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8 Common Problems With Elddis Motorhomes

8 Common Problems With Elddis Motorhomes

Elddis motorhomes are manufacturing campervans, motorhomes, and caravans. Moreover, they have been manufacturing RVs for over 60 years and are the leading manufacturers. Their famous motorhomes are Accord, Autoquest, and Encore.

Common problems with Elddis motorhomes include the lack of a separate shower in the bathroom, water pump failure, faulty electric heating switch, absence of a bathroom window, incorrect bike rack installation, damp storage area under seats, absence of overflow valve, and lack of storage space.

These motorhomes are famous because of their high-quality construction. These do not have any screws on their exterior, giving them a smooth appearance. Moreover, some of these also have a warranty of 10 years for their body integrity. You can get free repair from the owners in case of any damages.

Problems Solutions
Lack of separate shower in the bathroom Install shower in the bathroom
Water pump failure Replace water pump
Faulty electric heating switch Replace the electric heating switch
Absence of window in bathroom Add dehumidifier
Incorrect bike rack installation Re-install bike racks
Damp storage area under seats Remove seats to dry storage area
Absence of overflow valve Frequently check water levels during water filling
Incorrect installation of shower curtain Remount shower curtains

Lack of separate shower in the bathroom

The bathrooms of Elddis motorhomes are spacious and well-constructed. Towel rails are also heated to decrease the overall humidity in the interior compartment because of high moisture areas.

However, bathrooms do not have an extra shower, and you have to use a hand-held shower for bathing. It becomes difficult for people to shower with hand-held showers.

In addition, it can also increase the risk of water splashes in the surroundings. It causes the water to come into the toilet and make it wet.

You cannot sit on wet toilets during winter because of cold temperatures. Moreover, bathrooms have single drains, which can make the water drainage less efficient.

Water from the hand-held showers cannot move quickly through these single drains. It can also increase the risk of water accumulation on bathroom floors, which increases the chances of slipping and mold growth.

You can also modify it according to your choices and preferences. You cannot install or remove any components without getting help from the experts.

Calling a plumber to fit a new shower in the bathroom near the drains is better. It allows the water to quickly move through these drains and decrease the overall mess, which can come because of water puddles.

Water pump failure

RV water pump failure is common in Autoquest motorhomes.

These fixtures do not supply sufficient water for your usage. The issue comes from a water pump failure, and water from the freshwater tank cannot move to these fixtures.

These pumps need an electricity supply for their functioning. Moreover, these also stop working because of failed and broken impellers.

My cousin also used the Autoquest motorhome a few years back and faced a water pump failure issue because of a broken impeller. He replaced the electrically controlled pump with a new one.

They also stop working because of loss of power supply and broken or loose wiring connections. Water pump failure can lead to flooding and failure of the plumbing system.

Water from the tank cannot smoothly flow to these fixtures because of the clogged filters. These filters can clog because minerals and sediments build up on their surface.

You can clean the clogged filters with a soft-bristled brush. Check the power supply, tripped circuit breaker, and ground connections to ensure the power supply to the water pumps.

Faulty electric heating switch

People use propane and motorhome’s heating system for water heaters. These switches control the propane or electric supply. These switches allow the heating element to warm the water in the heater reservoirs or move between the pipes.

These switches turn the propane and electricity supply ON and OFF. You can turn them ON and OFF according to your choice and warm water usage frequency.

These buttons become faulty and do not allow the heaters to warm the water because of restricted propane or electricity supply.

I also faced a faulty electric heating switch in my Accord motorhome. I turned it on but could not find warm water in the shower. I checked the heating element, which was free from dust and debris.

I realized the button was not working to turn the heating element ON. I replaced the faulty heating switch with a new one.

Absence of window in bathroom

Elddis motorhome has bathrooms without windows, which causes condensation formation. You cannot completely remove the moisture from the bathrooms because of the absence of windows.

Condensation can also build inside because of incorrect heat exchange. It can also increase the risk of smell from the bathroom because of bacterial growth.

Moreover, molds on floors and walls make you feel a musty smell. Manufacturers did not install the windows in bathrooms because of the increasing manufacturing cost and overall weight of the motorhome.

The interior also seems suffocated because of a lack of fresh air from the surrounding environment. Another problem is that you cannot install windows because they can disturb structural integrity.

Adding a dehumidifier in the bathrooms is better to decrease the overall humidity content and remove the moist air. These electric devices also reduce the risk of dust mites and molds.

Incorrect bike rack installation

Elddis motorhomes contain bike racks to tow your motorcycles for adventurous trips. The interior cabin does not have storage space so that you can store your bikes.

You have to haul them with bike racks installed on the rear side of motorhomes. However, these are not mounted correctly and cause poor balancing of motorcycles.

Incorrect mounting can also disturb the overall stability. In addition, it can also increase the risk of accidents and damage to other vehicles on the roads.

You can hear the squeaking noise because of their incorrect installation. It is the manufacturing default, so you can also fix it under warranty.

Moreover, sometimes, they become loose with time and incorrect bike placement on these racks. You can call the expert for the correct installation.

Damp storage area under seats

One of my friends purchased a used Encore motorhome two years back, and he faced a damping issue in it. He told me he saw the water under the seats used as a storage compartment.

You cannot store anything under the seats because of water ingress. The issue arises because of the plumbing system leaking. In addition, moisture can also come under seats when roofs are not sealed properly.

These have different seams on the roof, which can crack and cause the water to seep inside. My friend removed the seats for storage compartment drying.

He dried the storage area with a clean mop and installed the seats again. However, it is necessary for you to check the roof and plumbing system to trace water leakages.

Absence of overflow valve

Water tanks present in your Autoquest motorhomes do not have overflow valves. These overflow valves help to reduce the chances of overfilling and give information when water tanks are full.

The absence of an overflow valve causes the water tank to overfill and flood in the interior compartment. You can see water puddles on its floors because of the overfilled tank.

It is necessary to check water levels frequently while filling the tank in your Elddis motorhome to prevent these problems.

Incorrect installation of shower curtain

Encore motorhomes have curtains around the shower area to protect nearby objects from water splashes and reduce the risk of moisture-related damage.

These curtains are not installed properly, and you can see the water splashes on the floor, sink, and toilet. These are not capable of covering the shower area properly.

You can remove the shower curtains and install them properly.

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