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How Does Ford F150 Generator Work?

How Does Ford F150 Generator Work?

The Ford F150 inbuilt a generator by the system called pro power onboard that comes with 3 power supplies. You can turn them ON by press its button in the instrumental panel. You can also use touchscreen and move to feature in it, then turn the generator mode ON for excessive power supply. This built-in power feature helps you to run your electrical tools, household systems, and devices. 

How Does Ford F150 Generator Work?

Ford F150 has a built-in pro power onboard generator system. This system provides power to its user by running engines or batteries to the set of outlets. These outlets are present in the cargo bed and the interior cabin of the truck. 

 The interior cabin outlets have a low power supply as compare to the cargo bed outlets. You can use them only for recharging laptops and mobile devices. 

You can utilize the power from the cargo bed outlets for running worksites, home appliances, and recreational activities. 

This onboard power system provides energy with three different electrical outlets of 2.0 kilowatts, 2.4 kilowatts, and 7.2 kilowatts based on its models. 

The 2.0-kilowatt outlet is only present in gas-operated F150. The other two i-e 2.4 and 7.2 kilowatts energy outlet is present in the hybrid models.

 The two 120-volt outlets in the 2.0kilowatt system can supply power to your camping activities, tailgating, mini-fridge, TV, speakers, etc. 

The 2.4-kilowatt system can supply 2400-watt power for approximately 70-80 hours.

You can use them to start the popcorn machine, a concrete blender for building purposes, or see movies on an HD Projector and increase the sound quality using high amp speakers.

The 7.2-kilowatt hybrid system can supply enough power to build a home and use all the electronic equipment for it. 

How does the built-in power onboard system work?

The pro power onboard system can provide efficient energy to run powerful electronic tools and devices.

You can easily use them when you turn ON the truck; the system transfers approximately 400 watts of energy to the outlets installed in the interior cabin.

There are two outlets present in the interior cabin one adds in the instrumental panel that provides approximately 120 volts. 

The second outlet attaches to the back of the center console region. 

It provides the same amount of electricity as the one present in the instrumental panel.

They are a slight difference present between the power outlet located in the cargo bed of the truck.

The engine of 2.0 kilowatt has two outlets of 120 volts that provide power to run your different home equipment like TV, mini-fridge, etc.

The two 120-volt outlets are also available for a 2.4-kilowatt system present in Ford hybrid pickups. 

The 7.2 kilowatts system is present in ford f150 hybrids that contain four 120-volt outlets and one 240 volt outlet. 

All these outlets have LED Light indicators that tell you that the system is working or not. The LED indicator light flashes on and off when there is any fault present in the system.

For using 2.0-kilowatt

You can easily use the 2.0-kilowatt systems by starting the truck the engine turns ON. 

There is a button present in the center console region, i-e, in front of the headlamp control button. 

You can press it, and the onboard power generators turn on. 

If the button is not working, you can start it by pressing the central touchscreen in the instrumental panel of the truck.

Push the feature button on the touchscreen, then the power button, and select the generator mode. 

The system starts working and provides up to 2000 watts to its outlets. 

The cargo outlets turn on by pressing the blue button present in the bed, and the outlet starts delivering power supply. 

The power draws from all the outlets must not be greater than 2000 watts. You can inspect the power draw from your pickup with the help of a display unit.

Sometimes the install system shuts down automatically. It is the protective mechanism for the vehicle to ensure the safety of it.

Unplug all the installed devices and press the reset option on the pro power onboard system. 

The system starts to work again efficiently. 

The 2.0-kilowatt system is present in gas-operated vehicles. There is another feature that facilitates generator mode is the utility idle mode.

In this feature, you can use power from all the outlets by removing the key. You can use them when you locked your truck also. 

It starts with the key, turns it into the ON position. Press the utility idle mode icon and remove the key from the truck.

The engine keeps running, draw power from the outlets to use different devices from it.

You can turn this feature OFF by putting the key in the ON position, turn the icon OFF by pressing the touchscreen without turning the key into the start position. 

It starts with a push button can turn this feature ON and OFF with a touchscreen. 

For turning OFF the pro power onboard system in the 2.0-kilowatt system, press the same generator button located in front of the headlamp button. 

For 2.4 and 7.2 kilowatts

You can use the high-power generator installed that has a 2.4-kilowatt and 7.2-kilowatt system by following the procedure.

Start the mode by pressing the brake and the push button simultaneously. When the green LED button on the push button turns ON, release the brake pedal.

If the battery fully charges, you can use this system without running the engine. Turn it ON by pressing the button located at the top of the instrumental panel. 

After pushing it, generator mode displays on the touchscreen, press it all the outlets present in the vehicle supplied with power. 

For using the cargo outlets, press the blue button ON located there.

It activates all the terminals there, draws full power from the system. 

The 2.4-kilowatt hybrid supplies electricity of 2400 watts with the help of two outlets of 120 volts.

You can also check the power use in the display unit. The power must not be used above its capacity i-e 2400 watt from all the outlets. 

The is also a trip pro power onboard feature that automatically shuts down the system to prevent damages.

The 7.2-kilowatt system can provide about 7200 watts of electricity. The four outlets of 120-volts provide 6000 watts of energy. You can also use the power of 7200 watts by using the 240-volt outlet with them. 

The circuit automatically trips due to the misuse or fault in the system. The two circuit breakers present in the cargo bed, and one of the cabin breakers stops its functionality.

You can fix the function by unplugging all the devices and inspecting the display unit of the Ford F150 hybrid. Press the two white buttons located on the cargo bed the system can work perfectly as before. 

If the hybrid battery is running low, then the truck starts charging automatically. 

You can turn OFF the onboard system by pressing the same button present on the instrumental panel.

Benefits of Ford F150 Generator System

The pro power onboard system provides enormous benefits to its user with its excessive power supply.

You can use this feature anywhere and turn on any of your devices. This feature also increases the convenience of its user. The 7.2kilowatt can drag a camper with it and supply power to all of its equipment. 

The utility feature also facilitates this system and increases the safety of the vehicle. You can use the vehicle power by locking it and removing the key.

You can also manage the system with your smartphone by installing the FordPass application on it.

It can depict the energy used from each outlet. You can control it from anywhere but remember to stay within the range of truck wifi. 

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