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11 Common Problems With Dodge Grand Caravan

11 Common Problems With Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodge Grand Caravan is a popular minivan with three-row seating and a comfortable interior. It is famous because of plenty of space and smooth riding experience. However, there are some problems in their 2001 to 2006 models, which sometimes frustrate drivers while driving. Furthermore, the 2017 to 2020 models are considered the best because of multiple recalls from their manufacturers.

Common problems with Dodge Grand Caravan include loose emblem, airbag failure to deploy, failure of fuel pump gasket, seizing of transmission pump, loose nuts of rear seats, dislodging of windshield, valve stem corrosion, TIPM failure, faulty interior components, cracked dashboard and musty odor in AC system.

I also had the fourth-generation 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan and faced many issues with it. I only drove it for two years and then sold it to my friend.

The most common problems in my minivan were the failure of the power window switch, irresponsive key fob, premature wearing of brake rotors, engine stalling, and worn-out steering wheel control buttons. I pressed the windshield wiper switch to clean the windshield, but it did not activate because of the failure of the switch. I wiped off the windshield with a soft and dry cloth.

Problems Solutions
Airbag failed to deploy Remove the faulty sensor and install a new one
Loose emblem Tighten the emblem screws
Failure of fuel pump gasket Replace the worn-out gasket
Seizing of the transmission pump Replace the seized transmission pump
Loose nuts of rear seats Re-torque the screws
Dislodging of windshield Contact Dodge for windshield replacement
Valve stem corrosion Coat valve stem with sealant
TIPM failure Install new TIPM
Faulty interior components Maintenance of interior parts
Cracked dashboard Fix the crack with adhesive
Musty odor in the AC system Spray the disinfectant cleaner

Airbag failed to deploy

The airbag is the safety system installed near the dashboard and steering wheel to reduce the risk of injury during serious accidents, especially front-end collisions.

The inflatable airbags work with sensors commonly mounted inside the dashboard. These sensors detect the collision and allow their deployment so the driver’s head does not strike the steering wheel during collisions.

Sometimes, the airbag deployment sensor becomes faulty, causing it to malfunction. I was driving on the highway a few weeks back and saw the accident on the road.

The driver was seriously injured because the airbags did not deploy. His minivan collided with the semi-truck from the front side, and the front windshield glass was also badly broken.

The sensors also become faulty when you drill holes in the dashboard to install an aftermarket accessory. You can also face problems because of their incorrect installation and calibration.

It is necessary to replace the damaged sensors when they become faulty to ensure safety during driving. Disconnect the battery’s negative terminal and remove the plastic skid plate bolts. Detach the wire to remove the faulty sensor and install a new one.

Loose emblem

Many people complained about the loose or missing emblem of the Dodge Grand Caravan mounted on their steering wheel. It becomes loose because of the incorrect installation of their screws.

The loose emblem issue is significant in their 2007 to 2011 models. In addition, the issue also comes because of the use of the wrong size screws for their mounting.

The owners recalled their vehicles because of the number of complaints. They replaced the screws with new ones to ensure tightening of the emblem.

Moreover, you can also tighten their screws by using the tool according to the type and size of the nuts.

Failure of fuel pump gasket

The fuel pump acts as the bridge and controls the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. It controls the amount of fuel entering the engine to improve the fuel economy.

It is an electrically powered component that is mounted on the fuel tank. Fuel pump gaskets help maintain the pressure and reduce fuel leakages.

The gasket is located between the fuel pump and the mounting surface of the engine side. The fuel pump gasket is vulnerable to wear and tear because of age-related deterioration.

In addition, sludge buildup and use of low-quality fuel also increase the chances of their failure. You cannot repair the rubber fuel pump gasket. It is necessary to replace the worn-out gasket with a new one. Select the gasket of the correct side for replacement to reduce the fuel leakage issues.

Seizing of the transmission pump

You can also see the seizing of the transmission pump, which causes difficulty in gear shifting because of the loss of hydraulic pressure. You cannot shift the gear because of insufficient hydraulic pressure in the lines.

Transmission pumps can size because of the debris buildup on their surface, which causes them to get stuck. Small debris pieces, when they get stuck in the metal rings, lead to the seizing of the transmission pump.

It is not possible to repair or clean the sized transmission pump because of the risk of leakage of transmission fluid. It is better to hire an expert mechanic for its replacement with a new one.

Loose nuts of rear seats

The significant problem in the Dodge Grand Caravan is the loose rear seats. The rear seats get separated from the frame because of their incorrect installation.

The nuts that secure the rear seats with the seat frame are not properly torqued and tightened. Chances of injury increase when seats separate from their frame.

You can re-torque the seats and tighten their screws to ensure the safety of passengers during driving.

Dislodging of windshield

Many people complain about the dislodging of windshields in their Dodge Grand Caravan minivans. The issue came because of the use of expired urethane primer for their installation.

Expired urethane primer does not have enough capacity to hold the windshield, which causes sudden displacement during minor collisions.

You can contact the Dodge for free of cost replacement of the windshield.

Valve stem corrosion

The valve stem is part of the tire pressure monitoring system. Early models of Dodge Grand Caravan have aluminum valve stems, which are vulnerable to corrosion.

The valve stem can also break because of corrosion issues. Corrosion can come on them because of the road salts, water, and mud splashes.

These are mounted on the wheels and come in exposure to road elements. You can prevent the corrosion by coating the valve stem surface with sealing material. Select a high-quality sealant that is resistant to adverse weather conditions.

TIPM failure

TIPM in Dodge Grand Caravan stands for Totally Integrated Power Module. It is the complex system responsible for controlling your minivan’s electric system.

It is a black plastic box with fuses and power boards inside. The Totally Integrated Power Module is vulnerable to failure because of the corroded connections and moisture exposure.

You can see symptoms including fuel pump failure, malfunctioning power windows, incorrect airbag deployment, and faulty horns because of the TIPM failure.

You can replace the TIPM in your minivans by disconnecting the wires and removing the black box. Install the new system and ensure the correct wiring attachment.

Faulty interior components

You can see several problems with interior components because of low-quality materials and their incorrect installation. Faulty interior accessory issues are common in the 2005 model of the fourth generation.

Power door switches risk failure because of their faulty locking system. In addition, interior LED lights also burn out, and sometimes, the alarm turns ON erratically.

You require a lot of money to fix these small issues, which irritates drivers. It is necessary to maintain the interior parts to prevent costly repairs.

Cracked dashboard

You can also see cracking of dashboard material because of the use of low-quality plastic for its manufacturing. My friend also saw the breaking of dashboard material. He told me small plastic chunks from the cracked dashboard entered the air vents.

When it turned the AC on, one of those chunks hit my eye while driving. Dashboard is vulnerable to cracking because of the poorly treated plastic material used for manufacturing.

Long-term UV exposure also makes the plastic brittle and causes the problem. Dodge received many complaints about the cracked dashboard issue, but they say it is cosmetic and out of our warranty policy. You have to use adhesive to fix the affected surface of the dashboard.

Musty odor in the AC system

I also faced the issue of a musty odor from the air conditioning unit system. I turned On the AC in summer and felt the musty smell from the air vents.

I sprayed the deodorant, but it did not resolve the issue. The smell came from the air vents because of the high moisture and bacterial growth on the evaporator coil.

In addition, the issue also came because of the mold growth on the Dodge Grand Caravan AC system. I used the disinfectant to inhibit bacterial growth on the evaporator.

I sprayed the HVAC system with that cleaner, and the problem was resolved in a few days.

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