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Do I Need a Surge Protector For My RV? Facts You Should Know

Do I Need a Surge Protector For My RV? Facts You Should Know

RV surge protector detects the voltage fluctuations. It identifies the electric current changes when they get high or low. It stabilizes all the electrical appliances of an RV and prevents them from various damages and multiple repairs.

The word surge means voltage shock or change, and the device is all about the security system.

Do I Need a Surge Protector For My RV?

The features and part of the surge protector are multiple in numbers. 

They have different sizes in terms of voltages. It is a prominent feature of such protecting device. The amperes vary from 30 – 50 in an RV.

The size and structure of these tools belong to these variations.

The setups comprise these voltage conditions, and batteries follow the same passage. Always choose this equipment according to the mentioned terms. 

The warranty cards are a beneficial feature of the surge protectors. The manufacturers provide these cards to the sellers, and you can get your warranty conditions from the seller.

Never skip this tiny thing because they can alter the device within the card dates. It is beneficial in terms of budget.

If you lose the warranty card and you cannot get a replacement. The new purchase is the only option, and it can be expensive. 

What are the parts of a surge protector?

There are few parts of the surge protection device. In the absence of these tiny things, the structure remains incomplete. The components are as follows. 

Electric cables 

The electric cables can be two to three, but they are necessary. They provide a strong connection with the electric panel.

All of them can contain the same color, or they come with different color options. The manufacturers mark them for better installation. 

Metal oxide

The metal oxide is present inside the surge protector, and it helps to detect electric changes.

The substance is preventing in the internal portion and controls the complete device.

It remains active all the time and increases the performance of the system. It is one of the essential components. 

Plastic transparent cover 

The plastic – transparent covers are significant parts. They have protection by the guarding tool and are water-resistant.

The caps never allow the flow of electric current from them, and it protects from electric shocks to users.

What are the uses of a surge protector in an RV?

It is one of the most advantageous devices in a recreational vehicle. The system goes through deadly hazards in the absence of a surge protector. 

You cannot travel long distances without this device. The system can lead to sudden vulnerability, and you cannot afford such instant changes. 

It is a beneficial tool with multiple qualities. The uses of a surge protector are enormous in number.


Protection is one of the most common and essential uses of a surge protector. They are immediate solutions for all kinds of electrical misbalances. 

They keep the check and balance of the voltages and protect the electrical appliances.

It is a tool with all the protective qualities because it never gets inactive. It also observes the rate of voltage fluctuations in all the electric equipment. 

The detection is not only associated with high voltages, but it also controls the low voltage conditions. The device protects the sources as well.

It is a security device with numerous activities. All of them are beneficial, and they support the normal function of all kitchen and other RV appliances. 

Prevention of short circuits

There are chances of short circuits, and this leads to massive damages. The repairing costs of these things are sometimes more than their actual rates. 

Few of the appliances like refrigerators and light-emitting diodes burst with a sound.

It keeps the volt in moderation and prevents the short circuit.

The detection of power changes is so instant that the devices never neglect a single ampere change. It is one of the most efficient guards of the setup. 

Control of voltage

They have their voltage specifications, and both remain in their passages. The power protectors of 30 volts and others have their specifications.

Whenever the tool identifies the changes in the electric paths, and it starts notifying. They are excellent in their performance and work in the blink of an eye.

The device instantly turns off the appliances and shut off. It helps to protect from severe damages that can be irreversible in some situations. The equipment stays safe from burn and accidents. 

Intermediate filter 

It works as an intermediate filter between the device and other valuable gadgets. The point of insertion is also in the middle, and it depicts the accurate locations.

The system stays fine due to the presence of surge protection. They never allow the inappropriate current supply to any mega tool.

The network remains stable due to these tiny things. Everything works in correlation and in a smooth way. The passage is clear for every target thing, and any minor change is detectable. 

Protection from environmental changes

Environmental changes like rain, storm, and heavy thunder affect the electrical systems.

The voltage varies due to these external changes, and shutting off the devices is favorable.

In the presence of drastic changes, the tool shut off all the gadgets instantly.

