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2022 Rivian R1T: Facts You Should Know

2022 Rivian R1T: Facts You Should Know

Rivian is a startup US automobile company building an electric truck R1T focusing on performance, utility, and capability-related features with the best customer care experience.

2022 Rivian R1T is a futuristic electric truck with excellent towing and payload capacity with an energy-efficient operation. You can drive it up to 250 to 400 miles due to its large battery pack and costs between $73000 to $7700.

The company has announced unique features like longer battery life, enhanced driving range, plenty of storage space, and attractive additional packages.

2022 Rivian R1T

2022 Rivian R1T will be available in 2 variants (adventure and explore packages) with multiple optional features.

In this article, we have added the features, specifications, and price of this amazing electric truck.

Frame Structure

The company focuses on building an energy-efficient truck with maximum functions to increase the single charge’s driving range.

Therefore the company has selected lightweight and high-strength material in the construction of its frame.

The frame has lighter materials like carbon fiber and aluminum alloy with ultra-high-strength steel parts to strengthen it for rough terrains and towing applications.

Moreover, the structure has an aerodynamic and energy-efficient design that best suits a smart truck’s profile. 


It has a skateboard-shaped platform that supports the powertrain, drivetrain, battery packs, and suspension system.

Each axle has 2 motors to power up each wheel separately. The battery packs have been enclosed in the lowest part of the chassis and support the truck’s frame structure.

The use of aluminum alloy, high-strength steel, and composite material gives the foundation strength and durability.

An electric compressor powers the air suspension system and is independent for each wheel on the front and rear axle.

It allows the vertical adjustment of the dampers in the range of 8-15 inches according to the requirement.

The system automatically adjusts the ride height according to the payload and terrain to improve its comfort and handling.

Active damping continuously monitors the road condition and tunes the dampers to act accordingly.

Therefore, the suspension system is innovative in a true sense with the best use of artificial intelligence.

It has an active anti-roll control using an electro-hydraulic mechanism controlled by 4 electric servo valve hydraulic dampers.

It protects the vehicle from rolling on sharp turns and corners on highways, improves road grip, and reduces head toss during rough and uneven terrains.

Moreover, an underbody shield has layers of toughest, lighter and composite material to absorb and distribute the forces resulting from heavy jerks on off-road conditions to protect the truck’s vital parts.  

Exterior of truck

It has a slim body shape with excellent aerodynamics suitable for swift movements and a stylish look.

The front side has a patch of grille between headlights and bumper. Furthermore, there are two towing hooks on both sides of the bumper required for various applications.

A skid plate underneath the truck also protects its parts during off-road applications. Due to the absence of an engine, it has as a storage space.

Other highlights of the exterior are stylish side mirrors with cameras, a latching gate for the gear tunnel, and Rivian brand name on both sides’ front door.

The logo of the company is on the front end of the frunk hood. Doors and fenders have stylish cuts and depressions to add to the beauty of the truck.


Its headlights have a unique design with two vertically oriented LED lights linked by a light bar running from the left fender to the right one.

The light bar has multiple functions like illuminating the road at night, changing color to show the battery pack’s charging status, and as an indicator at turns.

While charging, the light bar turns solid green with a fully charged battery, changing the blue color status bar during charging to show charge status and blinking red in case of any fault in the charging system.

It also indicates whether an electric vehicle is being charged or charging another vehicle by flowing light inward or outward direction.

Rear lights also in the form of a red-colored light bar running throughout the length of the tailgate.

Powertrain and Drivetrain

Electric vehicles have electric motors as their engine to transmit powers to the wheels. It is a quad motor all-wheel-drive truck. Each motor separately powers a single wheel.

Therefore, it is easier to control each one of them individually. Moreover, electric trucks also do not require conventional multi-speed transmission systems to develop torque.

By controlling the input voltage and current, you can achieve any torque and speed value according to a single-speed transmission system’s requirements.

It has a skateboard shape powertrain to deliver power from motors to wheels.

The front axle has 2 compact motors with slightly less power rating, while the rear axle has high strength and high torque module.

A unique feature associated with this truck is a Tank Turn. It achieves a quad motor tank turn by rotating wheels of one side in the forward direction while those of the other in reverse order take a 180 turn like a tank.

It is pretty more manageable in quad motor electric vehicles as each motor powers a separate wheel. You can perform it by simply pushing a tank turn button in the Rivian app.

However, its excessive use on hard surfaces has a detrimental effect on the wheels. It can help change its direction when you get yourself at the dead-end of a one-way trail. 

Thermal Management System

Temperature control of the battery pack, electric motors, and the crew cabin are crucial. It has an active thermal management system consisting of three loops.

