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8 Common Problems With Auto-Trail Motorhomes

8 Common Problems With Auto-Trail Motorhomes

Auto-trail is famous for making campervans and motorhomes of high quality. It was established in 1982, and now it manufactures several vehicles yearly. Their motorhomes are available in different sizes and layouts depending on their specific models. People usually face problems with their different models during road trips.

Common problems with Auto-Trail motorhomes include damping issues, clogged fuel filters, damaged seal stripping of doors, power issues, electrically lowering bed malfunctioning, faulty starter motors, broken bed bases, and failed ALDE systems.

These motorhomes are family-friendly because of the plenty of space in the interior cabin. The spacious interior cabin provides more walking space for a comfortable traveling experience. Moreover, their exterior structure is sturdy and long-lasting because of the use of the Ford chassis.

Problems Solutions
Damp issue Seal cracked sealing
Clogged fuel filters Change clogged fuel filters
Damaged seal stripping of doors Replace seal striping of door
Power issues Check circuit breakers
Electrically lowering bed malfunction Lubricate electric motor
Faulty starter motor Install a new starter motor
Broken bed base Fix cracks with sealant
Failure of Alde heating system Add fluid

Damp issue

Many people face damping issues in Auto-Trail Imala and Savannah. Water from the ceiling enters the cupboards and also comes on the floor.

Water ingress causes deterioration of interior components made of wood material. It can also cause issues during winter because you cannot maintain the interior temperature by turning ON the AC.

Water ingress keeps the environment moist, and you can feel cold while sitting inside. Moreover, water ingress in cupboards causes warping of wooden material.

Water can come from the ceilings because of incorrect roof installation, which causes the water to come inside. In addition, exposure to moisture, heat, UV radiation, and certain environmental chemicals causes the deterioration of sealing material.

Broken seals cause the water to come inside the motorhomes. Water can also come inside from the ceilings during the rainy season.

It is necessary to inspect the ceiling properly by climbing on the roof. Use the sealants to fill the hairline cracks and small holes. It is also better to coat the roof with sealants yearly to increase its longevity.

Furthermore, sealant application also protects the roofing material from direct environmental exposure.

Clogged fuel filters

The fuel filter is part of the engine component that is helpful in removing the impurities and contaminants from the fuel. Contaminants or impurities, when not removed, can damage the combustion chamber, which is costly to repair.

These fuel filters can get clogged over time and cause ignition problems and rough driving conditions. Because of clogged fuel filters, you can face rough idling issues when sufficient fuel cannot move to the combustion chamber for ignition.

The issue is significant in Adventure motorhomes, which cause sudden power loss. Fuel filters can get clogged because of low-quality fuel containing contaminants and impurities.

One of my friends having the Adventure motorhome also faced the same issue. He tried to start the ignition, but the engine could not start because of a lack of power.

He checked the batteries and spark plugs, which were free from corrosion and carbon deposits. I told him to check the fuel filters, which do not allow sufficient fuel to move toward the combustion chamber for the air and oil mixture to burn. Those are completely clogged, and he replaced them with new ones.

In addition, dirty fuel tanks also cause the clogging of fuel filters. It is necessary to clean the fuel filters to remove deposits from their surface. However, you can also replace the clogged fuel filters with new ones for efficient power supply.

Damaged seal stripping of doors

Seal stripping, or weather stripping, is the rubber material on the door boundaries. These help reduce leakages and keep the interior cabin cool and warm according to the weather conditions.

It does not allow the exterior environmental elements to get inside and cause environmental changes. Door weatherstripping in Delaware motorhomes is vulnerable to damage because of its age.

This seal-stripping material does not last forever, and you have to replace it after some time. It is vulnerable to cracking because of environmental changes and exposure to UV radiation, which causes the drying of rubber material.

You can keep the rubber of the door seal stripping moist by spraying it with a lubricant to decrease the risk of damage. However, you can also replace the damaged weatherstripping of the Auto-Trail motorhome door with a new one.

Power issues

Delaware motorhomes of Auto-Trial also have power issues. You cannot turn on several of the electric components of your motorhomes because of the lack of power.

My neighbor planned the trip last year, and he owned the Delaware motorhome for his family because of its spacious and luxurious interior.

He complained that electric components suddenly stopped functioning because of a loss of power. He inserted the electric kettle switch in the electric socket, but it could not start because there was no power in the outlets.

He checked other electric outlets, and those were also not functioning. He checked the circuit breaker, and it was tripped. He moved the switch of the circuit breaker to the ON position.

Circuit breaker switches usually trip because of the fluctuating voltage supply and issues in electric circuits.

Electrically lowering bed malfunction

Auto sleeper Expedition has issues with electrically lowering beds. These get stuck at one position because of the failure of electric motors that adjust their height at certain ranges.

Electric motors are vulnerable to failure because of broken cables, damaged internal parts, corrosion, and poor lubrication.

It is necessary to lubricate the electric mechanism for its smooth functioning. Moreover, many people complain that Expedition motorhomes are poorly cleaned when you purchase new ones from the market.

You can see sawdust and debris on the floors and corners. You require more effort and time for their cleaning.

Faulty starter motor

The starter motor is the electric motor that runs the engine when you turn on the ignition from the start and stop buttons. You cannot start the engine of your motorhome because of the failure of the starter motor.

You have to call the towing companies to tow your vehicle and take it to the dealerships for starter motor replacement. It is an electric motor and takes power from the batteries.

It becomes bad because of the weak and dead motorhome batteries. In addition, loose wires, frayed electric cables, excessive mechanical failure, and bad starter relays lead to their failure.

You cannot repair the faulty starter motor and must replace it with a new one. Disconnect the battery wires and remove the starter relay bolts to remove the damaged one.

Install the new starter motor, tighten its bolts, and secure the wiring connections. Starter motor issues are common in V-line motorhomes.

Broken bed base

Many people face problems with the Imala motorhome’s double beds, which are not made of high-quality and sturdy wooden material.

Their base cannot hold heavy loads because of the lower strength. Beds bases can also break when children jump on them while playing.

It can also collapse because of vibrations from the roads. It is better to use a bed base of high-quality wooden material that lasts longer and is less vulnerable to collapsing. You can fix the minor cracks with sealants, but it is a temporary solution.

Failure of Alde heating system

The Frontier range has an efficient Alde heating system that works best in winter. It is different from electric heaters. It keeps the interior warm after boiling the water and glycol mixture.

It heats the boiling mixture and circulates through the pipes throughout the motorhomes. I also had the Frontier Range two years back and faced the same issue.

I planned the trip with my family for winter vacations. The Alde heating system stopped working in the Auto-Trail motorhome, and we felt cold while sitting inside.

I checked the fluid level in the expansion tank, which was low. I became relaxed because there were no major issues that became hard to fix on the road.

I refilled the expansion tank with fluid and turned ON the Alde system, which started functioning correctly.

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