It is a protection from unfavorable events and is a wise decision.

If one instrument catches fire inside the RV, then the whole RV can burn off.

They work as guardians in such messy situations. The performance is worth the cost of the equipment. 

Safe road trips

RVs have designs for long-distance traveling. Long trips are impossible without the significant facilities of the vehicle.

The kitchen appliances and other electrical tools are essential for a safe and enjoyable journey.

The situation of weather varies during traveling, and the areas also affect the internal functions. These tiny things offer maximum security with power control.

They keep the voltages and amperes in moderation. The control is precise, and the system remains intact.

All devices work efficiently without any electric current fluctuations and changes. They stay active during traveling and even when the RV is in the parking area. 

No fear about current changes

In the presence of such a secure guardian, the drivers remain fearless.

If there is any anxiety about the internal structure, and the owner may feel frustrated. It is not suitable for such mega vehicles.

The results are dangerous and deadly accidents. The protection of the surge device offers relaxations to the drivers. 

They remain carefree from all gadgets because the device is always available. The tools are reliable, and they stay efficient most of the time.

Multi layering

There are various models of surge protectors, and few of them are more advance. They have a dual layering of protective material, and the sensors are efficient. 

They identify the minor changes within seconds and keep the system in balance condition. The dual nature of layers enhances the protection pattern than ever.

It becomes a security system with multiple parts, and all of them are excellent in their performance.

When one part stops working other supports the system, and in this way, the RV stays safe every time.

What are the types of surge protectors?

There are two types of surge protectors, and then they have their variations as well. They are casual protection, electrically empowered, and both of them are useful in different setups.

A chart of the difference between casual protection and electrically empowered device

Casual protection Electrically empowered device
It is a portable protection device.

They are easy to steal if they do not contain a rigid chain around them.

There is an electric cable that links with all the electrical tools in an RV.
They are easy to use, and you can install them without professional help. They provide maximum protection because they stay in a connection throughout traveling.
They have a direct connection with the electric panel of RVs.

They identify any minor to the worst change in electric signals.

There are minimum chances of stealing due to direct links and power locks.
They detect the change of current flow and control it immediately. They are complex devices and require professional help for installation.

What are the methods to install an RV surge protector?

There are few methods to install or replace this tiny structure. All of them are effective, but they consume time.

The portable surge devices are easy to install. You can settle them with a single tuck, and they remain in their original place for a long time. 

Tools required

  • New sockets
  • A breaker
  • Connecting wires
  • Drill machine
  • Tucking tools
  • Protective gloves
  • The surge protector
  • Non- permanent marker

Access location

The electric system of an RV is complex and tricky. A person can’t access or without any acknowledgment.

If you have an RV, then this is a common step for you. It is complex for a new person who is just installing a surge protector.

Find out the point that has all the electric sources and electric cable network. The selection and location of the right place are some of the essential steps.

You cannot install these protecting tools anywhere in the motorhome. It may destroy the other power system of the RV.

Always reach the right points, and you can also take help from the manual of your RV. Many manufacturers offer these manuals with picture demonstrations.

The piece of paper describes every single part of the RV. The process becomes simple, and you can proceed to the next step. Open the lid of the electric panel and make sure it is in the exact location. 

Comprehend the electric cable network

The electric panel is like a complicated box and contains a lot of mingled wires.

All of them have their specific connection, and none of them is worthless. Choosing the precise wire and the connecting area is difficult in such complex networks. 

The surging device is like middle buffering equipment, and it should be between the dominant electric source and then the other system.

The significant electric source offers all the electric energy to the electric appliance of your RV. You can only perform this process when the power supply is off. 

The connections must be smooth because they are already the current controllers. They cannot cause a disturbance in the flow of electric power to all the significant devices. 

Install breaker with sockets

The portable surge protectors are simple in their installation. They have their sockets and connection.

The only thing is to find the right point to insert the clamping area. Access that area in the massive panel, make sure the RV is not on ignition because it can produce the current. 

Put the new device on the already existing holes and push it inside. It immediately moves inside, and the installation closes.

Few of them are complicated than the portable protectors. They require breakers and an additional socket.