The first loop is to manage the optimum temperature of battery packs enabling their optimal performance in temperature conditions varying from very hot to cold environments.

The second loop with independent valve control maintains the temperature of motor parts, inverters, and power electronics. The third loop is for the HVAC system of the crew cabin. 

Battery pack and drive range

Rivian has announced three battery packs for R1T with a varying range from 250-400 miles according to the size of the battery pack available.

It has a 180kW battery pack that is the biggest in any electric vehicle, including the Tesla Cyber truck.

Moreover, it has an artificial intelligence-based charging system that tunes the battery charging parameters by observing its usage patterns.

This intelligent charging system will enhance the battery life three times than conventional charging systems.

Ground Clearance

It has a maximum ground clearance of +1 foot enabling its usage in off-road applications with hilly areas and dunes.

Moreover, it has sound features like a 30+ degree approach angle, 30-degree departure angle, and break-over angle.

It can go through 3 feet deep water having a sealed battery pack, doors, other sensitive areas, and compartments that will not allow water to enter the pickup.


It is a high-performance pickup with the most extended drive range, good towing capacity, energy-efficient operation, and good road handling capabilities.

It can reach 0-60 miles per hour speed in less than 5 seconds.

It is capable of driving on all possible terrains due to an all-wheel drivetrain. It has energy-efficient parts to achieve maximum drive range in all-electric trucks.

Rivian R1T Interior

It has a standard truck cabin having a capacity for 5 seats, that is, 2 seats on the front and 3 seats on the rear side.

The company has designed the interior to withstand rough environments, including dirt, dust, and sand, without leaving any trash on the dashboard or other parts of the driver cabin.

Interior is available in three neutral color combinations having the look of wooden furniture. Ergonomic seating and steering wheel with brake and accelerator pedal enables easy driving.

Seats have fine stitching of high-quality leather with heating and ventilation to ensure a comfortable journey.

Another highlight of the cabin is the all-glass single-piece panoramic roof to enjoy the beauty of nature at night. It is available in 2 shades.

The dashboard is pretty simple and elegant, with an infotainment display screen as a prominent feature.   

Infotainment system

It has a large display of more than 12 inches touchscreen to provide information of vehicle systems and entertainment features.

The second screen in front of the driver shows the navigation options and GPS to help the driver during driving.

The infotainment system is easy to operate by sliding tiles to access advanced options.

It has a Rivian Elevation sound system with three-dimensional sound effects and removable Bluetooth speakers to enjoy music outside the cabin.

Other options for entertainment are 4G and a Wifi hotspot to access the internet.

Updates for the Rivian app are also available on the internet to upgrade the system anywhere. It is also integrated with Alexa voice commands to access any options and to play music. 

Storage space

There are multiple storage options available for an optimal camping experience. First of all, there is a Frunk operated by Alexa commands by Amazon to open it.

There are other pockets available inside the cabin doors and under the foldable seats. There is also a gear tunnel to store large objects behind the cabin.

The Center console also has storage space for water and other things like cups. It offers a total storage capacity in the range of 60-70 cubic feet with careful management of the available space.

Truck bed

The truck bed is pretty much spacious, ranging from 55 inches long with the tailgate closed and extending up to 85 inches with the tailgate open and locked in the horizontal position.

Moreover, they have designed a manual or electric-powered waterproof bed cover to protect the cargo and bed from harsh weather conditions.

There is also a mechanism to tie down the payload and a cable-based sensor to warn you in case of cargo loss.

An air compressor is available to maintain all four wheels’ air pressure with nozzle and hose. You can also inflate other objects like rafts and bicycle tires with the help of a nozzle. 

There is also a power outlet available in the bed to operate any electric appliance on the vehicle’s battery or charge your phone.

Tailgate is also fully retractable up to the ground with footsteps to climb the truck bed, and you don’t have to stretch your arms to reach the bed.

Gear Tunnel

A tunnel across the truck behind the back seat enables you to carry special tools or gear like a golf club, skate, or surfing board.

You can also use the tunnel’s opening hatch as a seat or support to climb its roof.

Moreover, the company has designed a portable kitchen; it has an electric stove, a warmer for the tea kettle, and a sink with water storage.

It is highly efficient and works on the battery pack of the truck. It is a luxury feature separately available besides standard variants for a few thousand dollars.

Rivian Driver Assistance Tools

There are multiple tools available in the electric pickup to assist the driver during driving.

Rivian Driver+ assistant has standard safety features like adaptive cruise control, lane keep and change assistant.

Other essential functions are trailer assistant, front and rear collision warning systems, automatic emergency braking, and multiple other features.

