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Rugged Mountain Granite 11RL: Facts You Should Know

Rugged Mountain Granite 11RL: Facts You Should Know

Rugged Mountain RVs have introduced a new model like Granite 11RL. It has all essential household features with all exterior and interior proper finishing.

Rugged Mountain Granite 11RL is an 11-foot hard side, dry bath, and non-slide truck camper. The gross dry weight of this model is above 3500 pounds. On average, it costs between $3700-$39,400.

Rugged Mountain Granite 11RL 

Rugged Mountain Granite 11RL is like a small house with essential household accessories, and you can go anywhere on your truck camper.

It has the best exterior and interior layout, like a one-piece nose cap with fiberglass. It is the most exciting camper which hit the media, dealers, and customers.

When putting the trailer to the truck, you should consider some essential design elements like an overhang or overthrow.

If it extends from the truck tailgate, then face a problem for towing by extension. At night its interior layout gives a more pleasant look, and in the daytime, it becomes more airy and lighted.

Where are Rugged Mountain RVs manufactured?

Jesse Collinsworth manages and owns the motorhome company. Tiny Idahomes is a small but the root of the Rugged Mountain RVs.

This company’s total period is around 8-10 years but got popularity quickly. In 2017, he announced to introduce the first model, which develops the best quality motorhome. It makes the customer more attractive toward it.

The manufacturer only produces the camper around four different models.

These are best with advanced features and achieve popularity among the rivals with time and ranked up due to these products in the market.

These products include Granite 9 RL,11RL, and Polar series includes Polar 860, and 990. The company has the primary concern to built a camper that remains best with the other rivals.

The owner of this camper is satisfied with this product because it has proper finishing, tight tolerance, and maintains its quality at a remarkable level.

The polar 860 and Granite 9RL are small camper that is suitable for a small family. The manufacturer builds all its models better for all four seasons to travel without any climate change restriction.

Why is it called Granite 11RL? 

It is a new addition to the company camper offering. Its name is a combination of three objects like manufacturer name, rock, and size of its single feature.

Granite is the mountain rock name, and it is an excellent material, which best for this luxurious vehicle.

Its model number 11RL indicates that the floor plan is around 11 feet, and RL is an abbreviation for a rear lounge. The available cost of this model is about $37,00-39,400.

Exterior design

The storage bumper is made up of aluminum has a proper covering. It also has two rubber holding like for a flagpole. All the camper up-graded jack feature to Rieco-Titan.

2-bolts on both sides of the jack present of the appropriate size. The storage compartment has an excellent finish. The LED lights and red signals are also available.

Two USB outlets of enough voltage capacity are available on the driver and passenger side of the camper. It has a thermal pane window, electric awning with LED lights, and solar controller panel.

In the basement, finishing pole drawers present, which helps store the large accessories like fishing rods because these are difficult to handle inside the inner compartment.

The manufacturer tried their best to accommodate the space in such a way to look more spacious with essential holdings.

It has a high-gloss exterior finishing, TPO roof, 3M vinyl decal.

It has an exterior shower that connects through the hosepipe for a water supply to enjoy a bath in an open space. Courtesy light available at that side to light up the area at night time.

Interior design

When you enter this camper, you will be excited to observe the comfortable environment, spacious, and beautiful interior appearance.

The dinette compartment and kitchen area are parallel to each other with all essential holdings. Proper ventilation with installed fan and LED lighting make it more cozy and bright.

Alongside the kitchen is the refrigerator, which stores any eatable stuff and other things which require the maintenance temperature.

The bedroom area with cabinets and TV facility with hamper gives a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

Dry bath water with proper adjustment is also present. Throughout this RV, the cabinets, doors, and face frame with plywood texture are available. All compartments, their finishing, and the floor are compatible with each other. 

It has a thermal pane window facility with 2-3 layers of glass to prevent sunlight heat. It has four interior speakers with a DVD and CD player. 


Your new model Granite’s interior floor-length is around 8-10 feet and 4 inches, and the center of gravity is approximately 40-44 inches.

Its overall length is about 17′ 19″. The exterior and interior height is nearly close to the 7′ 4″ and 76 ½ “, respectively.

It contains a gross dry weight of about 3500-3700 pounds, including a propane tank, electrical appliances bumper, and batteries. The emergency escape hatch is around 16 feet and 19 inches.

Freshwater tank

It has a fresh tank with sufficient capacity to store more than 32 gallons.

Its primary purpose is to use washing and other household activities during camping where its requirement is compulsory.

It is present on the exterior on the driver side, from where it is easy to access for refilling purposes. 

Black tank

It is a wastewater holding tank that stores the wastewater from portable toilets. When it is maximum, find a disposing spot for it.

It is present on the bottom backside of the camper. You have to dispose of the waste regularly at the proper interval. Its holding capacity is more than 20 gallons. 

Grey tank

Its black water tank stores the greywater having a sufficient capacity of around 35-38gallon.

The water utilizes for different purposes like showers, washing dishes, and other household activities after transfer or stores into this tank. For its proper maintenance, you should use grey tank chemicals or cleaner. 

Water heater

Granite 11RL has a hot water capacity of more than 4 gallons. This system depends on the propane to provide the facility to enjoy it.

It has several purposes like a comfortable shower, doing dishes during the cold weather condition. 

Propane tank

It has a 2-propane cylinder gas storage compartment, and it can store the two 18-20 pounds in tanks.

Moreover, its design is also according to the cylinder capacity. You cannot retrofit it according to your choice or large cylinder.

It can place in a horizontal position and are fix at its place.

You have to plan your journey according to the gas station availability to avoid any inconvenience. Keep in mind to refill the tank at a proper interval from the filling station. 

