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7 Common Problems With Bailey’s RV

7 Common Problems With Bailey’s RV

Bailey’s RV manufactures trailers that are comfortable enough to make your traveling experience pleasant and less tiring. They manufacture trailers of different sizes, and you can select them according to your family size and the amenities you require during the trip. However, people face several problems in their trailers because of manufacturing defects and maintenance issues.

Common problems with Bailey’s RV are broken roof blinds, loose captain chair arms, floor creaking, squeaky doors, collapsed axle, moisture problems, and electric bed failure.

One of the famous RV’s is Forest River Alpha Wolf 26 RK. It is famous for its livability, overall quality, better towing, factory warranty, and floor plan. I also owned this trailer two years back and had a wonderful road trip experience. I did not face any significant issues on their part, which made my trip comfortable and convenient.

Problems Solutions
Broken roof blinds Replace roof blinds
Loose captain chair arms Call the carpenter to fix
Floor creaking Use a de-humidifier or install wood shims
Squeaky door Lubricate hinges
Collapsed axle Change wheels to increase ground clearance
Moisture problems Inspect plumbing system
Electric bed failure Replace the motor or broken button

Broken roof blinds

Forest River Arctic Wolf has roof blinds on the roof area, allowing light and air into the interior cabin. You can slide the roof blinds forward and backward according to your choice.

Many people prefer to slide them backward to allow the fresh air to enter inside and make the interior environment charming.

Sometimes, these roof blinds can break, and you cannot move them forward and backward. Broken blinds can also get stuck in the closed and open positions.

Roof blinds sticking at the open position can disturb you while sleeping because it lightens the interior cabin. Moreover, it also allows the UV lights and heat from the sun to directly come inside and affect air conditioners’ functioning.

These can break because of the broken cord used to lower and raise the blinds. The blind cord can break because of its frequent use for a longer time.

In addition, it can also break when you lower or raise the blind by exerting pressure on the cord. Many people try to move the blinds that have broken pulleys or cords.

It can cause the blinds to break when you exert pressure on them. These are made of delicate material and can break because of physical impacts.

Moreover, UV exposure for an extended period also increases the breaking risks. You should avoid pulling the cord hard when roof blinds are not moving forward and backward.

Replace the broken cord or pully with a new one. However, you have to completely replace the roof blinds if you see wear and tear in their curtains because worn-out curtains do not obstruct the light.

Loose captain chair arms

Bailey’s RV also has the captain chair, which accommodates one person. These chairs have curved backs with multiple spindles.

It is a comfortable and upholstered armchair with saddle seats. Many people face the loose arm issues of their captain chair.

It can come from manufacturing defects when owners do not properly secure the chair’s parts. These become loose when screws used to secure these parts are not installed or tightened correctly.

Moreover, rusty screws also lose their capability of gripping objects, and chair arms become loose. One of my friends faced the issue in Heartland Bighorn RV, and he told me he did not feel comfortable sitting on captain chairs because of his loose arms.

Those became loose because of excessive use. In addition, he told me he changed the layout of his RV several times, and frequent furniture shifting increases the risk of wear and tear of their parts.

He called the carpenter to fix loose screws in the chair. In addition, these also become loose because of the termites’ attack, which can eat wood. These termites can come inside because of poor cleaning and dust accumulation in hidden spots.

Floor creaking

Bailey’s RV floors are wood and vinyl, depending on their different trailer types. You can face creaking issues in Forest River Cherokee because of incorrect floor installation.

You can hear the creaking sound when you walk on the floor. Moreover, you can also feel foot pain while walking on them because of the less smooth surface.

The chances of floor creaking increase because of water ingress. Moisture causes deterioration of the vinyl or wooden floors. In addition, the creaking issue comes from the manufacturing fault and incorrect subfloor installation.

Loose joists and poor attachment also lead to creaking noise because of unequal pressure distribution. Squeaks can also come when floors are manufactured with low-quality hardwood material.

Furthermore, seasonal changes cause the expansion or contraction of these materials and increase the chances of creaking. I prefer to directly reduce the overall humidity in your trailer and decrease the risk of floor creaking.

You should install a de-humidifier in your trailers to absorb the moisture. One of my friends also faced an issue because of the uneven wooden floor installation. He told me he fixed the problem by installing the wood shims for equal pressure distribution.

Squeaky door

Bailey’s RVs are famous for their high-quality interior components, but sometimes, you can face the door squeaking problem. You can hear the loud sound while opening and closing the door.

Door squeaking comes because of the poor maintenance of your RV parts. You can hear the squeaking noise because of the friction of the hinges. Lack of lubrication allows the hinges to produce weird noise and cause distractions during driving.

The squeaky noise from the doors comes from the rubbing of wood material. Moreover, a broken hinge pin also produces this noise, and you have to replace it with a new one.

Properly lubricate the door hinges to reduce friction and decrease the risk of squeaky sounds. Cutting the expanded wood to minimize the wood-to-wood contact is also better.

Collapsed axle

Bailey’s RV has sturdy axles of high-quality cast-iron or steel material. These axles distribute the trailer’s weight and transfer it to the wheels.

Many people complain that Forest River trailer’s axles are vulnerable to collapse because of the less ground clearance. My neighbor also used the same trailer for his family trip and faced the issue.

He realized that the ground clearance issue came in his RV because of the use of smaller tires. He removed the old tires and replaced them with new ones of larger size to provide more ground clearance.

The risk of axle collapsing increases regarding speed bumps, road hurdles, and potholes. The less ground clearance increases their vulnerability to these road impacts.

It is better to install the larger tires to increase the ground clearance.

Moisture problems

Water ingress is the leading problem in Cherokee trailers because of the loose fittings of the plumbing system. Overall moisture percentage in these RVs increased to about 70% to 80% because of the water presence in surrounding locations.

Water can leak from the pipes because of the loose and broken connections in the plumbing system. In addition, you can also face water leaking and increased moisture problems because of cracked roof seals.

Cracked seals let the water seep inside and wet the flooring and furniture. You should inspect the plumbing system and tighten the loose connections. Moreover, replace the broken pipes with new ones.

Electric bed failure

Bailey’s RV has an electric bed that allows you to access the storage space that is present under the bed. You cannot retract the storage area or change the bed height at your convenience.

These electric beds have buttons, and you can push them to raise or lower the beds. Electric system failure issues come because of broken and faulty electric buttons.

In addition, motors that supply power to raise and lower these beds also become faulty because of excessive use, water ingress, and overheating. You can replace the blown-out motor or broken button with a new one.

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