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7 Common Problems With Laika Motorhomes

7 Common Problems With Laika Motorhomes

Laika is an Italian motorhome manufacturing brand that manufactures motorhomes according to the Italian design. These are famous because of their distinct color, design, elegant shape, and high-quality manufacturing material. However, you can see minor problems in their KREOS, KOSMO, and ECOVIP models, and I have explained some of these problems below with easy solutions.

Common problems with Laika motorhomes are water infiltration, wind noise, difficulty accessing water tanks, engine overheating, burning smell, leaking toilet water tanks, and faulty driver-side door locks.

These motorhomes have several layout options for their customers, including 2 to 6 passengers. Moreover, you have various bed options, including single, double, drop-down, and queen. They manufacture motorhomes, low-profiles, and famous campervans because of their stylish interiors.

Problems Solutions
Water infiltration Lubricate the slide-out seal
Wind noise Seal gaps and holes
Difficulty in accessing water tanks Seek guidance from owner’s manual
Engine overheating Use scanner tools
Burning smell Check retractable steps and wipers
Leaking toilet water tanks Tighten toilet tank screws
Faulty driver-side door Replace door linings

Water infiltration

Laika motorhomes are of high quality, but water infiltration issues in their KREOS model frustrate you. It leaves water puddles in the affected area, making the interior look bad.

In addition, you can also feel a musty smell from the living area because of the high humidity and bacterial growth on walls and floors.

Water infiltration problems cause water-related damage. Water can enter the interior space because of poorly sealed holes and gaps.

In addition, it can also get inside through cracked and worn-out roof seals. Cracked seals cause water infiltration during rainy weather and roof cleaning.

This issue can be due to loosely connected plumbing pipes.

These connections become loose because of their incorrect fitting and high pressure. Moreover, you can face problems because of cracked plumbing lines that cause water to drip into different areas of your motorhome and severe damage.

Damaged slide-out seals also allow water to enter and damage the interior parts. Moisture can damage the wood components and lead to their rotting.

It corrodes the metal or aluminum parts and decreases their overall durability. It is also harmful to electric connections, which can affect the electric system of the motorhome.

It is necessary to check the floor seal regularly and replace it after 4 to 5 years, depending on the number of tours, season, and frequency of usage.

Keep the slide-out seal lubricated to reduce its wear and tear. However, you have to replace the broken seal with a new one to prevent water leakage.

Wind noise

Many people complain about the excessive wind noise from the Laika KOSMO motorhomes. Wind noise is irritating for people because it can also disturb their sleep.

In addition, wind noise also affects the functioning of audio and infotainment systems. Wind noise comes inside because of the damaged doors and window seals.

You can also face issues when you forget to lock the doors and windows properly. Wind from opened doors and windows affects the fuel economy because of the air drag.

Weatherstripping material or seals on the doors and windows act as the sealant and provide the air and water-tight seal. These can get damaged because of UV exposure and age.

Poor lubrication also increases the risk of wear and tear of weatherstripping material. Rubber also loses flexibility and becomes brittle, leading to wear and tear on the door seals.

Moreover, rubber seals come off from the doors and windows. It is necessary to lubricate the seals and decrease their breaking chances. You can also replace the broken seals with new ones.

Difficulty in accessing water tanks

I also drove the Laika ECOVIP motorhome, and accessing the various components was challenging because of the construction issues.

Some of their parts are hidden, and you face difficulty finding them. I was searching for the freshwater tank but could not find it.

I called my friend because he was also using the same motorhome. He told me the freshwater and grey water tank is located in the underbelly of the motorhome, and you can find it after removing the exterior panels.

It was a time-consuming procedure for me to remove the exterior panel and access the freshwater tank, but I did it to check the water levels in the tank.

It is also better to keep the owner manual with you during road trips to get information about the location of several components.

You can also call your friends or relatives using the same motorhomes. They have better knowledge about the installation of their components.

Engine overheating

You can see engine overheating issues in Laika motorhomes for several reasons. The engine can overheat because of poor driving habits, including frequent brake application, sudden speed changes, and continuous gear shifting.

You can also face engine overheating issues while driving at high speed for longer. The engine usually overheats during long road trips without any breaking intervals.

Moreover, the low coolant levels in the radiator hose cause engine overheating. Coolant is the anti-heating fluid that moves between the engine parts to keep them cool.

These parts overheat when sufficient coolant cannot pass through them. In addition, the issue can also come because of the low levels of motor oil.

Contaminated oil also increases the rubbing of metal parts. Check engine light comes on the cluster screen because of the overheated engines.

Using the scanning tools to identify the error codes and determine the root cause of engine overheating is better. Check the coolant levels and refill the coolant in the radiator hose.

Burning smell

You can feel a burning smell from the Laika motorhomes because of the failure of electric components. My neighbor also told me about that issue in his ECOVIP motorhome.

He told me he checked the electric wires, fuses, lights, and tires, but all of these parts were free from damage. He became worried because he could not find the cause of the burning smell.

He pressed the button to retract the electric step to get inside and check the interior electric parts. He tried to retract the steps, but they could not.

He inspected the electronically controlled steps and found a burning smell from these steps because of the burned-out wires.

Damaged or burned-out wires were also hindering their retraction. He replaced the wires with new ones and resolved the problem. Moreover, the burning smell can also come from the burned-out windshield wiper motor.

It can burn out because of water exposure, continuous functioning, and overheating. Replace the burned-out wiper motor with a new one to keep the windshield clean during snowy and rainy weather.

Leaking toilet water tanks

Toilets have a tank on their backside, which holds gallons of water for flushing. These tanks are connected to the water supply for their filling.

Water tank leakage causes water puddles near the toilet. Leakage can occur in Laika motorhomes because of cracked tanks. In addition, loose holding bolts also cause leakage from these tanks.

Moreover, a broken flapper seal is a significant cause of water leakage.

Replace the broken flapper seal with the new one to reduce the water wastage. Tighten the screws located beneath the tank to secure their connection with toilets.

Faulty driver-side door

The driver-side lock of the Laika motorhome becomes faulty, and you cannot open it from inside. These locks get stuck because of the winter, which causes the freezing of the locking mechanism.

Temperature drops cause the freezing of moisture, and you cannot unlock it to open the door.

Moreover, you cannot open the driver-side door from the inside because of the damaged inner linings. It is better to replace the inner lining of the door to decrease the door pulling over the issue. Inspect the door locking mechanism and use a hairdryer for snow melting.

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