All these systems work with many ultrasonic sensors and 8-10 cameras for complete coverage.

Moreover, radars on all corners and front assist the driver in the autopilot operation. Moreover, there is a GPS display right in front of the driver to enable efficient and safe driving.


It has a unique feature of a flashlight in the backdoor. You can pull it by pressing its exposed end. It has rechargeable cells of the exact specifications as the main battery pack.

Towing and payload capacity

Rivian R1t is an all-electric truck with capabilities of half-ton trucks like the Ford F-150. It has towing capacity in the range of 10,000lbs to 12,000 lbs. Payload capacity is a bit short of 1800lbs.

All variants are equally capable of the quoted values by the manufacturer.

However, there will be a reduction in the driving range if you use it at its maximum ratings due to the increased power required from batteries for the operation of electric motors.

Available Variants

Rivian has announced 2 packages of R1T with some standard features and few additional facilities focusing on Off-road and the truck’s highway performance.

The 2 packages are Adventure and Explore one. The company has announced the launch model’s early delivery; however, it has all the Adventure package features.

Adventure Package

This package’s highlight is additional components for off-road usage, including underbody skid plates for protection, 2 number front bumper tow hooks, and an air compressor.

Other features are an electric-powered truck bed cover, gear guard, better audio system, and ventilated seats.

Explore Package

It has the same driving range as that of the Adventure package with a manual bed cover and standard audio system.

It also lacks protective gear for off-road applications. It has all the features of the standard model with the exact performance specifications.

Availability in market

The launch edition of Rivian R1T with all the Adventure package features will be available in mid-2021. While the delivery date of its final Adventure and Explore package is the start of 2022, as announced by the Rivian.

Charging options

The company has covered all aspects of customer care by providing multiple charging solutions to promote electric vehicles’ usage.

Rivian is establishing a network of charging stations along the highways across the USA with level 1 fast chargers having a charging rate of 200-300kW that can add 135-145 miles of driving range by simply charging for 20-25 minutes.

These charging stations have renewable solar and wind energy as their primary power source to support its green energy narrative of building an electric truck to improve the environment.

Moreover, the company is installing multiple charging points at shopping malls, restaurants, and cinemas with level 2 chargers with a 10-15kW charging rate. It will allow people to charge their vehicles while doing their routine activities.

It is also compatible with a combined charging system for electric vehicles to add extra mileage at any electric charging station by any company.

Another easy solution available is charging at home by simply plugging in your vehicle in a wall charger available with a purchase package with a 10-15kW charging rate adding 20-30miles per hour of charge.

They have covered all aspects of the best customer experience by providing portable chargers stored in the front trunk, compatible with 120V and 240V voltage levels. They can add 15-20 miles of driving range per hour of charging.

Rivian R1T Price

The price range of both adventure and explore packages can vary according to premium features added.

The adventure package of R1T has a starting price of $73,000 to $77,000 due to extra parts like skid plates for off-road usage.

The Explore package has a starting price approaching $68,000.

Prices quoted by the company are for 250-310 miles base versions of trucks. Actual prices can be higher depending upon the extra packages selected. 


The company has offered a warranty for the overall vehicle and essential parts like battery pack, drivetrain, and corrosion warranty for limited features. They can vary from 5-8 years and about 200,000 miles of driving. 

Where is Rivian R1T Made?

Rivian R1T is an all-electric pickup truck designed and manufactured entirely in the United States.

Rivian has various USA states’ facilities to provide design and research work regarding the electric truck’s other components.

The facility located in Plymouth, Michigan, serves as headquarters with design and engineering services for R1T.

Two facilities in Irvine and Palo Alto provide electrical hardware, including batteries and motors, and research self-driving vehicles.

There is also a facility in Carson, California, to provide research regarding electric power conversion components.

However, the company has purchased a large manufacturing facility by Mitsubishi motors in Normal, Illinois, to develop it to manufacture and assemble future vehicles.

The company has redesigned and converted the plant to provide assembling and finishing operations and a large storage facility. 

Is Rivian R1T a reliable truck?

Rivian is a new brand in automobile manufacturers, with R1T being its pioneer electric pickup truck.

However, the company has an extensive research background to ensure the design and development of quality components with unique features.

R1T has the characteristics of a next-generation electric truck with energy-efficient performance, extended driving range, and good off-roading capabilities. 

Designs and developed pre-launch versions of R1T have shown excellent performance.

Therefore, the companies like Ford, the leading pickup truck manufacturer in the US, have shown interest in Rivian by a considerable investment of several hundred million dollars.

The same has also been reported by the people with whom the company has collaborated for its vehicles’ test run in rough terrains and freezing environments. 

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