In such cases, install sockets in the panels with the help of tools. Push the surge protector inside the newly installed device.

You can connect the power supply and check it after the completion of the process. 

Make the holes

In some situations, the new electric cables cannot find their paths. The panel remains occupied with a network of all color electric passages.

In such circumstances, make new holes in the protectors. The installation becomes simple in this way because the electric cables get their way.

Use a drill machine and measure before making holes.

Always keep the holes tight, and they must have the space to insert the power sources. You can tape the excessive areas and cover the extra spaces. 

Wire mounting

The mounting of electric wires is another essential step. The connection is always between the significant electric source and the protection device. 

You cannot change the passage or make it complex. The mingling of the network also leads to the mixing of direct electric flow.

The tools create their relevant issues, and it is not a suitable condition. The whole scenario turns into a disaster, and you may lose the original paths as well. 

Never complicate the sources and mark them with non-permanent markers. It makes the process simple and easy.

Connect the electric wires of both devices once you have installed the protecting device in its place. 

Settle and check

It is the final and the most significant step because it accesses the problems. Once you install the surge in the electric panel, then check it thoroughly.

You cannot turn on all the essential electrical devices at once. Make sure the equipment is working without any error. In the case of any possible problems, and check the system once again. 

Connect the devices with precise guidelines. Never change the pattern because the system damages instantly. The repairing costs are massive on the budget, and it is an uninviting event. 

All the electrical devices cooperate with the protecting devices, and it is observing the direct current fluctuations.

How to clean the surge protector?

There are three ways to clean the surge protector. You cannot clean them directly and always follow the instructions.

In some circumstances, people lose their devices during cleaning. The methods are easy, and they take 15 – 30 minutes. They are the use of fiber-free cloth, RV cleaners, and bleaching agents.

Use a fiber-free piece of fabric

Use a fiber-free piece of fabric and clean the external and internal surface of the device. Apply a specific amount of force during this process.

Wet the cloth with simple tap water and remove it as much as you can. Clean the greasy dust from the internal portion.

Never apply the wet fabric on the machinery or screen areas. The water droplets can penetrate the system and damages the tool. 

RV cleaners

The RV cleaners are solutions that help to clean the external body of the massive setup. You can take a sponge and soak it in the cleaning solution. 

Rub the sponge with slight pressure on all the dirty areas, and repeat this process for at least three to four minutes.

Clean the surface with a dry fabric or cotton at the end, it helps to remove the droplets of cleaner.

Bleaching agents 

Bleaching agents are excellent to reduce stains from the surge protector. You cannot use them alone because of their severe effects.

Mix the bleaching agent with water and make a solution. Never leave the bleaching agent on the protector for more than two minutes. They are color reducers and can turn your device into an ugly thing.

What are the factors that affect surge protector quality?

Multiple factors affect the quality of a surge protector. These are also the things that you must consider before buying a device for your RV.

In the absence of these essential qualities, the protecting device is useless. Never compromise on the quality of this tool because it is a guardian of a massive structure. 

The right frequency of joules

The surge protectors never supply power in single electric signals. They are in the form of packets of bundles, and they are known as joules.

This tiny equipment can endure several voltages. When the volt capacity is higher, then it means the tool is efficient in performance.

You cannot neglect this feature before buying it because the whole RV depends on a surge device.

The average voltage carrying capacity of a casual surge protector is from 580 – 1980 joules. The rate can fluctuate with manufacturers and models of the security gadget. 

Sizes and weight

They have their standard sizes and weight qualities, and you can follow the pattern. These qualities are under the ampere quantities and service setups.

If you have the arrangement of 30 amps in your RV, then choose the 30 amp device.

The same pattern is for the other amp quantities, and you cannot fit a wrong amp device into an irrelevant system.

 It leads to massive disasters, and the system loses its quality. You have to repair multiple gadgets simultaneously in such worst conditions. 

Right electric cables

Always consider the right electric cable system of a surge protector. The connectors should contain accurate size.

The shapes must have the maximum attaching quality. Once you have bought the tool, then the installation becomes difficult.

