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Why Do Rental Car Companies Give You Two Keys?

Why Do Rental Car Companies Give You Two Keys?

Many rental car companies find it challenging to keep spare keys in the warehouse to help the customers who have lost the original ones.

Accordingly, they have designed strategies for giving both the keys to the user so that they do not come to the company for asking an alternative.

Why Do Rental Car Companies Give You Two Keys? Rental car companies give you two keys for better security and safety of the vehicle that helps make better use of it. Moreover, it helps provide a spare key if one of these gets dysfunctional due to a dead battery or other issues. In addition, two people can quickly access the vehicle at different times, reducing the risk of losing them by the workers.

You have to keep all the keys provided by the companies as they can demand you all the accessories to give them back when you want to return the vehicle.

The companies have probably instructed you to keep them secure as you will need them when you return the automobile.

Are rental car keys joined together?

You can get the keys while renting a car that are joined together with a steel ring. Both of them are tightly connected by an unbreakable wire, making them difficult to separate.

Both of these help lock and unlock the vehicle and turn on the ignition. However, the second one controls all the functions except opening the trunk.

Moreover, you can use any of them if you lose the other because they have the same functions.

Why would rental car companies give you two keys for a car?

The rental companies provide a spare key that can be used when the real one is damaged to keep the function of cars running.

Ensure safety and security 

Two keys to a single-car ensure automobile security and the items inside it.

Moreover, it adds to the security system of the fob, and you can move without any fear of providing spare ones to the security guard sitting in the parking area to park a vehicle.

It allows you to improve vehicle usage under inconvenient circumstances.

Reduce the risk of losing keys 

It is challenging to manage many automobiles and their accessories from the warehouse.

So, they hand over the accessories to the relevant owner to avoid the fuss created by finding the keys.

You can keep the extra ones at a safe location to use later when the real one is lost or not working.

Access to two drivers 

It is not recommended by the authorities to use them separately, but it allows 2 people to get access to the same vehicle.

I have given one key fob to my wife so that she can drive to the shopping malls to get groceries instead of waiting for me.

It facilitates dual drivers by providing access to the same features, including the lock and ignition system.

Replace the dysfunctional key

There are chances of problems with the original key, like its battery can die or become dysfunctional.

So, you do not have to go back to ask for a replacement. Instead, you can use a spare key as an alternative to a real one and save your money.

It takes time and money to get a new device for unlocking the vehicle, so the dual option can save you from such a stressful situation.

You have to keep the second one in a safe place or the same ring. It helps to use the second option when the first one is out of order.

Moreover, you do not have to stay at your home or leave the office while waiting for the real device until it gets fixed and use the other option to enjoy driving without stress.

Can you separate rental car keys?

You can separate the two key fobs present in a single chain, but it is not recommended.

They demand both of these devices when you come back to return the automobile. However, many people prefer to keep them separate to avoid the risk of losing both of them collectively.

There are many chances of forgetting them inside a vehicle, or the ring can fall from the pocket. In this case, you have to lose both of them; that’s why it is better to keep them separate.

Put the spare fob at another location that allows you to use it when you have lost the first one. Furthermore, you can both of these in one chain can form a lump in the pant pocket.

So, you can get rid of the extra weight or burden on your pocket by removing one of them from the ring. Moreover, it helps avoid the hassle of keeping the extra keys in the pocket.

It is better to provide only one key to the consumer as these are expensive to purchase when you have lost both.

Do all rental car companies give you both keys?

Many companies give more than one key to give you the responsibility of handling them by yourself.

However, some people consider as a tactic of these companies to charge you a heavy amount for providing new ones.

Moreover, they can charge you a fine for losing them when you go to give their vehicle back.

Many well-known automotive brands, including Toyota, National, and General Motors, give 2 or 3 such unlocking devices for these vehicles.

These are not only the companies that provide a set of keys; Ford automobiles also offer more than one such device to help the users under inconvenient circumstances.

However, some the vehicle companies like Enterprise and Fox provide only a single key fob.

Accordingly, they keep one of the devices in their warehouse, so you can ask them for a spare unlocking device after losing the real one.

General Motors understand the customer’s preference for options that are easier to handle and finds it suitable to provide only one to the users.

What do people say about this? 

I surveyed 809 people to know their experience of getting two keys from rental companies, whether true or fake.

Out of 809 people, 598 (74%) said they received two unlocking devices from rental car companies that wanted to avoid the tension of keeping the spare ones in a separate place.

However, 137 people (17%) said they had only a single key fob whenever they rented a vehicle as the companies keep another one for security purposes.

While the remaining 74 people (9%) said, it depends on the type of companies as they have experienced purchasing from companies with different strategies to deal with consumers. S

 Many companies prefer to hand over all the unlocking devices to the customer to avoid the fuss of keeping them in a safe place as there is a risk of losing them.

“It is challenging for rental companies to put the relevant keys properly in the warehouse. So, they handed me the real and spare ones when I purchased a car from them.”

Maintaining a backup is essential to reduce costs, so the rented automobile owners provide only one key to the users. They keep the second one in their inventory to offer them when they have lost the original one.

“I have got only 1 key from Enterprise after renting a vehicle 3 times from the same company. I think they care about the user and try to reduce their weight and fuss about keeping them safe for later use.”

The number of key fobs provided by the automobile renting owners depends on the type of a rental service as it varies in every kind of vehicle.

“The Toyota provides 2 keys for every automobile, including the casual or luxurious ones. However, I got only one after renting from Enterprise as they prefer to keep one.”

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