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2022 Nissan Frontier: Facts You Should Know

2022 Nissan Frontier: Facts You Should Know

The 2022 Nissan Frontier midsize pickup truck is a combination of modernity, technology, and performance. A powerful 3.8-liter V-6 engine with plenty of advanced safety features, a stylish look, and a handsome towing capacity makes this truck an ideal choice for customers with limited budgets. 

2022 Nissan Frontier

Nissan Frontier is a 60-year-old brand in the category of midsize trucks in the USA.

However, it has remained a competitive choice throughout the years due to its reliability, off-road capability, and efficient performance.

It has received significant design changes in the form of a new engine and upgrading other features after 15 years.

Their competitor trucks have undergone complete upgrades to give new looks and many new features during these years.

Therefore, it became mandatory for Nissan to provide its customers a midsize truck with modern features according to current trucking needs at a budget-friendly price.

The company has announced the latest model with a stylish exterior, improved interior, a powerful V-6 engine with a 9-speed automatic transmission with a wider gear ratio, and a compact design.


Nissan has approved more than 80 accessories and various trim levels for the new 2022 Frontier model.

Therefore, it has plenty of features and specifications to discuss the truck. We will briefly describe the key attributes to give an overview of the new truck.

Variants/trim levels

It will be available in multiple trim levels with base variant S and advanced Pro-4X with additional safety features for off-road usage.

Other variants are Pro-X, SV, and newly revealed R trim levels. 


It is a 4 wheel drive variant with solid chassis and excellent suspension system suitable for rough and challenging off-road applications.

It has equipped with improved shocks, skid plates underneath to protect vital parts like the fuel tank and tires capable of covering all kinds of terrains.

The presence of bigger alloy rims of 17″ size and an electronic locking differential on the rear axle will enable it to travel on mud, sand, or rocks with both wheels’ equal speed.

Moreover, the company has worked on its interior to give it a new look with an advanced infotainment system and improved upholstery on seats and dashboard.


It is a base variant of pro-4, having 2 wheel drive option on the rear axle capable of on-road applications.

However, it has similar shocks of Pro-4X and a single skid plate. It enables it for slight off-road applications. It lacks an electronic locking differential as it has the purpose for on-road driving.


The company has built a prototype model of Frontier with the engine of GT-R. It gives the truck about 2 times the power of a 300hp engine in other trim levels of Frontier.

It is just a strategy to show off its capabilities to develop the powerful trucks. Otherwise, it is not feasible from a cost point of view.  


It is a standard base variant of this pickup truck. The engine is the same 3.8-liter V-6 with the same power and torque rating.

It is available with a 2-wheel drive option.

However, a 4-wheel drive option is also available at a higher cost. Other standard features like a sound system and seat upholstery are available.


It has similar features as the S trim level except for few additional packages with increased cost.

Packages include utility package, midnight edition package to improve the truck’s exterior look, value truck package to add few safety and utility features, and special edition package to further enhance the outlook and wheels of the Nissan Frontier. 

Styling in exterior

The new 2022 Nissan Frontier is slightly longer than previous models. The company has tried to give a stylish contemporary look to the exterior to fulfill the current requirements. 

The front side’s highlight is LED lights with unique designs and grille to show their mechanical strength.

A sophisticated T-shaped floating grille within a larger frame is present to glorify the truck’s mechanical strength.

Other designs and materials like Satin Chrome and Gloss black painted designs are available in additional packages with trim levels.

Stylish fenders on both sides and clamshell/hood and their integration with edges of headlights give a fresh look to the vehicle.

You can find a skid plate underneath the front for protection on bumpy roads and 2 hooks for towing the pickup.

Skid plates are a part of the Pro-4X model to protect the fuel tank and other parts of the transmission system during off-road operations.

Side windows have a more innovative look with a slight dip along front window lines and help during off-road applications to spot the objects that can damage the paint.

Trim’s name is mentioned on the truck bed’s side in bold letters with bright colors to identify its quickly.

Tailgate has a slight depression on the bottom part with Frontier embossed in capital letters.

The same is also prominent on the top side of the grille frame. The rest of the tailgate surface is flat for routine operation. 

Interior design

The Interior is a combination of modern and a few classical parts. The size of the cabin is almost the same as previous models with 4 door arrangement.