Choose it according to the setup of sockets. If you are replacing the tool, then match it with already existing. It is better to not plug RV 110v to 220v.

It saves time and energy for choosing the right thing. The color of wires and the number of connecting parts indicates the similarities. Read the minor signs and compare them with each other. 


The upper portion of the system contains a transparent cover. Always buy this covering with the tool because it is a safety tool.

The control system requires protection as well, and these caps cover them completely. 

They repel environmental conditions like rainwater and dewdrops. A user cannot touch it directly due to this lid.

It prevents sudden electric shocks and severe accidents. 

The time of reactions

It reacts in response to electric voltage fluctuations and is known as surge response. The action is spontaneous, and it happens right after the current change.

The reactions take Nano to milliseconds and control the system. Such quick actions offer maximum protection against massive losses. 

Never neglect this essential feature because the dependency demolishes. The average response rate must range up to half a nanosecond or one.

It should not exceed this limit and leave the device if the ranges are not in control. 

Quality to save energy

The surge protectors are energy savers and are brilliant in their performance. You cannot avoid this point because it is significant in all aspects.

The power storage capacity also depends on this factor. The device is not suitable if it cannot save the electric voltages.

The storage capacity and capacities should have a balance with each other. Never invest in a low-quality product due to low prices. 

Remote parts 

Few of these devices have remote control mechanisms. The controlling tool remains in the custody of the driver.

These devices have to notify beeps in them. They start beeping when they find constant and severe voltage fluctuations. You can turn them off with these remote control tools. 

The actions transfer on the manual force in these situations. Turn off the surge protector, and other gadgets turn off directly.

The direct connection settles the passage in one series. The system turns off, and you can save the massive equipment in this way. 

The timing devices

Few of the protecting things have sensors and timers. They are efficient when the electric voltages decrease or get the hype.

They work automatically, and all of them are efficient in their performance. If you are buying a tool with these timers, then check their efficiency. Never compromise on their quality because they control the other setups.

What is the mechanism of action?

It has a well-defined mechanism of action that consists of few steps. They are detection, conversion, and control.


The detection process of a surge detector is suitable for RVs. It instantly identifies the slight voltage changes.

The detection is quick and effective, and it keeps the massive setup stable every time. 


The device converts the voltage changes into alarming signals. The collaboration of all the equipment occurs in an RV.

The voltage changes offer indications, and few devices start beeping. The notifications are the points that identify the modifications. 


The last and most efficient step is the control of voltage. It is usually a turn-off process and keeps the devices safe most of the time.

It is an essential part of the whole mechanism. It has specific benefits, and in the absence of control, the loss is immense.  

Difference between Voltage and Ampere

Voltage Ampere
The voltage is a unit of electric current with few specifications. It is also a defining unit of electric current.
It associates with pressure build-up. The ampere describes the rate of electric current and its flow.
It has equivalency with the flow of electric current. It also defines the flow of electrical devices with a specific link.

What is the difference between a 30 Amp surge protector and a 50-ampere device?

30-ampere surge protectors 50-ampere surge protectors
They have the specifications for the 30 amp systems in an RV. The 50-ampere surge protector can control and manage electrical changes.
These devices direct the polarization and neutralization of different electric cables. There is a separate display screen that offers the complete data.
The surge protector controls the appliances when the voltage increase or low down. It applies to all 50 – amp devices and offers maximum protection.
It detects the increase of electric current instantly. The wireless qualities allow complete information without getting out of the RV.
They have the technology to keep them safe all the time. It has a professional lock property that enhances its security more than a portable surge protection device.
The locking facility is another fantastic feature of 30 amp devices.

They have options of a wireless control system, and you detect changes without reaching the equipment.

It identifies damages of all the relevant changes of the RV in terms of electrical appliances and cables.

Do they turn into the worst device?

The device has a specific design and mechanism. It cannot change its paths without particular modifications. The dependency of performance and maintenance is on the packets of energy. 

When the equipment lacks the bundles of electric energy, then the system fails to work. It is not a favorable condition, but it happens most of the time.

