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7 Common Problems With Rapido Motorhomes

7 Common Problems With Rapido Motorhomes

People love Rapido motorhomes because of their low cost, high quality, excellent handling, and lightweight structure. It is a luxurious four-berth motorhome with standard features. However, few buyers have faced problems in their various models.

Common problems with Rapido motorhomes include leaking air conditioning units, holes in rear window blinds, loose wardrobe doors, wardrobe and bathroom door knob clashing, engine malfunction, damping near drop-down beds, and damaged panels.

I also owned the Rapido 746 in 2020, and its interior was luxurious. Their seats are made of high-quality, firm form and upholstered with faux leather. Moreover, the most important thing I liked in this motorhome was the separate bathrooms. The shower was on the driver’s side, and the toilet was on the curbside.

Problems Solutions
Leaking air conditioning unit Keep air filters clean
Holes in the rear window blind Replace window blinds
Loose wardrobe door Tighten loose bolts
Wardrobe and bathroom door knob clashing Install rubber pad on knobs
Engine malfunction Change engine oil timely
Damping near drop-down bed Use a damp meter for inspection
Damaged panel Use adhesive to repair broken panels

Leaking air conditioning unit

Rapido motorhomes have efficient heating and cooling systems to warm and cool the interior according to certain weather conditions.

Air conditioning systems have refrigerant, which is the liquid fluid that moves between the lines to drop the temperature of the air and blow the cold air in the living area.

One of my friends has the Rapido 7086, and he complained that the air conditioning unit was not blowing the cold air in the interior cabin. He checked the air vents and replaced the air filters, but both were free from dust and debris.

The air conditioning unit in his motorhome was not working efficiently because of the leaking of refrigerant fluid. The refrigerant level suddenly drops from its optimal level because of the leaking.

Air conditioners cannot blow the warm air because of the low levels of the refrigerants. He checked the refrigerant and refilled the air conditioning system because it was summer weather.

You cannot travel on the road in the scorching heat of summer without an AC unit. The air conditioning unit leaked because of the broken condensate pump.

Moreover, the leaking issue can also come from the rusted and damaged condenser and evaporator coil. Water can also drip out from the air conditioning unit because of old and broken pipes.

The problem was due to molds, debris, and dirt accumulating in air vents. Clogged drains cause the water to come out from the alternative route.

It is necessary to check the refrigerant levels to reduce the risk of air conditioner leaking because water ingress can damage the floor and side walls. Keep the air filters clean to reduce the air backflow that generates leakage from air conditioners.

Holes in the rear window blind

Rapido motorhomes have window blinds to ensure the privacy of the users. In addition, these blinds are also helpful to block the exterior light and UV rays.

UV light exposure can damage wooden furniture and upholstered fabric. My neighbor also complained about the color fading of leather upholstery in his motorhome.

He told me he conditioned the leather material six months back but now saw the wrinkles on it because of the drying of the leather material.

I asked him about the chair’s location, which was near the window. I advised him to install the window blind to block UV and protect the furniture against UV radiation.

You can see holes in window blinds because of their broken slits. You can repair the holes in window blinds using a patch of the same material. It is better to replace it if the hole is larger and difficult to repair with a patch.

Loose wardrobe door

Rapido motorhomes have wardrobes in the living area, so you can store your accessories. The wardrobe door becomes loose and saggy because of low-quality hardware to secure it with a cupboard surface.

Wardrobe doors become loose because of the misalignment. Warping because of temperature changes causes misalignment of doors and makes them saggy.

In addition, you can also face problems because of the loose screws and bolts. It is necessary to tighten their bolts and install the new screws if one of them is missing.

Wardrobe and bathroom door knob clashing

The wardrobe is located near the bathroom in the Rapido motorhome, and you cannot open their doors simultaneously because of the manufacturing defect.

You can see the hitting of knobs of these doors when you open them simultaneously. Removing and installing doors at different locations is a hectic, time-consuming, and costly procedure.

However, you can reduce the slamming sound produced by clashing these doors because it can also affect your sleep. Install rubber pads on the wardrobe and bathroom door knobs to dampen the noise that comes because of their collision.

Engine malfunction

The engine of the Rapido motorhome is at risk of malfunctioning and affecting normal driving conditions. You can take this motorhome in city areas and highways because of its firm structural integrity and efficient fuel economy.

However, you can see several problems in their engine, which can affect the ignition and speed of your vehicle. You cannot accelerate quickly because of sudden power loss from the engines.

It can also affect the timetable of your road trips because you have to wait on the road. Engine problems usually come from the sensors, which do not allow sufficient air and fuel mixture to burn in the combustion chamber.

Misfiring and incomplete burning of ignition mixture leads to difficulty in starting and hard acceleration. You can also face the issue because of malfunctioning various sensors and gauges, including the fuel gauge, which gives incorrect information to the engine control unit.

Moreover, engine efficiency also decreases because of the high payload capacity of these motorhomes. They haul heavy loads, increasing the risk of engine parts wear and tear.

It is better to check the motor oil with the dipstick method and add the oil to the engine for lubrication of its parts. Regularly change the engine oil to remove the contaminants and ensure smooth functioning.

Damping near drop-down bed

Many Rapido motorhome users complain about the damping issue near the drop-down beds. My friend also complained that the floor and side walls near the drop-down bed became damp after the roof’s deep cleaning.

Water from the roof joint seeped inside and made the side walls humid. Water came inside because of the broken roof joint above the drop-down bed.

He also told me he saw stains on wooden furniture because of the moisture exposure. Humidity made the wrinkle and soft spots on the wooden chairs and the dinette area.

I applied the linseed oil to the wood to restore its finishing. Moreover, I sealed the roof joint properly to reduce water seeping into the interior cabin during rainy weather.

He told me that, luckily, the side walls of his motorhome were not made up of wood material, which reduced the damage. However, you can also use the damp meter to check for water ingress in a particular area.

Damaged panel

Rapido motorhomes are equipped with plastic panels to provide a stylish finish to the interior. These plastic panels are vulnerable to cracking because of the warm environment.

People usually run electric heaters in the living area to keep it warm. Warm temperatures cause the drying of plasticizers and make the plastic panels brittle.

In addition, these can also break when you do not store motorhomes in the right place. Exposure to hot weather affects the durability of the interior parts.

Moreover, UV exposure caused by parking motorhomes in outdoor campsites causes the breaking of plastic panels. You can fix the hairline by using adhesive glue. However, you must replace the panels if the crack is larger and deeper because it is difficult to repair with gluing material.

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