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6 Speed vs 8 Speed Transmission

6 Speed vs 8 Speed Transmission

6 speed vs 8 speed transmission is confusing for many drivers. This is because it supplies the engine’s rotational force to gears and rotates wheels at different speed conditions. 

Moreover, it includes the clutches and gearbox with variable numbers of gears with automatic and manual controls. 

It is efficient for rear four-wheel vehicles and provides force to move wheels and cargo simultaneously. The old models of pickup trucks have a manual 6-speed gear mechanism, and the advanced new models have automatic gear control.

The main difference between 6 speed and 8 speed transmission is the number of gears. A 6 Speed transmission is manually controlled; the six-gear system is available on Toyota Tacoma’s TRD Pro, TRD Sport, and off-road trims. Also, it is adjustable in automatic vehicles, improves the speed with effortless acceleration, and provides low fuel consumption. However, 8 speed transmission is automatic, eight gear feature that improves fuel economy from 12% to 14% more than a 6-speed transmission and facilitates high limited-slip, and fewer engine failures with the smooth gear shift. In addition, the 2015 to 2022 GMC Sierra and the latest models of Chevrolet Silverado and RAM 1500 have an 8-speed automatic system.

The pickup trucks with 8-speed transmission are desirable, and their demand has increased in the last 7 to 8 years.

However, people admire the 6 Speed automatic due to its high fuel economy and improved engine lifespan. 

What is 6 Speed transmission?

The six-speed transmission is a manual system with built-in control specifications. The number six indicates the number of gears in the system. 

These are the forward gears that have control over the speed of a truck.

They handle the wheels through the manual system, but a few advanced vehicles have automatic 6 Speed gears. 

It is more advanced than the four-speed and 5-speed transmissions. For example, it has a lever mechanism that the driver can handle during manual accelerations.

The presence of six gears handles speed, and you can set the velocity at different levels. 

As a driver, you have to shift these gears one by one. In this way, you can reach the top speed of your vehicle. 

In addition, it is adjustable in manual and automatic vehicles. 


Toyota Tacoma has a manual gear system with six gears. But, it is not available on all of its trim levels.

However, TRD Sport, TRD Pro, and off-road models have this gear system. Additionally, you can manually shift the gears on these pickup truck variants. 

What is 8 Speed transmission?

The transmission comprises eight gears with an automatic shifting property.

It is an advanced system for the 2000s models, and the latest pickup trucks have an automatic built-in transmission system.

They can improve fuel economy and have efficient performance. The Ford trucks and General motors collaborated to develop this advanced system.


The Ford manufacturers introduced the 4WD automatic in 2019 with improved wheel performance and high-speed conditions. 

The GMC Sierra has 8-speed automatic gear control in the models from 2015 to 2022.

In addition, they provide more torque at high engine speed. 

Ford manufacturers have launched the 8 speed transmission from 2011 to present models of Ford F150.

The eight gear system has improved the fuel economy with the long life of engines.

Chevrolet Silverado has an 8-speed gear mechanism with automatic gear control.

The gears cab shift with a push-button and achieves the maximum vehicle speed with minimum fuel consumption.

The new variants of RAM 1500 have this gear system and provide high speed on off-roads. 

Is 8 Speed transmission reliable?

The 8-speed transmissions are an advanced feature in the automobile industry with several benefits. However, I have described its advantages and a few properties. 


The limited-slip differential can spin the shafts at variable speed conditions and reduce driveshafts’ distances.

It protects the abnormal movement of the vehicle at different speeds and steering movements.

It provides instant torque locking conversion that improves the limited-slip.

In this way, the clutches remain secure from excessive wearing and internal damage. It improves the lifespan of these clutches with efficient performance. 

The fewer damages to vulnerable clutch result in a long life of the system.

Improved fuel economy

It has improved the fuel economy in the latest models of pickup trucks.

It is the most efficient system and provides around 12% to 14% improved fuel efficiency than a 6 Speed gear system. 

It is around 16% to 18% more effective than other automatic transmissions. The vehicle engines work efficiently at high speeds for several hours and consume less fuel. 

Moreover, it saves around 4 to 5 gallons of fuel on the GMC trucks. 

It has effectively reduced the fuel consumption of a Ford F150 because of its liquid warm-up technology.

It decreases the viscosity of motor oil and engine fluid.

In this way, the engine works effortlessly and overcomes the thick fluids and additional frictional damages.

Improved transmission system

It has an advanced composition with built-in hydraulic actuators.

As a result, the gear life improves and works with minimum internal damage.

Moreover, the hydraulic control of these actuators provides more control over the gears and other components. The engine comprises a warm-up unit with a split technology.

It can warm the engine faster and protects from sudden internal damage.

In this way, the engine survives high temperatures without any component loss.

Smooth and automatic gear shift

8 gears support the turbocharged Ecoboost engines on pickup trucks like Ford F150.

These systems provide a quicker gear shift because they have built-in sensors that provide high torque and long life of internal components.

Moreover, the automatic gear shifting consumes less time at variable speeds. 

High resale value

The vehicle’s high transmission technologies with sensors and controlled driving conditions have increased their demand.

Moreover, it has increased the sale of these engines more than manual gears.

The pickup truck users demand these fast and fuel-economical trucks due to their high performance and minimum repairing conditions. 

Is 6 Speed automatic transmission good?

The transmission has six gears, and a driver can manually control them.

In the beginning, the first three gears shifts, and then the procedure moves on. It is a manual control system, but automatic vehicles can also have a 6 Speed transmission. 

It turns the system from manual to automatic with quick performance.

The general motors and Ford manufacturers make these 6 Speed automatic systems with six gears and similar configurations. 

The automatic 6 Speed connects with different cylinders of the engine compartment.

Moreover, it follows the numbers four, five, and six initially. It can connect with eight, twelve, and sixteen cylinders. 

In these circumstances, the vehicle decides the gear shift, and the driver loses manual control.

But, you can set the instructions, and the vehicle responds accordingly. 

It is better than 5-speed transmission because it provides higher speed conditions.

It is less vulnerable to off-road damages and keeps the engine safe for a long time. 

High speed and less fuel loss

The 6-speed system allows the engine to move slowly at lower rotations per minute. It improves engine stability and keeps the cylinder intact for a long duration. 

These engines require less maintenance and repair conditions.

The consumption of fuel and internal liquids decreases, and it increases the fuel economy. 

Effortless accelerations

The gear change is manual, but it provides a narrower alteration. As a result, the gears respond to low RPMs of the engine compartment. 

In these conditions, the engine works slowly but achieves maximum acceleration without burning excessive oil.

The rotations decrease, and it improves the life of the vehicle’s engine.

Quieter engine

A quiet engine is one of the most prominent advantages of 6 Speed gear system.

It keeps the engine safe in high-speed conditions. On highways, the vehicle speed increases due to smooth road surfaces.

The engine never produces unnecessary sounds because the gears remain stable throughout.

The manual gear control helps in the handling and control without any technical error. 

Moreover, the engine’s components remain stable, and there are no visible internal damages.

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