Smoke and gas detector

It comes with another feature such as gas and smoke detector.

It can detect any gas leakage or smoke and trigger the alarm in any case of unintentional fire. There is a 4-5 BC fire extinguisher feature.


It also has a storage compartment on the exterior side to hold the two group 27 batteries to place on the slide-out battery tray.

It accommodates almost 5-6 voltage. It is present in the exterior compartment of the rear passenger wing side.

The battery disconnect is common in all the camper and present on its backside close to the tank access door. 

Kitchen facility

The kitchen area is advanced, smooth, more spacious, and perfect for cooking and other food-related activities.

The most selling point of this camper or its demand becomes high due to the kitchen’s residential feel.

It is perfect and attracts the customer more. The essential components of this section include microwave, storage compartment, black colored stove with glass cover.

Six drawers made up of plywood have heavy-duty latches for easy access. You will have easy access to the pump below the sink.

These drawers have proper finishing and large storage capacity. This compartment has adequate lighting to provide better visibility for cooking or washing dishes and other kitchen-related activities.

The manufacturer adds up the three additional drawers into that area which are a total of six. It is exciting for you to know the high number of a drawer in the kitchen compartment.

Overhead the two windows is a shade valance that covers the uppermost part of it. It is a popular decorative option to hide the drapery hardware. 

Glass cover on the stovetop

The LP-based black stove has three burners that fulfill the cooking requirement.

It has a glass cover covering it after the cooking and has many advantages like cooking and turning off the burner, which remains hit for a while. It prevents you from accidental touch.

Exhaust hood

The exhaust hood overhead the burner with the fan installed gives the proper ventilation, evacuation of smoke and fumes.

If the correct release out cannot proceed, it can accumulate on the wall and other surfaces, which destroy the compartment’s interior beauty.

It overcomes any foul-smelling or food odor maintains the internal environment fresh and comfortable.

Microwave oven

You will find the microwave oven alongside the refrigerator top in the kitchen area. It quickly heats the food or boils water.

It reduces the use of burner ignition for cooking food items. A small cabinet installs to provide better storage capacity to hold the cooking utensils and other essential things like groceries. 

Stainless steel sink

Another essential component of your kitchen compartment is the stainless steel sink with a pulling faucet for cooking utensils and food washing.

It also accomplishes the water requirement during cooking, and you can customize the stainless steel according to your choice. 

Dinette area

The dinette area has two parallel seating arrangements which present between the table. The table mounts with a single steel pole to fix it at its place for various purposes.

You can do your work, eating food, place the laptop or other handy gadgets like mobile. The seats have a sturdy cushion, fix tight by the possible adjustment.

The color combination of this compartment with the floor is compatible with each other. You can change the appearance according to your choice and selection.

Underside the seats contains the storage compartment where you can store different components. 


The refrigerator is available in various sizes, which fits easily into the camper, is around 5-7 cubic feet.

It can hold the space more than 1.5 feet and 2 inches, which enough to accomplish the customer requirement.

It is a luxurious amenity that sores the essential eatable food items and beverages to keep it fresh.

It is present near the sleeping area, alongside the wardrobe or kitchen compartment.

You can place it near the camper wall for the compressor and condenser tubes’ proper ventilation space. It has an electric outlet and height around 2-4ft accordingly.


It comes with two electric awning capacities. With this feature, you can enjoy your outdoor space.

It has several purposes like protection from direct sunlight, rain, wind gusts, and other weather condition.

This type of awning contains a spring-loaded arm that unrolls it with button help. The main advantage of this kind of awning is to extend it on your own choices, like the whole or the halfway point. 

Sleeping area

Near the kitchen is the sleeping area with a double ladder step. 

The bedroom has two cabinets with one door on both sides to provide ample storage for your accessories like clothes.

It cannot block the natural light from the single pane glass window. The bed has a 50-60 foot and 80 inches mattress with a 16’20” emergency escape hatch.

Alongside the cabinet are the two hampers on the parallel side. One of them is present between the TN and cabinet and another between the cabinet and wardrobe( two doors).

You can entertain by the TV and enjoy the channel according to your desire and do not feel bore during traveling. There is proper LED lighting for better visibility and give a pleasant look at nighttime. 

Wet dry bath

The Granite has a wet-dry bath having ventilation overhead with the fan installed. The essential components include a flush toilet with enough legroom, sink, shower with tub.

All the interior well furnished with tiles, and above the window is the two-door cabinet for the storage for toiletries accessories like toothbrushes, conditioners, and other stuff. 

Color scheme

The prototype of the rugged Mountain is ideal for the customer, but you can customize it according to your desire and choice.

Sometimes adapting makes it frustrating, but it also gives an excellent look. The modification you can do is the color combination and fabric, but the manufacture provides the subdued grey, which looks decent.

You should select the color scheme which matches the floor, storage compartment, and sidewalls.

The interior fabrics for Granite 11RL that suitable for it include green, grey, purple, or other, which best for it.

The grey and green contrast for the dinette seating make the cozy and pleasant appearance. The best color scheme makes the interior look more aesthetic and nice residential look.

With beadboard use, you can paint the camper walls according to your desire. It also a better option if you make the advancement in its sidewalls.

The multi-density MDF beadboard is the ideal choice for you which adheres to the wall easily. 

The use of wood framing instead of aluminum or other items is best because it prevents heart condition and dampness. 

In this model, some modifications achieved by the manufacturer which absent in the previous truck campers.

The bottom of the model has a sewer hose connection. Another up-gradation includes remote control keyless entry, 160-170 watt solar controller, and few others. 

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