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Prevost Motorhome Problems

Prevost Motorhome Problems

Prevost motorhomes are famous because of their luxurious interior and high-quality construction. Moreover, these are made of sturdy and secure material to provide a smooth riding experience to travelers. This company is famous for its luxurious motorhomes because of its 95 years of experience. However, they have a few problems, but these are easily repairable and cannot cause any significant issues on the road.

Prevost motorhome problems include low mileage, falling sink tiles, failure of the engine stop button, leaking of transmission fluid, plugged fuel filters, loose vanity door mirrors, faulty adjustable suspension, and service brake failure.

I also drove this motorhome, and it was a pleasant experience. It has a powerful engine, which makes driving on the inclined surface easy. I also drove it on snowy roads and did not face tire skidding issues. I did not have difficulty handling the steering wheel because their all-season tires maintain traction on different roads.

Problems Solutions
Low mileage Remove unnecessary accessories
Falling sink tiles Re-install tiles
Failure of the engine stop button Update software
Leaking transmission fluid Use Teflon tape to seal broken lines
Plugged fuel filters Replace fuel filters
Loose vanity door mirrors Reseal mirrors with sealant
Issue with adjustable suspension Replace air suspension parts
Service brake failure Avoid overloading

Low mileage

Prevost motorhomes have low mileage, which increases the overall fuel cost during traveling. These RVs require more gallons of fuel as compared to other ones.

These are equipped with heavy engines that are beneficial for off-roading and moving on inclined surfaces. Heavy engines consume more fuel to produce power.

In addition, the issue also arises because of their heavy chassis, which is made up of high-tensile strength steel. Heavy vehicles usually have less mileage because of the more fuel consumption.

The engine produces more power to haul the heavyweight. Furthermore, it is a luxurious motorhome with many amenities in the interior cabins for the ease of RV owners.

I also faced the low-mileage issue in these vehicles. I tried to resolve it by decreasing the overall weight and removing the unnecessary things from the interior cabin.

I removed the heavy stove and preferred outdoor cooking. Moreover, I removed the heavy microwave oven because I eat fresh food instead of frozen because of the taste difference. I also increased the mileage by driving them at a constant speed of about 50 to 60 mph.

You should also maintain the tire air pressure to maintain traction on the road surface.

Falling sink tiles

I was reading my favorite book and sitting in the dinette area. I heard a crash sound, and it came from the kitchen. I got worried and inspected my surroundings, but everything was in their place.

I suddenly looked at the floor near the sink and saw a tile. I realized the cracked sound came from the falling sink tile on the ground surface.

I relaxed because there was no significant damage to the floor or tile breakage. I used the adhesive material to re-install the tiles near the sink area.

The tile fell off because of the high humidity in that area. I checked the leakage near the sink area, but all connections were tight.

However, overall humidity because of the sink presence caused the expansion of the gluing material, and the tile fell off. In addition, these can also come off the walls because of the use of low-quality adhesives and their incorrect installation in Prevost motorhomes.

Poor surface preparation before tile installation also causes the adhesives to lose adhesion. You can fix it by re-installing the tiles with gluing material or liquid nails.

Failure of the engine stop button 

Engine stop button failure is a significant problem in these vehicles. It happened because of manufacturing defects, and the company recalled their motorhomes that were manufactured in 2016 and 2017.

You cannot turn off the engine because of the failure of the stop switch. It also affects the fuel economy and contributes to environmental pollution because of the constant running of the engine.

Many people complain that they cannot park them at RV parks when the ignition is On. Engine stop button failure came in their various modes because of software development errors. However, the manufacturers updated the software and resolved the problem.

Sometimes, the engine stop button also fails to function because of a problem in the engine control unit. Moreover, you can also face issues because of blown-out fuse, broken buttons, frayed electric cables, and bad connections.

It is necessary to check your motorhome’s engine stop switch and replace the broken switch with a new one. You should also check the fuse and wiring to ensure the correct functioning.

Leaking transmission fluid

You can see transmission fluid leakage issues in Prevost motorhomes because of cracked or broken transmission lines. Fluid moves through these lines to lubricate the transmission parts for smooth gear engagement.

My uncle owned this motorhome last year and went on a trip with his family, and he also told me about the transmission fluid leakage issue.

He complained he saw the dark red color fluid under their motorhome. In addition, he also told me about the difficulty in gear engagement because of poor lubrication. He tried to disengage the parking gear and faced a delay in gear shifting.

Transmission fluid lines break because of the overheating of fluid. Moreover, dust and debris also build inside the fluid and cause overheating.

Overheated fluid, when it moves through these lines, leads to cracking and breaking. My uncle told me he used the Teflon tape to seal the broken lines as a temporary solution.

Plugged fuel filters

Fuel filters help remove the contaminants from the fuels so they cannot get inside the combustion chamber and cause damage to the engine components.

Plugged fuel filters cause issues in starting the motorhome because of insufficient fuel supply. Plugged filters do not allow enough fuel to move through them for combustion.

You can face issues of engine stalling and difficulty in starting because of plugged filters. Fuel additives, contaminants from low-quality fuels, and metal shavings cause plugging of these filters.

It is better to replace the plugged filters with new ones instead of cleaning them. New filters ensure a smooth and constant fuel supply to the combustion chamber for efficient ignition.

Loose vanity door mirrors

Vanity doors contain mirrors for decoration and give the interior a luxurious appearance. These vanity door mirrors become loose and can come off from the frame.

It is necessary to fix the loose mirrors because they can break when they fall on the floor. These become loose because of the warping of wooden door frames.

In addition, using poor-quality adhesives for their fixing also makes them loose. Vibrations from the road also cause the loosening of these mirrors.

Use the caulking material or sealants to seal the mirror inside the door frame. Remove the excessive sealant from the sides using the butter knife.

Issue with adjustable suspension

Prevost motorhomes have an adjustable air suspension system. You can adjust the ride height according to your convenience and needs.

Many people prefer to lower them while getting inside. I lowered my RV for my kids so they could comfortably step inside. I pressed the switch to adjust the ride height for more ground clearance and protect the undercarriage from damage.

My RV remained at the same height because of the failure of the air suspension system. The issue came in because of the leaking of airbags. I called roadside assistance to fix the leaky bags and continue my trip safely.

You have to replace the air suspension parts because frequent compression and decompression cycles cause their rubber balloons to blow out.

Service brake failure

Prevost motorhomes have the service brake to stop them. You can use the service brakes by pressing the pedals to stop the vehicle.

Service brakes use the hydraulic system to stop the RVs. Many travelers complain that they cannot apply the brakes efficiently after pressing the brake pedal because of the service brake failure.

Service brake failure is common because of low brake fluid in the chamber, the air in the brake fluid, incorrect interior loading, and overheating.

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