It has a 5- seater crew cab arrangement with 2 seats in front separated by a console and a long one for 3 persons on the backside.

A simple dashboard with charcoal shade separated into blocks with leather upholstery around the frame of few parts like gauges and infotainment display is the highlight of the interior.

Classical vertical air vents for climate control and air provision in the cabin are the same as previous designs.

There are stylish door latches with lava red accents for front doors. Rear door pulls are simple, maybe to save cost. Handles on covers of transmission tunnels with lava accents to add a class to the interior.

Front passenger and driver seats are zero gravity designs to maintain neutral body postures during long traveling journeys to reduce fatigue.

Moreover, there are stepped backrest patterns on seats to give them a modern look and improve the comfort level.

Seats have improved leather upholstery with excellent and durable stitching having charcoal color and lava orange shades. Cloth upholstery options are also available according to customer choice.

Foldable seats also provide storage space to keep luggage and tools underneath them.


It has a standard 3.8-liter V-6 gasoline engine to provide sufficient torque for towing applications.

All variants have a 9-speed automatic transmission with a better gear ratio for efficient and smooth operation. 

The engine has the natural aspiration of fresh air as compared to forced induction with a turbocharger. Therefore, it has a reliable operation at the cost of less power available.

Moreover, this truck has hydraulic steering, causing fuel loss even when it is in an idle state. This feature is not suitable for fuel economy.

Power and torque 

The new model’s power and torque ratings are the same as the previous ones that are ~300hp power and ~280 lbs-ft of torque. 


Availability of 6-lug wheels with 17″ alloy or aluminum rims gives better performance for rough terrains and better traction.

Moreover, tires installed with the 2022 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X are all-terrain rugged ones to bear harsh conditions.

They are suitable for operation in sand, mud, and hilly areas as well as on-road driving.

Suspension system

The suspension system has significant improvement from previous models.

It uses high-quality Bilstein dampers with coil springs to provide comfortable driving on rough terrains.

Moreover, they have an excellent performance during prolonged continuous operations without overheating. It is an advanced multi-link suspension system.

Ground Clearance

It is a midsize pickup truck, has a ground clearance of 8-9 inches, making it suitable for hilly and off-road applications requiring higher values.

Safety and infotainment features

The primary infotainment option is a 9″ prominent touchscreen display to play music, video, and visualize other trucks’ parameters.

The display of a 360° camera is also available on the same screen. It acts as a virtual spotter for off-road applications to view any harmful object damaging the paint or any part. 

Other options available are Wi-Fi hotspots for the internet and USB ports.

Moreover, you can access Apple Carplay and Android Auto applications and their features on display.

10″ fender speakers for the best music experience are also available in advanced trim levels. 

The Center console, rear door, and front door pockets have ample storage options. A wireless charging pad is available to charge the mobiles.

The presence of a traditional lever in the center stack for gear shifts is a convenient option.

The presence of eight airbags makes it safe for highway applications. Some of the truck’s advanced technology features and to help out the driver are:

  • Emergency auto braking.
  • Lane-keeping assistant.
  • Blindspot warning.
  • Street sign recognition.
  • Automatic rear braking options.

Hillstart climb control option is available in all variants. However, a decent control assistant is optional for advanced trim levels.

Active brake limited slip option is available for Pro-4X models to provide traction for climbing and rough surfaces.

This model does not have a pro pilot assistant or adaptive cruise control to control the truck’s acceleration and speed.

Drive configurations

The basic version of the pickup is a 2WD rear-wheel drivetrain. However, 4 wheel drive options are also available in trim levels.

Selectable drive modes are available in 4WD models to electronically switch to 2WD or 4Hi and 4Lo to provide varying torque according to the terrain requirement.

Towing and payload capacity

Payload and towing capacity are similar to previous models and not very much different from competitors that can be a strategy to reduce its overall price.

Quoted towing capacity is about 6500-6800 lbs, while it can carry 1500-1700 lbs in its bed. You should also know its weight.

Fuel economy

Its fuel tank has a size of 20-22 gallons with a driving range of 350-500 miles.

Fuel economy as specified by the company for the city’s standard version is 16-20 miles per gallon, on highways is 22-26 miles per gallon, and their combined average is 18-22 miles per gallon.

