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$24,000 Space Camper For Tesla Cybertruck Looks Stylish

$24,000 Space Camper For Tesla Cybertruck Looks Stylish

This $24,000 Space Camper For Tesla Cybertruck Looks Stylish. The estimated weight of this camper attachment is around 427 pounds, which can extend up to 8 feet upward. In addition, the Space Camper offers a foldable bed, portable toilet, storage, solar panels, padded flooring, working platforms, electrical outlets, and more. This company is waiting for Tesla to launch their Cybertruck, which was delayed in 2021 but is now expected to be launched at the start of 2023. 

Many automotive industries, like Tesla, are introducing newer models that are equipped with unique features.

Such advanced features add to the durability and functionality of the vehicle and improve the brand’s reputation.

The addition of a cover or shell on the Cybertruck bed that will be launched in 2023 will not only improve the looks but also provide a productive environment.

It creates an urge among the people to go camping. This company plans to design a wedge-style cover over the vehicle.

The exact production date is still unclear, but they have planned to build a highly efficient vehicle for the consumers.

How much does a Space Camper cost for Tesla Cybertruck? 

Space camper provides a versatile and highly adaptable camper shell for the Cybertruck that will be launched in the coming year.

This company operates in California and provides a shell for their truck to cover the truck bed at $24000.

It is a pretty expensive deal but adds more value to the truck and makes it multifunctional. In addition, it shows that the company is gearing up for a unique and efficient vehicle.

It has started reservations for its upcoming vehicle and asks for refundable deposits from willing customers.

You can also reserve a vehicle by paying an affordable amount of almost $100 to $10,000 depending on your budget, but more deposit ensures a chance of receiving it earlier than others.

What makes Tesla Cybertruck unique? 

The designers of the Tesla management team try to introduce newer and more productive vehicles for the consumers, and they have planned to add new features to the traditional truck design.

Cybertruck is expected to be a durable, luxurious, and multifunctional pickup that can help in camping for almost 2 days and provides a micro-home inside an automobile.

Moreover, Tesla has announced the launch of a Cybertruck in 2019 that will have a camper on its back end to provide better aerospace and luxurious facilities.

It will provide extra storage on the interior side and lockable 100 cubic feet of storage on the exterior. It will also offer a wider touchscreen and a better towing capacity of almost 3500 pounds.

Why is there a need for a Space Camper on Tesla Cybertruck? 

Space camper has promised to add a camper shell on the Tesla Cybertuck that will be launched in 2023.

The company ensures it is an adventurous vehicle with a multi-layered shell, which can operate multiple electrical appliances that consume energy from the electrical battery of the vehicle.

In addition, it will offer multiple features to improve the camping experience, and you can even do office work in remote areas.

This futuristic pickup will look much better with a shell as it gives a wedge design. They have not confirmed the final weight of the camper till now, but it will be around 470 pounds.

How does a Space Camper work on Tesla Cybertruck?

This camper can open up to a maximum height of 7 to 8 feet, and you can even stand in it. In addition, it will provide a foldable bed (50×80 inches) that can easily unfold or adjust two persons.

Moreover, you can also use it as a sofa with an adjustable backrest. Finally, there will be a small sink or a benchtop area for you to cook and eat when you are far from home.

Furthermore, it also offers a portable toilet where you can enjoy a shower in a private corner.

 It will contain 4 electrical outlets and a USB charging port and allows you to operate the electrical appliances like a water heater, fridge, and lights.

Its roof will have solar panels arranged on a foldable roof rack and padded flooring to keep the interior warm.

It offers electric blankets and a movie projector that helps bring comfort and amenities to camping.

Does space camper on Tesla Cybertruck make it special?

A space camper on Cybertruck makes it special from all other pickups that are introduced by the automotive industry.

It provides a better design and a standing platform to stand under the solar-paneled roof. You can also enjoy a nap on the double bed, ensuring a comfortable sleep.

In addition, you can also feel pleasure by enjoying the tasty food or preparing it inside a small kitchen. The vehicle itself is strong and durable, made of high-quality steel that can resist damage efficiently.

The presence of electrical outlets makes it different from pickups of other types as it allows you to charge your devices and operate the water heater.

When is Tesla Cybertruck with space camper expected to be launched?

Tesla has announced to launch of the Cybertruck in 2021, but it has been delayed. Many people are waiting for it and have reserved their orders.

Almost 650,000 people reserved their orders in 2020, and the total number has increased to 3 million.

The company has provided a new date to its customers, and its launch date is expected to be at the start of 2023. However, they accept the bookings and add the orders to their database.

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