Few customers complain that their device got worst within the warranty dates. 

It is a disadvantage of such a powerful instrument. The 30 – amp devices go through these changes more than the 50 – amp setups. Once the joules delete from the tool, then suddenly the tool stops working. 

You have to observe it now and then to keep a record of these energy bundles. They never last for a lifetime, and all of them have a specific lifespan. Read the manual or ask the professional guides about this tiny tool. 

How to select the surge protector for RV?

The surge protectors for the RV are different from any other setup. You need to consider the power systems of the devices.

Observe the power dependency and checking rates. Always consider the noise features because sometimes they become unbearable. 

They must have the plug-in capacities without any error. The device should comprise the capping and other features in the box, and they must be under the cost list.

How long do surge protectors last?

They have excellent lifespans in few models, and some of them are vulnerable. They can work efficiently without any error for 4 to 7 years.

They have proper insulations around them that keep them safe externally. The locks inhibit the stealing and keep them protected from hazards.

There is a general rule of replacement in the surge protectors. You have to replace the previous device with a new one within 1 – 1/2 years.

The period of more than two years is crucial for the RV and its appliances. It may seem fine in its appearance after this period, but it is not.

It stops working without giving any notification. It is all about the durability that maintains the whole setup accurately. 

Always follow the standard guidelines for the replacement and control of such crucial equipment.

Never trust the lifespan because that is all about the external quality. They are not breakable, but internally they fail to work after their time. 

How to provide security to the surge protectors of the RV?

There are two ways to protect the protecting device. Both of them are efficient, but they vary in cost procedures. One method is cost-effective but lacks security at some point.

The second method increases the cost of your budget, but it offers maximum protection. The methods of security are a rigid chain and electric locks. 

A powerful chain

It is like any casual iron chain with maximum strength to control the device. You can wrap the chain around your surge protector and lock it with a lock.

You should always keep the key with yourself or hide it somewhere. Wrap it with three to four layers so that the thief cannot open them easily. This way you can secure the surge protector from getting stolen.

Electric locks

These protectors are part of the device, and you can buy them online or from any RV store. The electric locks are automatic and wireless.

You can lock the equipment with a single click and settle a code. No one can break these reliable security systems without complete comprehension.

The locks may comprise external protection with a door or lid. It remains close all the time, and only the owner can open it. You can add fingerprint locks with the advancement of technology.

What are the disadvantages of a surge protector?

The disadvantages are fewer, but all of them are prominent. You cannot avoid them when you buy a surge protector.

The cons of this tool as follow. They include expensive rates and need frequent replacements, easy to remove, and less durable. 

Expensive rate

One of the prominent disadvantages of a surge protector is that it is expensive. The rates reach a certain peak that it becomes impossible to approach them.

People ask for installment procedures, but unfortunately, the policies lack this term. The high rates are due to their enormous features and excellent work performance.

Need frequent replacements

It is a con of the protecting device. It is not long-lasting and requires replacement almost every year.

The process is heavy on the budget, and continuous replacement makes the electric panel vulnerable. The removal and insertion in the connectors turn them into the worst setup. 

All of these conditions damage the electric systems. They lose their power to work accurately, and disasters occur.

The shorter lifespan requires a check and balance. Sometimes the owner leaves the equipment without maintenance.

It suddenly stops working, and the voltage detection diminishes. It is one of the most unfavorable conditions. The repairing becomes impossible due to external conditions and lack of tools. 

Easy to remove

They are so easily removable that the protection fails. People steal them because there is no tight arrangement.

In the absence of protective measures, the device is available in the front area. The thief pulls it off without any clue. 

Less durable

They lack durability, and it is not favorable for massive vehicles like RV. The setups have enormous electrical appliances, and they need complete control.

All of them require a trustable device to keep a check. The tool lacks its reliability due to its less durable nature. 

It requires maintenance most of the time and constant observation from a professional person. It is a dangerous point and can lead to irreversible damages.

Average price

They are expensive in their few models, and some of them are moderate. They require to replace more often, and that is why they are heavy on the budget. The average cost of a surge protector is up to $50 to $ 380.

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