motorhome owners complain about the poor temperature maintenance of the interior cabin. You can see insufficient heating and cooling in winter and summer weather, respectively.

I also faced the same issue and thought it came because of the faulty heat, ventilation, and air conditioning system, but it was fine.

I realized that the problem was due to the poor insulation and sealing of the motorhome. It cannot retain heat and maintain the temperature because of the poor insulation.

You cannot maintain the interior temperature because of the air leaks. It is necessary to properly inspect the motorhome and seal the holes and gaps to reduce air leaks.

You can also add more insulation to improve the interior temperature according to weather conditions.

Difficulty in maneuverability

Pilote motorhomes are huge because of their specific layout, which differs from others. You can face difficulty in their maneuverability because of their larger dimensions.

Manufacturers specially designed them larger to fulfill the requirements of the customers. People usually love motorhomes that have spacious interiors for the installation of aftermarket additions.

Moreover, spacious interiors are comfortable because you can walk inside. You can also organize the furniture perfectly with enough walking space in the surroundings.

However, it is challenging for you to maneuver them in tight spots, parking lots, and RV parks. You must select the RV parks that are designed for larger vehicles.

You can make their reversing and parking easy by installing the sensors as an aftermarket addition that aids drivers during driving.

Installing the rear camera on their backside is better for a better backside view while parking. You should avoid tickets by selecting the routes that allow larger vehicles.

Faulty bathroom sink faucet

Bathroom sink faucets of Pilote motorhome become faulty and lead to a decrease in overall water pressure. I also faced the same issue. I fully opened the faucets but only saw a few drops of water dripping because of the rust, sediment, and grime accumulation.

The damaged seal prevents the water from coming out with optimal pressure. Moreover, water pressure also decreases because of the mineral and sediment buildup on the faucet’s seal, which restricts its smooth turning.

Ruts and grime can accumulate on the faucets, leading to low water pressure and leakage. I squeezed the lemon juice into the small bowl and dipped the cotton cloth to remove the grime and rust from the sides.

Dome cap of the shower drain

Shower drains have a dome cap, which makes the cleaning procedure difficult. You cannot remove the junk and hair from the dome-capped shower drains.

Hair and junk can get stuck on their sides, and you cannot remove them with your hand. Moreover, the dome cap is made of chrome material, which is vulnerable to rusting because of chemical exposure.

You cannot install the metal sieve on it because of its particular structure. A shaped cape is installed on the shower drains to reduce clogging.

You can use the metal rod to remove the junk and hair from their surroundings. Using an old metal hanger is also better if the metal rod is unavailable.

Falling of window blind

Window blinds are coverings made up of horizontal slats. The window blinds in the Pilote motorhome fell off because of incorrect installation.

It can fall on the floor because of a damaged or loose fastening system, which cannot hold the blinds properly. My friend also faced this problem, and he told me the rear window blind fell off in the morning, and he woke up because of light coming from the windows.

The fastening system becomes bad because of loose screws. Their screws become loose when you do not tighten them properly. You can re-install the window blinds by fastening their screws. You can also replace the broken brackets with new ones.

Bubbling of floor

You can see bubbling or small blisters on the wooden floor because of the damaged varnish. Moreover, bubbles can also form on wooden floors because of the exposure to extreme temperatures.

Moreover, water ingress from the windows, garage doors, and windscreen sealing also causes the Pilote Motorhome floors to become wet and bubble formation.

Molds grow between the subfloors and cause bubble formation. A quick way of fixing a bulgy floor is to use the dehumidifier to remove moisture.

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