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Bean Teardrop Trailers: Facts You Should Know

Bean Teardrop Trailers: Facts You Should Know

Bean teardrop trailers are an excellent living experience for small to medium pickup trucks. The approximate size is 13 to 15 feet long and can settle 1 to 2 adults. It has an aluminum structure and economical for every community. On average, the Bean teardrop trailers cost around $19000 to $29000 with a 1400 to 1600 pounds weight.  

Bean Teardrop Trailers

Bean teardrop trailers come in a variety of sizes. You can select according to your requirements and budget.

In this article, we have explained the types, sizes, company history, and different trailers of this company.

Who owns the company of bean trailers?

The owner of the bean teardrop trailer is Mark Harling, and he owns different manufacturing setups.

He made the teardrop trailers of 4 types, and the design was his invention to settle maximum facilities in a small to medium trailer.

He added the advancement of trailer wheels and a spare tire, and the convenience is an essential part of these trailers. These are lightweight and offer a cooking facility. 

The owner started the company in 1997 and excelled in his field. He increased the designs and versatility of these structures.

Presently, the company offers various models of teardrop trailers. Every trailer has different and unique specifications than the previous model.

Where are bean trailers made?

The manufacturers started the company of bean teardrop trailers in Salt Lake City. The owner has initiated this company for better customization options in trailers, and the authorities allowed the free visits of people. 

It has enhanced the demand and knowledge of users. The bean teardrop trailer company states that 70% of their clients want a tour before purchasing a living experience.

The representative offers a thorough look at the structures and models of trailers.

The clients can go through the manufacturing procedures of the bean trailers. It offers a complete comprehension of all the used materials.

The construction process provides satisfaction to the client, and they purchase teardrop trailers. 

You can contact the bean teardrop trailer company through their website. The online representatives answer every possible question of the customers. 

Mean Bean Off-Road Trailer

It is also a premium structure with extra control on rough roads. It is an adventurous vehicle with maximum advantages and versatile features.

These are durable and long-lasting and have excellent weight carrying capacities. The design of the trailer is appealing. 

The walls have fibrous glass material, and they have colors. The design has the inspiration of marine structures, and they are resistant to weather changes. 

There is a separate box for the battery, and it has an aluminum structure, and it protects the devices.

There is a heat control mechanism, and the heater of the battery is another advantage. The front compartment carries a storage section.

The entrance doors are usually two, and they are comfortable. They have a middle window that provides an internal view. There are lights in the front area for a clear view. 

The cabin area is comfortable for 2 – 4 people without any suffocation. It has a settling capacity of 2 – 4 mattresses.

The internal walls of the trailers are powerful to prevent them from environmental hazards. The walls are free from any corrosive states, and they remain secure. 

There is an accurate system of lights, and it comprises light-emitting electrode bulbs. They are enough to enlighten the cabin compartment for every passenger.

The lights have one-click capacities, and they are efficient. The light system also controls the thermal energy in this compartment.

The storage compartments comprise cupboards of plastic coverings. They have weight varying capacities for different items.

The cabinets have shelves, and you can keep the material separated. The cabinets have handles for quick and easy movements. 

There is a venting section in the roof of the trailer, and it is approximately feet high. The floor also occupies the storage section with proper segregation. The organizing power of these structures is suitable for every passenger. 

The battery of the system is efficient, and it allows free flow. The power supply revolves around 90 – 99 amperes. The conversion of electric power reduces the chances of electric short circuits.

The air conditioning devices are moderators of temperature, and they keep the environment cool in hot weather conditions. 

There is a solar system that exchanges electric energy, and the charging depends on the trailer’s owner. The backside of the trailer also acquires light-emitting bulbs, and they have maximum efficiency. 

These structures have lifting jacks with approximately 7000 – 7500 lbs. weight carrying capacity. They have specific fixing properties, and they offer stability. The wiring system is stable for all electrical appliances. 

The cooking section has enough cupboards for storage, and it has electric and gas devices with a control. They are durable and provide maximum protection. 

The safety level is up to the mark, and these devices never harm passengers. The bath section is separate, and it is has a washbasin with a faucet.

The water tanks can settle 12 – 16 gallons of fresh water, and the trailer has a drainage mechanism with special tanks. 

You can drain them at the dumping spots, and there is a mechanism to control the mixing of black and grey toxic liquid. 

The average cost of the mean trailer is $ 20000 – $ 31000. The addition of bunking beds and other mega structures enhances the rates. 

