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7 Common Problems With Elnagh Motorhomes

7 Common Problems With Elnagh Motorhomes

Elnagh has been manufacturing recreational vehicles for more than 65 years. Their famous motorhomes are Elnagh Baron, Elnagh Clipper, Elnagh Dora, Elnagh Magnum, and Elnagh Duke. You can see minor problems in them and resolve them by performing regular maintenance.

Common problems with Elnagh motorhomes are scratches on the entry door, water ingress, poor build quality, uncomfortable dinette seats, underpowered engines, stuck clutch, and faulty retractable steps.

I also purchased the Elnagh Clipper motorhome for a family tour. I did not face any significant issues with it during road trips. However, these do not have microwave ovens, and I used the stove to heat my partially cooked or frozen food, which was a little hectic. I liked the storage space under the bed, which is enough to place various accessories.

Problems Solutions
Scratches on the entry door Repaint the affected area
Water ingress Seal gaps properly after installing aftermarket accessories
Poor build quality Replace low-quality parts with new ones
Uncomfortable dinette seats Use pillows or comforter
Underpowered engines Replace engine sensors
Stuck clutch Replace broken seals of hydraulic system
Faulty retractable step Trace faulty wires

Scratches on the entry door

People love the Elnagh motorhomes because of their spacious and well-organized interior living space. It has a two-seater sofa and half dinette, which provide markable sitting space for your family and friends.

It is the perfect dining space for 5 to 6 people. However, people do not like their door, which is located on the curbside. Their owners installed the door at the curbside to ensure the safety of the travelers.

The doors open into the curb area instead of the roadside. You do not have to open the door on the side of the road with heavy traffic, which increases the risk of damage and accidents.

Door on the curbside decreases the risk of accidents because you can open them on the curb instead of swinging them in the traffic area.

Entry doors on the curbside also cause problems by increasing the risk of damage. It hits the curb area, and you can see scratches on its surface, which can affect the overall exterior appearance of your motorhome.

My friend also owned the Elnagh Baron and faced the same issue. He told me that the entry door in his motorhome is vulnerable to scratches and paint stripping because of hitting the curb surface.

I advised him to carefully open the door while coming out. He also told me he fixed the scratch by cleaning the dirt with alcohol swabs and applying the paint on the affected steel material.

Water ingress

Many travelers are reluctant to purchase the Elnagh motorhomes despite their affordable price because of the water ingress, which can ruin their interior and exterior appearance.

Water ingress increases the overall humidity of the interior space. Molds and bacteria can also grow near the side walls because of high moisture.

Water can come inside the living area because of the poorly installed windows. These windows allow the rainwater to enter during stormy weather.

Water ingress issues can also come because of roof lights. Sometimes, roof lights are not appropriately sealed, and gaps cause water ingress.

Moreover, some of their models are also equipped with factory-installed bike racks. A drilled hole in the exterior frame for bike rack installation causes water leakages.

The issue comes when you move over the water puddles. Water ingress is like a nightmare in motorhomes, especially in winter.

I prefer the habitation and damp check annually to reduce the risk of water-related damages. Moreover, you can also identify water leaks by inspecting the water heaters, water tanks, plumbing pipes, aftermarket accessories, and drilled holes because all of these things cause water ingress.

Seal the gaps properly after drilling holes in the exterior frame to install aftermarket accessories.

Poor build quality

Many travelers complain that Elnagh motorhomes have poor build quality. These are made up of low-quality interior and exterior materials, decreasing their longevity.

My cousin also owned the Elnagh Dora in 2007 because he planned a trip with his family. He told me about the quality of the motorhome and that their interior and exterior parts only lasted for two years.

He heard the rattling and squeaking sound while driving because of loose and poorly installed components after 2 trips. He did not take it for off-roading trips, which decreased the longevity of interior and exterior materials.

He drove it on the highway but faced significant issues while driving. He told me he sold this motorhome in mid-2010 because of several problems.

He sold it at an affordable price tag because of their faulty parts. He purchased the motorhome from the Coach House RV and faced no significant issues while driving.

Poor quality build motorhomes also increase the repairing and replacement cost, which is not a cost-effective option for people.

Many people want to upgrade their parts and spend money on them instead of purchasing new ones. They like it because of plenty of storage space, making your trip convenient. You can also modify it by replacing the low-quality and poorly.

Uncomfortable dinette seats

Elnagh motorhomes have a dinette area for accommodation of 5 to 6 people. Many people faced issues in their Dora model because of uncomfortable seats.

These are highly uncomfortable, and you cannot sit there for longer. These are not comfortable because of the use of low-quality cushions for dinette areas.

In addition, the mattress used for its cushion construction is not thick enough to comfort people. Replacing a dinette area seat cushion is a costly procedure, and it can also take your time.

My friend also faced the same issue, and he told me he used the comforter to make the dinette seats thicker, softer, cozy, and comfortable. Moreover, you can also place the pillows on the seats to make them comfortable and enjoy the road trip.

Underpowered engines

Elnagh motorhomes have powerful engines because of their larger size and heavy weight. Powerful engines are used to drag these heavy-weight vehicles.

Many owners usually complain that they face issues in engine functioning, which can affect the overall speed and fuel economy.

They have poor fuel economy because of the failure of engine sensors. The engine injector cannot inject the fuel and air into the cylinders because of the sensor failure, which leads to the misfiring of one or more cylinders.

Misfired cylinders affect the overall speed, and you cannot drive on the highway at a speed of more than 50 mph. Sensor failure also affects the fuel consumption of these motorhomes.

These engine sensors can fail because of faulty electric connections and overheating. Inspecting the engine parts when you face misfiring or poor fuel-economy issues is necessary. You can also replace the damaged or defective sensors with new ones.

Stuck clutch

The clutch pedal is located near the accelerator pedal to engage and disengage the rotating shaft to transfer the power from the engine to the wheels.

Elnagh Motorhomes clutch can get stuck in one place, and you cannot press it properly. The issue comes because of the broken clutch cable.

These can also get stuck because of hydraulic issues due to broken gaskets and seals. It is better to replace the broken seals and gaskets of the hydraulic system to maintain the hydraulic fluid pressure needed to engage and disengage the clutch pedal.

Faulty retractable step

Elnagh motorhomes are equipped with retractable steps which are electronically controlled. These steps allow you to access the living area conveniently.

Owners complain that retractable steps do not come out when they press the switch. The problem can come because of broken switches.

Retractable steps become faulty because of electric malfunctions. It is necessary to trace the wires connected to these retractable step switches to supply power. It is also better to replace their switch with a new one.

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