However, it depends on various factors like load, driving, and road conditions and varies accordingly.


The new ladder frame made of steel extended throughout the length and chassis to withstand stresses in the most demanding terrains provides strength and durability.

Cargo space/Bed

All variants come with a 5-feet bed. However, there is a provision for an optional 6-feet bedIt has its own LED lights on the sides to illuminate the area.

The bed also has an integrated rail cleat system for tying down the cargo to keep it secure in its place. Actual cargo carrying capacity varies according to the loading arrangement and shape of the load.

It has provision to tow trailers and campers with a hitch receiver and an angular hitch to control the towed camper’s sway.


The company has announced the latest model with more than 10 color options available for the truck’s exterior.

A few prominent are blue, red, white, black, and metallic, with added effects to give it a unique look. The interior is mostly charcoal with lava orange accents. 

When will the 2022 Nissan Frontier be available in the market?

The company has launched the truck’s pre-production model in the mid-2021 and it will be available for sale in the market in late 2021.

However, the actual delivery date can vary according to the favorable conditions amongst the global pandemic.


It has a varying price range according to the trim level and optional accessories installed.

The standard base model S has a price range of $27,000-$28,000. Pro-X and SV trim also have the same price range that is quite economical for low-end customers.

However, higher-end advanced models with 4WD options like Pro-4X have prices of $37,000-$40,000. 

Where is Nissan Frontier Made?

Nissan Frontier is a mid-sized truck manufactured in a Nissan plant located in Canton, Mississippi, North America.

The Mississippi plant has a large manufacturing facility of more than 4,00,000 vehicles per annum. Therefore, it is the hub of production of Nissan pickup trucks and cars. 

Nissan decided to manufacture its popular model D21 pickup truck in the US with brand name Frontier in 1997 in Smyrna, Tennessee plant.

However, later on in 2004, the company shifted the production of Nissan Frontier to its Canton, Mississippi plant.

Frontier is a trustworthy brand for the American market only as Nissan sells it with other names in various markets. 2022 Nissan Frontier has up to 55% of its parts manufactured in America and Canada, while some engine and few parts of its speed transmission come from Japan.

Due to its design, production, and testing in the US, the company gets direct feedback and improves the latest model features according to North Americans’ demands.

Moreover, manufacturing the Frontier in North America helps the company in some import duties and customs charges.

Its design and specifications fulfill the requirements of US people looking for a mid-sized truck with good features.      

Who Makes Nissan Frontier Trucks?

As the parent company, Nissan USA, which has Nissan Motor Corporation Japan, owns and manufactures the famous North American pickup model Frontier.

Its headquarter is present in Franklin, Tennessee, that looks after the whole North American operation of Nissan through its network of offices, production plants, and dealers.

Moreover, the company has an alliance with French manufacturers Renault and Mitsubishi to produce various vehicles, but Nissan itself supervises, produces, and distributes its Frontier pickup trucks. Therefore, Frontier can be called a Nissan brand in totality. 

Is Nissan Frontier Easy to Take Care Of?

Nissan Frontier is a pickup truck that is easy to maintain and has lower annual maintenance costs.

According to surveys, estimated annual prices in repairing these trucks are lower than the US market’s overall average. It shows the easy availability of expert mechanics, spare parts, and less frequency of faults.

Most common repairs involve periodic maintenance of the vehicle for oil and filter change. The rest of the parts, including engine and transmission, have quality designs to have fewer faults over time.

Is Nissan Frontier a reliable Brand of Truck?

It is a reliable brand with a top rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 from the reliability point.

However, due to old designs and the long time since significant upgrades in the design and engine segment of pickup trucks, customer satisfaction reviews show lesser ratings.

It won the award of the most dependable midsize pickup truck in 2020 by JD power. Award is based on the number of repair and maintenance issues last year for a 3 years old vehicle.

Moreover, it considers the type and nature of the problem from minor to major categories. The survey takes data from thousands of truck owners and calculates the score.

Nissan Frontier has won this award in 2018, 2019, and 2020 in categories of reliability and quality. It indicates the truck’s excellent performance throughout its service life with a minimum number of faults even after 3 years of operation.

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