Classic Bean Roadster Lightweight Trailer

It is famous for the classic design and internal storage capacities. The weight carrying capacity of the trailer is approximately 3400 – 3490 lbs.

It is comfortable and comprises of aesthetic sense. The interior of the structure is suitable for living experiences. It has enough capacity to bear the heat conditions of warm areas. It can move freely on the worst roads. 

It is a small trailer, but the manufacturers never compromise on the quality. They offer maximum camping positions with the best facilities.

The external surface comprises the fibrous glass material and keeps it safe. The coating of paint is double layer to control the external heat damages. It is a blend of different colors, but white remains prominent. You can settle the stuff in an arrangement to protect it. 

The battery supplies a high voltage of electricity, and it has aluminum covering and remains safe most of the time. It has insulation to protect the internal structure from heating. 

There are minimum chances of damage and short circuits in the trailer. The entrance doors are similar to premium models, and the manufacturers keep the design classic with services. 

The front and tailgate lights work efficiently without any error. The interior of the trailer is suitable for 2 – 4 peoples. The resting compartments can settle 3 – 4 mattresses of classic size, and the light facility is favorable for an exceptional view. 

The furniture facility is suitable with a backside portion. The sleeping sessions are safe, and they provide maximum comfort to the passengers. 

The lights enlighten, and they also offer warmness. The storage compartment comprises cupboards in separate sections.

They have wood and steel structures and can settle equipment without mixing. The large drawers can acquire massive amounts of stuff.

The roof vents and exhaust fan facilities allow ventilation. The internal environment remains cool and refreshing every time.

The air conditioning devices are also available, and they are present in the resting compartment. The cool air decreases the effect of external hotness and weather fluctuations. 

The jack capacity is enough, and it can hold approximately 7000 – 7900 lbs. The ground clearance property is fantastic, and it has wheels.

The two wheels on both sizes are massive and different from any vehicle’s tires. They allow quick and smooth movement of this trailer.

The pickup truck is not responsible for the driving of these structures. There is a linking joint of iron material between both parts. They connect with great force and excellence.

The stabilizers of the jacks are stable, and they secure the system. The monitoring becomes easy with these structures. There is a separate tire, and it settles in the trailer compartment.

 It has a fantastic electric wire system with no interruption, and the ports and different sockets allow the connection of small external devices. They get the electric energy from the battery of the system.

What is the Smallest Bean Teardrop Trailer?

Bean stock is one of the smallest trailers with customization options.

The size has no role in the structure’s performance because it is as efficient as all other models, and it is a simple version of the bean trailers with high performance.

The external and internal facilities are the same as the standard trailer. 

Bean Stock Minimalist

It has a luxurious experience with all the separate compartments. The customization of the trailer compartment can increase the bed size.

The external structures comprise an entrance door, and the walls are rigid. There is aluminum insulation like other models. The protection property has expanded due to such material. 

The wide tires allow quick and smooth movements in adventurous locations. The entrance door has a window for the internal view.

The trailer has a versatile design, and the quality is never low in such manufacturing. There is a section on the external body that comprises the logo of the manufacturing company.

It is a signature of the company that enhances the demand and quality simultaneously. There is a rear section that allows the cooking facility.

You can open the trailer from the backside and set the grill. The cooking counter is open and is visible to everyone. It is strong enough to stabilize the coming stove and other utensils. 

The kitchen compartment carries the freshwater container for drinking. It has a plastic external body and can store few gallons of water.

It keeps the water moderate in terms of temperature due to insulation, and you can open the lid and get access to water quantity. 

The cooking counter has different storage compartments. The steel separates are beneficial because they prevent the mixing of stuff.

The freshwater containers are in the rear section of the trailer, and they are 1 -2 containers with a plastic body.

The lids protect the overflow of water, and they supply fresh water to all the appliances of the kitchen and basin.

The compartments of the utensils and food items have shelves. They have built-in organizing capacities, and the door has a specific structure with a big handle. 

It provides protection and smooth handling, and the light system prevails in the whole vehicle. It has hidden sections and has proper coverings. 

The light-emitting electrode bulbs offer maximum light. Few things are also part of the setup, and they include hooks for hanging.

You can hang clothes and towels on them, and they have unique structures of steel material and enough supporting qualities.

They fix the trailer’s walls with screws and other things. The open cabinets are also available internally to settle the equipment.

You can place keys and mobile phones in these sections without fear. 

The bed section is for the adults and kids as well, and it has space for 2 – 4 small mattresses.

They are comfortable with long-lasting foamy material, and the bunking bed structures are also suitable for this trailer.

