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Best Tow Vehicle for 30 Foot Airstream

Best Tow Vehicle for 30 Foot Airstream

We have explained all the towing vehicles that you can attach with the 30-foot air stream. You should manage a towing vehicle that can carry a weight of more than 5000 pounds.

Best Tow Vehicle for 30 Foot Airstream

We have considered the 14 examples of trucks that hold the capacity to tow the vehicle easily.

You will get the complete towing details of the vehicle from its user manual that will not cause any problem for you in the coming days.

14 Examples of towing vehicles for 30 feet airstream campers

  • 2020 Hyundai Santa FE – 5000 pounds – 250 hp
  • 2019 ford f150 – 13500 pounds – 325 hp
  • 2018 ford f350 – 14000 pounds -385 hp
  • 2016 ford f450 – 14300 pounds – 300 hp
  • 2012 ford f750 – 15000 pounds – 320 hp
  • 2014 Chevrolet Silverado – 13000 pounds – 277 hp
  • 2013 Chevrolet Colorado – 13500 pounds – 275 hp
  • 2020 Lincoln Navigator -8500 pounds – 450 hp
  • 2017 Ford Expedition – 9000 pounds – 400 hp
  • 2015 Ram 1500 – 12000 pounds – 390 hp
  • 2019 Nissan Titan – 9300 pounds – 420 hp
  • 2017 Nissan Frontier – 9000 pounds – 310 hp
  • 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser – 8500 pounds – 250 hp
  • 2014 Nissan Armada – 8000 pounds – 380 hp

How to attach towing vehicles with a 30-foot airstream?

You have to plan all the steps before starting the process to tow the vehicle. You may note that the towing capacity and the ability of the suspension of the trailers.

If you are looking to attach the towing vehicle with your camper, you have to follow some easy steps. Firstly, you have to complete the research about all the top brands of towing vehicles.

You can make a list of the features that you are desiring from it and compare it with the feature of your truck.

This step will take too much time for you as you have to study all the major brand vehicles. You can use multiple methods to complete it.

You will see that there are huge differences in the features of the vehicles and you can choose any one of all these options that suit you.

When you have chosen the right towing vehicle for your setup, you have to proceed to the next step to look for the right position.

You have to find a straight road on which you can complete all these steps quickly. You should avoid irregular paths and bumpy roads while attaching them.

If there are no hooks available to connect these vehicles, you must attach the metallic hooks as they are easy to operate and difficult to break.

These hooks will not create any problem for you while using them. You can use it on any road as it will not hurt by the jerks of the bumpy road. 

You can use the double lock mechanism to make its strong connection, and it will not break away easily.

You can start driving it when you have connected the hook by observing all the guidelines discussed earlier.

What towing capacity do I need for a 30-foot airstream?

You have to look for multiple factors that include road conditions, weather conditions, and the condition of the campers and trailers.

You will arrange the camper after looking at the condition of both vehicles.

You should not start using it at its maximum capacity because it will create problems in its suspension and other multiple issues for the vehicle’s mechanical parts.

You cannot ignore the camper and trailer’s condition while finding its towing capacity because the towing capacity of the older models will decrease by many times.

If you have purchased the new 30-foot30-foot airstream, you have to look for a towing vehicle with a capacity of more than 5000 pounds.

You should purchase a new vehicle because it is in a better position to tow.

The camper’s gross weight should not increase from its prescribed limit, and the capacity of the truck must be ten percent higher than its limit.

These limits will create some cushion for both vehicles to run at less than their maximum efficiency. When you run it at its maximum efficiency for multiple months, you will face the engine and suspensions.

You should increase the vehicle’s limit when you are using the older vehicle for your setup as it does not have its maximum capacity.

You should keep all these things in your mind that will lead you to the conclusion of the decision for your truck.

You should choose any vehicle with a towing capacity less than this limit as it will not be able to attach with any other camper for the next time.

You should read the user manual of both vehicles as you will get complete details from there.

Average weight

There are different models of 30 feet airstream, and you will see few differences in their weight and required towing capacity.

You should not be worry because of the heavyweight of the camper because you can arrange all types of vehicles for your camper to tow it easily.

If you plan all these steps and follow them with their true spirit, then you will not face any problem at any point.

The average weight of the airstream camper is around 3300 pounds. You will also see few models that are weighing around 2500 pounds, while some of them will weigh around 3600 pounds.

You should get complete details of the truck before implementing any process on it. You will get their complete description if you do some research on it.

You cannot change the type of vehicle on your own, ignoring the weight of the airstream. You can get all the details of the weight from the manual or the sticker under the driving seat of your truck.

If you are not getting any source for getting its details, then you can visit different weighing stations that can help you in this regard.

It will save you from multiple mistakes in the coming days because you can forget the details if you have not written them somewhere. You should not use any technique that creates various confusions for you.

Is Airstream easy to tow?

You can compare it with all the competitive campers, and you will get an answer that airstream camper is easy to tow.

You can arrange for a truck to tow this vehicle as it does not require more towing capacity.

You can note the details of the weights of both vehicles to save yourself from all the problems. You will not have a bad experience while towing it.

The average cost

There are different variants of the airstream campers, and you will amaze to see that it is available at cheaper rates if we compare it with other brands.

The average cost of a 30-foot airstream camper is around $37000. You will get all the features at the minimum price, and there is no problem while using it.

You may pay $44000 for the top variant, and you can get the used models at a lower price.

The average price of the used vehicles is around $30000. You have to compromise on few features while purchasing the older models.

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