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How to Pick a Camper Lock With a Bobby Pin?

How to Pick a Camper Lock With a Bobby Pin?

Here are 7 easy steps to pick a camper lock with a bobby pin. Camper is the best transport vehicle that provides you with the comfort of home during traveling. 

How to Pick a Camper Lock With a Bobby Pin? You can pick a camper lock by using two bobby pins. One pin is using to make a lever that helps in rotating the barrel. Another pin is used to make a locking tool that helps in lifting the metallic cylinders inside of the barrel. Try to twist the lever while using the bobby pin, it will help in unlocking the camper lock.

When you get stuck inside the camper, and you lost your keys. You can open your vehicle using bobby pins. 

The lock system used inside the camper is the traditional one that can easily open by using it. The disadvantage of this locking system is that it increases security risks.

How to Pick a Camper Lock With a Bobby Pin?

 You can open your traveling companion lock when it gets stuck, and you lost your key with bobby pins.

It is the cheapest way to unlock it, and the only requirement is 3 to 4 bobby pins or paper clips.

For this opening, you need to make a tension wrench and the lock pin that performs unlocking.

The hairpins are usually bulky or rounded from one side, the reason why you need accurate adjustment for unlocking.

Making of tension wrench

The tension wrench provides rotation to the interior of the lock. You can also use a windshield blade for making this instrument that helps in unlocking the stuck door of the camper. 

Working of tension wrench in locks opening

The purpose of the use of a tension wrench is to provide your lock with an L-shaped lever. So, we have to give your bobby pin an L-shaped configuration that acts as a lever.

You can bend it in such a way that one side is flat and larger. The other side makes an L shape with it.

You can perform this task by using pliers or with your hands. You can also bend it by fixing one side in the keyhole. 

Now starts to curve it at a 90-degree angle.

After giving it, L-shaped put it in the keyhole and give the keyhole a slight downward pressure. 

Prepare the bobby pin

You can make a locking pin by using butter knives and bobby pins. It will perform the work by lifting the clip line.

Both of them wrench and pin help to perform the role of the key. For making it functional, you need to remove the rubber knob present at the smooth end of the pin.

You can remove it with the help of a plier or wire cutter or by scraping it with your nail. 

The next thing to do is make it separate both ends of the hairpin give it a shape of elongated, straight metal wire. 

It will perform the pick of what is injected inside the keyhole to make a path between the pins.

You can use a keyhole for arcing on the straight end of the metal.

It will help in making it a pick. This end needs to be curved approximately one centimeter or less by putting pressure. Keep in mind to place the flat side in an upward direction. 

You can bend the other straight end of the bobby clip into a holder. It will help you accurately in fastening the pin.

For this purpose, you need to bend the end halfway by making a loop. It will also help in putting pressure during lock opening.

Interior of Camper lock

 Most of the locks used in the camper make two things i-e the barrels and the metal pins inside it.

The barrel is the small region in which the key inserts. Pins are present inside it that performs the act of locking.

They are small round cylinders made up of metals. These pins firmly attach that you need to open with the key or some pick.

For unlocking the lock, you need to push the pin cylinder in an upward direction.

 When you push the pins, move the barrel in a direction that opens the lock.

It is essential because it prevents the clip from returning to its spot. When all the pins move upward, the barrels move without any hindrances. 

Use Bobby Pins to unlock the Camper lock

The lock mechanism is that all the pins inside it must be open. The key is the fragment on which all the cylinders of the pin adjust. 

When you turn the key inside the knob, it will push all the pins upward.

The RV contains deadbolt locks that comprise the structural arrangement of barrel and pins. The reason it is easy to open by just using hairpins.

After making the lock unfastening tools, you need to do the procedure. The tension wrench you make helps in performing the work of the key.

It helps in rotating the barrel from its locking place. The pick helps in lifting all the pins inside the barrel.

Insert the tension wrench in the lowest region of the keyhole. Insert the lever as deep as possible in the keyhole.

The metal pushes up all the pins by pressing the barrel down. Turn the barrel with the help of a lever in such a direction in which the locks open.

You should not add a lot of pressure and force in turning the barrel. It will damages the pins and make them lock forever.

If you feel resistance while moving it in a direction, try to move it in another direction. It can also indicate by clicking noise that produces by moving the barrel in the wrong direction.

Immediately change your turning position before any disaster. After moving the barrel slightly, insert the locking clip you made initially.

Insert the pin in a way that its slight curve side present in an upward direction. Place it firmly in its initial place; do not take the lever out.

The lever assists this metal pin when you move the pin in an upward and downward path.

Continue the process until all the pins lift in an upward direction. The barrel moves without any convenience. 

Check the number of pins inside the barrel and which one of them opens easily than others. When all the pins move higher, you will also hear the clicking sound.

Try not to push the pins firmly against the barrel during the process. It will damage your entire locking system. 

 Other possible ways to open the camper lock

 Before using any bobby pin for lock opening, try to find every possibility through which you can open up your lock.

The lock opening requires some skills because any negligence will result in permanent jamming of the fastener. It is essential to find other ways in your camper to prevent this difficulty.

Find the windows

The first step by using the hairpin technique for the opening process is to find an opening or window.

From this opening, you can go inside the camper and find out the keys and open the door from inside.

Keyless locks are more safe

You should install a keyless lock that provides more security. These locks open by using some password or by using fingerprints.

They also work by using the remote controller that provides extra safety by locking it from anywhere.

If your RV has key inserted locks, then try to maintain them. You should use lubricants daily to preventing the door from jamming.

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