You can accommodate 2 – 3 small kids on these bunk beds. It is a small space with an excellent settling facility. 

The battery section is also separate, and it has an uninterrupted flow.

The maintenance depends on the owner, and it acquires insulation. There are minimum chances of internal damages or short circuits. 

The color combination of walls and other structures is a blend of white and black. The quality of the paint is fantastic, and it prevents thermal changes.

The drainage systems are with filtration nets and other such things.

Few containers have accommodation facilities for toxic liquids, and they keep the grey and black water in different compartments. There are minimum chances of any mixing, and you can drain the tanks at dump stations. 

It is economical for every community, and the repairing cost is suitable. The average rate of the bean stock trailer is approximate $ 19000 – $ 29000.

The rate varies with the customization and other additions. Every additional facility has different rates, and you can include them for convenience. The types of adventures also determine the facilities.

What is the big bean teardrop trailer?

Meaner Bean is one of the most luxurious models of teardrop trailers. People prefer them for off-road trios, and they are fantastic in their performance. These trailers lie in the category of premium trailers, and the manufacturers never compromise on their qualities.

The trailers have a maximum capacity to carry the heavy masses without any damages. They can hold approximately 1500 lbs. – 1990 lbs. 

Meaner Bean

They are comfortable in all possible aspects, and it is an excellent living experience with maximum facilities.

These trailers offer a greater level of safety to all the passengers of the living compartment. The structure comprises ground clearance activities.

They are suitable for those adventurous locations that are hard to survive for the trailers. The outer surface of the living area is aluminum material.

It offers maximum security, and no one can interfere in the internal structure without permission. The presence of sliders enhanced the protection levels up to limits. These are accessible for every user, and entrance is convenient.

The cabin section of this trailer has maximum accommodation space, and it can settle 3 – 4 mattresses. 

The accommodation space is for 3 – 4 people without any congestion. These structures combine to make a structure for resting. There are enormous lights that enlighten the internal things. 

The resting furniture has a backside for painless sleep. Every section contains enough light for a clear view.

There are fans to provide refreshing and clean air, and they have specific locations. The side windows help in the ventilation process without any disturbance. 

The storage compartment consists of various sections, and it has a storage cabin where you can settle the massive luggage. 

The small cabinets and cupboards allow the settlement of small things, and these storage compartments can occupy clothes and utensils. They have organizing capacity with minimum chances of mixing. 

The electrical appliances are suitable for the excellent performance of the trailer. There are ports for the electric connections, and you can attach the USB devices. 

The bedroom sections have foldable furniture, and they are versatile. The bunk system offers maximum comfort for the kids, and they can settle appropriately.

The washbasin comprises a clean and rigid setup. The faucet is suitable for uninterrupted water flow. 

There is a separate kitchen section with the storage cupboards. The stove is available on the cooking counter.

The steel compartments are enough to store all the cutlery. The presence of a fridge is an advancement of such medium structures. 

There is a lower compartment for storage, and you can wash it anytime. The bathroom area is small but separate, and it has all the facilities. It has enough light for a better view.

The drainage systems are suitable and facilitate the clearance of wastewater. The freshwater tanks are separate, and they have a plastic body. They can contain approximately 17 – 19 gallons of water.

The containers of wastewater are separate, and you can drain them at dump stations. The roof compartment is with the racks, and they can settle luggage.

The sides are supportive, and you can use them in emergencies. They have side wheels that remain uplifted.

You can use them to move the trailer compartment. The battery has a separate compartment, and it supplies electric energy to all the internal appliances. The average cost of a meaner travel trailer is approximate $ 22000 – $ 45000. 

Are they toy haulers?

No, the company does not offer toy haulers in any shape or model. The prime focus of the manufacturers is an excellent living experience.

The competition of the company is with those manufacturers who also create the moving home vehicles.

There are few chances of future toy hauler facility, and the bean stock trailer is an indication. The customizing option means there are chances of area expansion. 

Are Bean Teardrop Trailers suitable for all seasons?

Yes, these are suitable for all seasons and work without any restriction. The wall structure and paint quality reduce the chances of environmental hazards.

You can move to adventurous areas with all types of weather changes. Check and observe its causal functions under the temperature fluctuations. 

You can travel long distances without any fear. They are comfortable in all-weather conditions and protect the passengers.

The heated tanks and air conditioning devices are suitable to control the temperature changes. If you are planning to buy a trailer for adventurous trips, then purchase the bean teardrop trailer.

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