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7 Common Problems With Coach House RV

7 Common Problems With Coach House RV

Coach House RV builds premium quality motorhomes that are famous because of their high reputation in the market. They have luxurious interiors and exteriors for their travelers. Their motorhomes are not oversized but have spacious interiors. Most people love owning their platinum models because of the more living space.

Common problems with Coach House RV include poor fuel efficiency, missing bathroom shelves, difficulty operating slide-out, poor ventilation, increased risk of tire wear and tear, low-quality electric wires and fuse, and poor insulation.

I also purchased the used platinum motorhome because it is made of fiberglass material, which can absorb the bumps and impacts from the roads.

Problems Solutions
Less fuel efficient Drive smoothly
Missing shelves in the bathroom Install wall-mounted cupboards
Water leaking Seal the broken seams with sealant
Difficulty in operating slide-out Lubrication and ensuring power supply
Poor ventilation Install windows and fans
Poorly insulated Re-insulate the roof and walls
Increased risk of tire wear and tear Check tire pressure

Less fuel efficient

Many people complain that platinum motorhomes are less fuel-efficient.

In addition, less fuel efficiency also affects the fuel economy. Less fuel efficiency makes them costly because you have to spend more on tank refilling.

These are larger in size, which makes them less fuel-efficient. Air drag also increases because of the larger size. Moreover, these have a lot of amenities to make the interior luxurious.

However, these luxuries contribute to the poor fuel economy. Fuel economy also varies according to the driving habits and road conditions.

Fuel economy also decreases when you press the accelerator aggressively to increase speed. Coach House claims their platinum motorhomes can achieve 1 mile in 14 gallons, depending on the driving conditions.

14 gallons in one mile is only achieved under normal driving conditions. You can improve fuel efficiency by accelerating smoothly and avoiding increasing or decreasing speed frequently.

Driving slowly and at a constant speed is also better for better mileage. I prefer to schedule their regular surface for better fuel efficiency.

You can also remove the unnecessary items from the Coach House RV interior cabin that is not frequently used to decrease their overall weight.

Missing shelves in the bathroom

Several RVs have factory-installed shelves or cupboards in the bathroom to store clothes and other items. You cannot put your clothes outside because moisture exposure and water splashes from the showers make them wet.

Arriva motorhomes do not have shelves or any storage compartment in the bathroom. It becomes difficult for you to store your clothes and other accessories.

Manufacturers did not install the shelves in the bathroom because these are smaller in size. These do not have enough space for shelves or cupboard installation.

In addition, missing shelves also decrease the overall manufacturing cost. Moreover, the overall weight of the motorhome also increases when you add different amenities to them.

You can fix it by installing towel racks on the side wall for hanging clothes. Use shower curtains to protect your clothes from water splashes.

My friend also faced the same problem, and he installed a small wall-mounted cupboard on the bathroom wall to save space. He installed it at a suitable height, which is convenient for him and his family.

Water leaking

Coach House RV has a water leakage problem because of its manufacturing design and exterior structures. These have larger windows, which increase the chances of water leakage.

In addition, their roof has multiple seams and is more vulnerable to cracking and damage. A roof with multiple seams is at more risk of breaking and water leakages.

However, several old models have simple roofing material. It is at risk of damage because of age-related wear and tear and structural damage.

Roofing material can also wear out because of exposure to UV radiation, dust, debris, and water puddles. Roof seams can break because of the age-related expansion and contraction of roofing material.

Seams framework can also get damaged because of rainwater and snow exposure. Dust mites and molds can also grow on these seams because of the presence of dust and moisture presence, respectively.

Water from these broken seams comes inside the interior cabin and decreases the durability of wooden parts, wall panels, insulating material, and interior framework.

It is better to seal the broken seams by applying sealants on them. Clean the dirty and moldy seals with mineral spirits and apply sealant on the affected area.

Difficulty in operating slide-out

Slide-outs in Coach House RV are electronically controlled, and these are used to extend the interior cabin. You can open the slide-outs to increase the sleeping space and living area.

Many people complain that they cannot smoothly operate the slide-outs because of multiple issues. Faulty slide-out motors cause problems in their retraction.

In addition, insufficient power supply from the batteries to the motor causes problems in their opening and closing. One of my cousins also faced a problem in his platinum motorhome while retracting the slide-out.

He told me it got stuck inside and did not move out when he pressed the button. He checked the batteries, but those had sufficient charge. He inspected the sides, and those were poorly lubricated, and he also saw the dust there.

He used the brush to clean the dust and debris. Moreover, he also lubricated the sides with the WD-40 lubricant for smooth operation.

It is better to lubricate them monthly for their smooth functioning. These can also get stuck in one position because of their corroded sides.

Corrosion increases the friction between metal parts, and you can also hear the grinding sound while opening them. Moreover, it is also difficult for you to extend them out because of seasonal changes and the contraction and expansion of metal parts. Sometimes, their sides can bend out because of frequent opening and closing. Bend sides do not allow them to come out smoothly.

Poor ventilation

Coach house RV has poor ventilation because of the absence of windows and exhaust fans. Poor ventilation increases the overall humidity in these RVs, which can lead to water-related damage.

The chances of mold growth in the interior cabin also increase because of high humidity. Manufacturers did not install the exhaust fans and multiple windows in them because of increasing manufacturing costs.

High humidity can also damage the floor and affect the interior structural integrity. The bathroom floor also remains wet because of the absence of exhaust fans.

You can always modify your RV’s interior according to your needs. You can install the extra exhaust fans in high-water usage areas to remove moisture.

Moreover, it is also better to install windows in the living area for better air exchange.

Poorly insulated

Coach house RVs are not adequately insulated, which causes the interior to become extremely cold in winter and hot in summer. In addition, it also affects the functioning of heaters because they have to work harder to maintain the interior temperature.

Their walls and roofs are insulated with low-quality material, which allows the water to seep through them and make the interior cold.

You can replace the pre-existing insulating material with a new one of high quality, which retains the heat and maintains the temperature in winter and summer. Sealing the door and windows properly is also better to reduce heat loss.

Increased risk of tire wear and tear

The tires of Coach House RV are more vulnerable to wear and tear because of their heavy weight and larger size. It puts more load on tires, which increases the risk of damage to their tread surface.

In addition, the tire can also wear out because of poor inflation, which increases the friction on the road. You cannot drive the motorhome smoothly because of damaged and poorly balanced tires.

It is necessary to check the tire balancing and add weights for equal pressure distribution and stable driving. You should check the tire pressure frequently and properly inflate them according to the recommended pressure.

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