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9 Common Problems With Auto-Sleeper Motorhomes

9 Common Problems With Auto-Sleeper Motorhomes

Auto-sleeper is a well-known motorhome and Caravan manufacturing brand. They have been working for more than 60 years to make these vehicles. However, people face minor to major issues in these motorhomes because of the manufacturer’s fault or poor maintenance.

Common problems with Auto-Sleeper motorhomes include leaking habitation doors, faulty gauges of waste tanks, internal and external water leaks, loss of engine power, faulty freshwater pump, uncomfortable seats, a rattling interior, and cracked cupboards.

Their motorhomes are of high quality and have sturdy exteriors because of the Mercedes Sprinter chassis. It provides better stability with improved structural integrity.

I also had the Coach built from the auto-sleeper motorhomes, and its chassis is from Mercedes Sprinter, which has several industry-leading safety features. I felt safe while driving it because of the presence of safety features, including brake force distribution and an electronic stability program.

Problems Solutions
Leaking habitation door Habitation door replacement under warranty
Faulty gauges of waste tanks Clean waste tank with citric acid
Internal and external water leaks Seal cracks in the roof with sealants
Loss of engine power Check motor oil and coolant levels
Start button issue Check batteries and alternator
Faulty freshwater pump Use water softeners
Uncomfortable seats Change seat cushions
Rattling of interior Use non-slip rubber grip mats
Cracked cupboard Get free repair under warranty

Leaking habitation door

The habitation door is the main entrance door of the RVs that opens into the interior cabin. You can access the living space inside your motorhomes through these doors.

People face leaking issues with these doors, which cause the water to come inside the interior cabin. One of my friends used the Broadway EK, and he faced a leaky habitation door problem.

He told me they were leaking because of the damaged seals on their sides. These seals are used to close these doors tightly and maximize the heating and ventilation system’s functioning.

These seals can get damaged because of their age-related deterioration. In addition, seal stripping also comes from adverse weather conditions and exposure to fluctuating temperatures.

They come off from the doors when not installed correctly. It is necessary to fix the leaky habitation door because these can damage the floor and roof completely, affecting the overall integrity of these motorhomes.

Water during stormy and rainy seasons comes inside through broken seals. My friend fixed the issue by replacing the door. He contacted the owner, and they replaced the habitation door under warranty.

Faulty gauges of waste tanks

They have waste tanks to collect water from the kitchen and bathroom faucets. These also contain the gauges to measure their levels.

You have to dispose of the gauges when they become full. You can see the gauges to check their correct levels, dump them on time, and reduce the overfilling chances.

Sometimes, these gauges become faulty and unreliable. They show incorrect readings because contaminants and dirty residues accumulate on their surface.

Moreover, bacteria from the contaminated water can also come on these gauges, making them unreliable. These also become bad because of the malfunctioning of the sensors.

You have to keep the sensors clean after dumping the waste water tank. Use the citric acid solution for tank cleaning, which also helps remove the contaminants from these sensors. Moreover, you can also get free gauge repair if your motorhome is under warranty.

Internal and external water leaks

People also face water leakage issues in Saga and Broadway EK motorhomes because of damaged interiors and exteriors. Because of the damaged roofing material, you can see water near the bed and on the kitchen floor.

Water from the cracked seals and roof material comes inside the interior cabin. Water ingress also decreases the durability of the wooden furniture and increases its cracking chances.

In addition, you can also see clear damage on the floor because of the presence of water. Water comes inside the auto-sleeper motorhomes because of damaged doors and window seals.

My neighbor also owned the Saga motorhome, and he told me his bed became wet at night because of water leakages. He tracked the cracked roof area and fixed it by applying sealant.

You can also check the seals around the vents and apply sealant if there are any holes. Moreover, it is also better to replace the windows and door seals.

Loss of engine power

Many drivers usually complain that they see the red light on the screen when driving. Red light typically illuminates because of the ignition, emission, and injection issues.

One of my old school friends also owned the Auto-sleeper Symbol Motorhome, and he told me the engine in his motorhome suddenly lost power.

He was unable to increase the speed and kept driving at 20mph. He also saw the warning light on the screen because of the loss of engine power due to an ignition issue.

You can face problems because faulty starter motors cannot spark the ignition mixture. Moreover, the engine also loses power because of low coolant leakages and motor oils.

It is necessary to check the engine compartment’s motor oil and coolant levels to reduce ignition issues and ensure smooth driving of motorhomes for comfortable road trips.

Start button issue

Mercedes Coach-built motorhomes have problems with the start button, which does not allow the drivers to turn on the ignition. It became faulty because of wear and tear of its internal components.

In addition, damaged and corroded contact points also cause ignition problems. These are vulnerable to wear and tear because of their frequent use.

Moreover, these do not work because of faulty alternators, clogged fuel filters, bad starters, and corroded batteries. You should check the battery power and alternator when the start button stops working.

Faulty freshwater pump

Freshwater pumps are located in the freshwater tank of these motorhomes. Auto-sleeper motorhomes have problems with the freshwater pump.

It does not allow the water to flow smoothly to the faucets, showers, and toilets. One of my friends faced the issue in the Bourton motorhome when he went to the bathroom for handwashing.

He turned ON the sink tap, but the water did not flow from the nozzle. He checked the freshwater tank water levels, and these were normal.

He checked the water pump, which was stuck to the closed position because of mineral deposits. He cleaned the water pump with the vinegar. You can decrease the risk of mineral deposits by using water softeners.

Uncomfortable seats

Burford motorhomes are not comfortable, which can make your rod trip experience tiring and unpleasant. Drivers cannot feel comfortable driving because of the seats with thin cushions.

These are not reliable for road trips because of their uncomfortable seats that make you tired. It is a manufacturing defect because they did not add seats with thick cushions to decrease the overall weight and manufacturing cost.

However, you can make their seats comfortable by adding cushions and soft pillows. In addition, you can also spend money to change the seat cushions.

You can make them soft and thick by adding blankets and comforters.

Rattling of interior

Many people complain about the rattling noise from the Malvern motorhome. A constant rattling noise can make you irritated and uncomfortable. You cannot sleep properly because of the loud noises in your surroundings.

In addition, it also causes distractions for the drivers, and they cannot drive safely. The rattling sound comes because of incorrect and loose installation of interior parts.

Moreover, you can face problems when you do not correctly organize the accessories on the shelves and in cupboards. It is better to use non-slip rubber grip mats on shelves, drawers, and cupboards to decrease the rattling noise.

Cracked cupboard

You can see cracks under the washroom side cupboard in Nuevo motorhomes. These cupboards can crack because they use low-quality wood material for their manufacturing.

In addition, wood material is also vulnerable to cracking because of water exposure from the bathroom. Moreover, sudden temperature changes because of the use of hot and cold water cause warping of wooden cupboards, which leads to cracks.

You can fix these cupboard cracks under warranty and get a free replacement from the Auto-sleeper motorhomes. However, sealants are also better if these cracks are hairline or minor.

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