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9 Common Problems With Adria Motorhomes

9 Common Problems With Adria Motorhomes

Adria Motorhome is the world’s leading manufacturer, and they have been making caravans and motorhomes since the 1990s. These are famous because of the quality of the products, luxurious interiors, and comfortable amenities. Coral XL, Adria compact SP, Adria Twin, and Adria Matrix Silver Edition are their well-known motorhomes.

Common problems with Adria motorhomes include the absence of a shoe rack, falling seat cushions, issues with solar panels charging, door problems, faulty fridges, malfunctioning water pumps, paint peeling and bubbling, and reverse camera issues.

One of my friends loves traveling, and he always purchases Adria motorhomes because of their durability, reliability in the industry, and proper maintenance.

Problems Solutions
Absence of shoe storage rack Put shoes in the wardrobe or under the table
Falling of seat cushions Use mounts to fix seats
Issues with solar panel charging Replace broken wires
Door problem Contact owners
Fridge problems Replace alternators
Faulty water pump Clean with vinegar
Paint peeling and bubbling Re-paint the affected surface
Reverse camera malfunctioning Correctly mount the backup camera
Coolant leaking Bleed system and replace caps

Absence of shoe storage rack

Coral XL is Adria’s famous and luxurious motorhome, but people still face issues with their interior infrastructure. These do not have separate storage compartments for shoes.

You have to keep your shoes near the door and furniture, which can make the interior floor dusty and dirty. In addition, damp shoes can also damage the floors, and you can see soft white spots there.

Moreover, it can also cause dirt to accumulate on the hidden corners, which become hard to clean. Dirt and moisture on the floor cause the molds to grow and produce a musty smell.

These do not have shoe storage racks because of the risk of increasing manufacturing costs. Furthermore, it can also take up more space and minimize the walking area.

It is the absent feature that can affect your road tour. It is necessary to know about the missing features of your RVS so you can think before purchasing them for your trips.

You cannot see any shelf for shoe storage in the interior cabin. You can only get rid of this situation and decrease the interior mess by keeping the shoes in your wardrobe.

Putting a small wooden rack under the dinette area for shoe storage is also better. My friend also has the Coral XL, and I asked him what he did to fix it. He told me he placed the shoes under the table or next to the door to protect the entire motorhome from getting dirty because the shoes were soaked in rainwater.

Falling of seat cushions

The second minor problem that my friend in Coral XL Adria’s motorhome is the falling of seat cushions. He complained that they continuously fell on the floor from one side.

The issue can come because of the absence of secure attachment mounts. Their constant failure on the floor can make them dirty because of the dust and moisture on the floor.

In addition, it can also annoy people when they have to frequently set the seat cushions of the dinette area before seating. They can also come off from the wood base because of the slippery surface.

Moreover, driving on bumpy roads can also cause this issue. Installing the attachment mount to secure the seats with a wooden base is better. Use the correct mounts according to the thickness of the seat cushions for better securing.

Issues with solar panel charging

Solar panels are on the roof of RVs, which are connected to batteries to power different electric components. Many travelers face issues with solar panel charging, which is enough to ruin your trip.

You cannot turn on the electric lights, fans, heating and cooling systems, and other electric systems because of the lack of power of the solar panels.

The issue in their charging comes from the loose and broken wires. These are not getting enough charge from the battery to power different electric items.

Their wires can break because rodents chew electric wires and damage their insulating layer. In addition, charging ports are vulnerable to wear and tear because of overcharging and overheating.

You have to replace broken charging electric wires with new ones to supply sufficient energy to the solar panels for their charging.

Door problem

Many people face issues while opening the habitation door of Adria motorhomes. You can open the door from the inside, but it becomes challenging to open the look from the outside.

The problem can come because of the floppy door handle. A loose or floppy door handle does not allow you to open the door from the outside.

Habitation door issues are common in Adria Compact SP. Moreover, you can also face difficulty locking and unlocking because of their bent sides.

These can bend because of the temperature changes and expansion or contraction of their manufacturing material. In addition, these can also bend when you slam the door frequently.

You can contact the owners of the motorhomes for door replacement and repair. You can get a free repair if its warranty is not expired.

Fridge problems

I also purchased the used Adria twin motorhome a few years back from my friend. I did not face any significant problems with their interior or exterior parts during the first two years.

Last year, I faced a fridge problem that ruined my road trips because of food spoilage and a smelly interior. I did not check the fridge at night and put my burger inside to eat in the morning.

I opened the fridge in the morning for my burger and felt the smell of rotten eggs there. I checked the refrigerant levels, but they were not leaking from anywhere.

I checked the power supply, and the power socket had no electric current. I inspected the batteries and checked their water levels, which were also optimal.

Finally, after two hours of struggle, I learned that the fridge’s power issues came because of failed alternators. The alternators were not charging the batteries correctly.

I replaced the failed alternators with new ones to fix it. I also checked the retractable steps, which were not retracting when the engine was ON.

Faulty water pump

Water pumps are connected to the RV freshwater tank to supply the water to the faucets, showers, and toilets. Sometimes, these can fail and do not allow the water to go to the respective plumbing lines.

You can face water supply issues in your motorhomes. Water pump failure is significant in Adria Classica because of electrical faults.

It is an electronically controlled component that fails to perform normally because of insufficient water supply. These can also become faulty because of calcium buildup.

Because of their acidic nature, you can remove the calcium deposits and corrosion from their surface using water and vinegar solution. Vinegar helps to dissolve the mineral sediments and corrosion residues.

Paint peeling and bubbling

You can see paint peeling and bubbling issues in the Adria matrix silver edition. It can affect the interior and exterior appearance of your motorhome and make it look old.

Clear coat bubbling issues are caused by incorrect paint application, a dirty surface, excessive moisture in the surrounding environment, and incorrect primers.

You can fix it by re-painting the affected surface after removing the old and damaged clear coat.

Reverse camera malfunctioning

Reverse cameras are mounted on the rear side of motorhomes for safe parking and reversing in crowded lanes and RV parks. Adria Twin Supreme has issues with its backup cameras because of their incorrect installation.

They become irresponsive, and the screens become blank because of the loose connections. Loosely connected cameras do not give the information to the screen to display video.

Calling the mechanic for inspection and correct backup camera installation is better.

Coolant leaking

Many drivers faced engine heating issues in Adria Sonic motorhome because of the coolant leakage. You can also see check engine light with fault codes on the screen.

These fault codes represent that the engine in your RV is overheating because of coolant leakage. Coolant leakage issues come because of manufacturing faults.

You can face it because of loose connections and poorly installed coolant hose caps. Moreover, air bubbling in the coolant system also causes leakage from the hoses and sealed caps.

It is necessary to bleed the system every 6 months to remove air bubbles from there and replace the broken or loose caps with new ones.

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