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Ford Recalls 2900 EV F-150 Lightning Pickup Trucks

Ford Recalls 2900 EV F-150 Lightning Pickup Trucks

Ford has announced a recall for the 2900 EV F-150 Lightning Pickup trucks on Monday, 27th June 2022, to fix the issues in the tire pressure monitoring system. They have set the limit of 35 psi for the system to send a warning signal of low tire pressure, but the standard lower limit for tires needs to be 42 psi. This software failure can lead to accidents due to low tire inflation, so it must be fixed.

Ford can manage its regular schedules for launching the vehicles, and the F-150 lightning pickup truck was also on time.

They were quick in launching the F-150 Lightning truck and getting orders and started production of this vehicle in spring 2022, but this hurry has led to some significant issues in the tire pressure monitoring system.

When did Ford announce a recall for 2900 EV F-150 Lightning Pickup Trucks?

Ford has announced the recall for almost 2900 F-150 lightning pickup trucks that are electric vehicles and sold after April 2022.

Ford reported this recall on 27th June 2022 to inform all of their customers about the software bug.

They have released thousands of vehicles, but this recall was only for some specific vehicles having a particular tire width.

Moreover, they have released information about the faults in the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in some of the F-150 lightning pickups that need to be quickly fixed.

Why does Ford Recall 2900 EV F-150 Lightning Pickup Trucks?

The company has recalled this vehicle from customers who purchased their new pickup before 27th June 2022 to fix the issues with TPMS software.

They have identified a problem in the settings of this software as they had set a lower tire pressure limit that was beyond the standard limit.

It needs to be almost 42 psi, but they have set it around 35 psi due to some issues as they want to introduce their new model to the automotive market quickly.

It leads to failure of the monitoring system as it does not illuminate when the tire pressure reduces to 42 psi and gives wrong information.

They have not recalled all the related vehicles because this issue only affects the pickups with 20 to 22 inches tire size or less than it.

Almost 2900 vehicles are included in this category, involving 220 from Canada and 2660 from the US.

The XLT, Lariat grade, and Platinum having 18, 20, and 22 inches tire sizes are recalled. Therefore, it is essential to update the software for safety compliance.

It can lead to poor control of the vehicle and can cause severe accidents. So, they decided to quickly fix the monitoring system.

How does a tire pressure monitoring system work in F-150 lightning pickup trucks?

The tire pressure monitoring system works through sensors, which can detect the changes in the tire pressure and illuminate the light on the dashboard to inform the driver about the inflation.

These sensors are in the center of the wheel or on the rims at a particular angle and generate a signal every minute to keep you updated.

You can also set this time interval according to your requirement, and it remains functional until you drive a vehicle.

The sensor allows the light to turn on when the tire pressure gets lower than the standard limit that has been programmed in the settings.

They have set the lower limit to 35 psi which can cause damage and affect the performance of the vehicle.

When was Ford F-150 Lightning Pickup Truck Launched? 

Ford tries to introduce new vehicles frequently to maintain their brand legacy that are better in performance, mileage, towing capacity, etc., than the previous ones.

It has announced a new F-series of lightning trucks in May 2021 that are powered by electrical motors and generate more torque and horsepower.

Moreover, it can tow large-sized trailers and is considered a highly efficient vehicle than all other electric vehicles due to improved technology.

Are there any accidents reported due to problems with F-150 Lightning Trucks?

No accidental reports are recorded due to problems in the TPMS software in F-150 lightning trucks. This software failure has not led to any injuries and crashes till now.

However, the inflated tires have a wide area of contact with the ground, leading to increased friction production.

Increased friction promotes overheating, leading to wheel bursting and premature wear. Moreover, the less accurate readings can lead to poor control over the steering wheel.

Therefore, it was essential to upgrade the software and increase its warning limit so that the monitoring system illuminates when the tire pressure reduces to 42 psi.

How will Ford inform the F-150 Lightning Pickup Trucks owners about the recall?

All the automotive brands keep the digital record of their customers to contact them in the future for any reason.

In the same way, they will use their database and the contact details of their customers who have bought this vehicle.

They will use emails to notify their customers about this recall so that no one remains unaware as everyone is not interested in watching the news.

Moreover, they introduced a new mobile app named FordPass so that users can check their vehicle’s tire pressure.

In addition, they can reprogram the software by themselves through this app in a few easy steps. However, you can visit the dealers and ask them to update the BMCs.

This automotive brand offers to bring the automobiles to local dealerships and ask them for a quick fix that takes almost 20 to 25 minutes.

Furthermore, it will send an update in next 30 days, allowing these particular customers to upgrade the related software.

What is the cost to fix this issue in F-150 Lightning Pickup Trucks?

The company will not charge teh customers when they go to the dealership and ask them to fix this issue. Instead, they will reprogram the monitoring software for free.

You have to deliver the vehicle to the warehouse or take them to the dealerships by yourself to upgrade the software.

You can also use the FordPass app on the mobiles for free to fix the issue.

 Moreover, ask the dealerships to upgrade the monitoring system and they will not charge a single penny from you.

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