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BMW Steering Wheel Controls Not Working

BMW Steering Wheel Controls Not Working

BMW steering wheel control buttons are helpful to perform multiple functions, and they are just near your fingertip. These are present on the right and left sides of the steering.

BMW Steering Wheel Controls stop working due to damaged wires, blown fuse, and faulty coil ring cartridge. They also stop working when software is not updated in the cars. The disconnection of batteries and damaged clock spring will also disturb the audio and horn buttons on the steering.

You need to check the clock spring after some time when the buttons do not work. In addition, when you see the first time that controls are not working, stop pressing them repeatedly.

Why are my BMW steering wheel controls not working?

There are many reasons that can disturb the function of steering controls in BMW cars. Here are the details:

Issue with wiring

The bundle of wires is present on the steering wheel control for their appropriate functioning. Due to issues in these wiring, you cannot control the different systems with these buttons.

When you press them, you cannot see any operation on the screen. The audio system is necessary for the cars while driving on the long route.

The wiring harnesses often go bad, and they cannot supply current to different parts for proper signaling.

You press the button, but the audio system cannot work, and you feel difficulty changing the different radio stations while driving.

It is a common issue that occurs in vehicles, and people’s journey becomes boring. The wirings also become bad when old and cannot function properly.

In addition, their connected joints and assembly also become faulty, which can cause the issue.

Blown fuse

The fuse is also present in the steering control of the BMW for the protection of wiring. The wiring also becomes overheated when you drive the cars for a longer time.

The overheating in this section will cause the fuse to blow out. When these fuses are blown out, the button on the power steering wheel will not work appropriately.

The horn is also present in this system which also stops working sometimes.

Sometimes, the fuses are blown out due to an excessive supply of electric current in wires because of faulty electrical circuits.

When the horn button stops working, you cannot alert the incoming person. 

It increases accidents on the roads due to inappropriate working of the horn system.

Faulty coil ring cartridge

The coil ring cartridge is present in steering wheel controls that are helpful to connect the wires. 

These coil rings are important because they connect the different wires with the steering wheel. When these cartridge rings become old, they become out of function.

After some time, you have to replace them; if you are not doing so, it will cause insufficient working of these buttons.

The coil cartridge cause disconnection of wires which are unable to supply power to perform various functions.

The loose connections of wires due to faulty coil ring cartridge will also cause the problem.

In addition, the ribbon is also present inside these rings, which become damaged and causes incorrect working of steering wheel control in BMW.

Disconnected batteries

The batteries are the major power supply source for every car to work. Without these batteries, the various systems cannot perform their function accurately.

When the batteries cannot provide sufficient power and become dead, the steering wheel controls systems cannot work.

Due to the poor supply of batteries, the light is also flickering on the dashboard because they cannot catch the signals from the buttons.

The batteries will also disconnect when their terminals become rusty and do not supply power.

In addition, the level of the low electrolyte and overheating will also increase the malfunction of batteries.

Many people also complain that it is difficult to attach them accurately when disconnecting the cars’ batteries for maintenance.

When the batteries and their terminals are not attached, the power supply will automatically cut down, and the buttons stop working.

The issues also come in the wiring of batteries which eventually cause poor power supply.

Software not upgraded

Steering wheel controls in different cars have various software for their proper functioning.

This software also needs data for digital communication and sending signals from one part to another.

When you purchase the old model of your sedan, and after some time, you face that its cruise control system buttons are not working.

When you check the wires, fuse, and other systems, but they are working well, the issue comes in the system is mainly of software.

The old software runs in your model, which cannot specify the signals and transfer them to different parts.

You have to upgrade the software in this control unit for better signaling and working of adaptive cruise control and other systems.

You have to upgrade to the latest version of the system to fix the problem and good functioning of the audio and cruise control buttons.

Clock spring problem

 The clock spring is the major part of the BMW cars, mainly present in the steering column. It contains different wires and helps to maintain the connection while turning vehicles.

These are also helpful to maintain the electrical connection between the airbags, horn, and other electrical components of the steering column.

When these clock springs become out of function, you have to replace them because it can stop the working of these buttons.

In addition, the damage to this spring will occur when they become old and lose their strength. Moreover, it will also get damaged during severe car accidents and other accidental collisions.

In this problem, the buttons will not work when you turn the steering wheel in a specific direction.

You can diagnose the problem by turning the wheel in a different direction and pressing the other buttons like audio, radio, and cruise control.

Due to a faulty clock spring, the horn button is also affected, and when you press them, you cannot hear any noise.

You can check it several times by turning the steering wheel in different directions. In addition, the uneven and unsteady noises also start to come from when you press the horn buttons.

You cannot hear the clear and steady voice of the horn because of faulty clock springs.

What are the buttons on the BMW steering wheel?

There are different buttons on the steering wheel that helps to perform various functions. These buttons are essential to operate the other accessories on busy roads.

They can control the different systems without distractions while driving on roads with heavy traffic.

The buttons for headlights, high beam assistant, turning signals, and roadside parking lamps are present on the left side.

The audio button is also present, which is also helpful to attend the phone calls. Furthermore, you can accept and reject incoming voice calls with this controls system for BMW cars.

The radio button is also located so that you can press them to switch to different stations and change the channel.

The button for the cruise control system is also there, which is helpful to maintain the speed while driving at long distances.

Buttons for windshield wipers and rear window wipers are present on the right side of the steering, and these are useful for cleaning the glass surfaces.

You can also press the music system button and increase or decrease the volume accordingly.

The horn button is present in the mid of the steering wheel to take the path from other vehicles on the road.

How do I fix the control buttons on my BMW Steering wheel?

When the button of BMW cars completely fails to perform their work, you have to change them carefully with the help of a mechanic.

Before replacing the buttons, first, you have to remove the battery terminals and disconnect them for your safety during the removal of old controls.

You have to remove the airbag and then open the four bolts to remove the clock spring in which buttons are present.

You can open these four screws with the help of Torx 25 bit. After this, you have to locate the three screws of the clock spring and remove them using a Torx head screwdriver.

Use a hot air gun to slightly heat these buttons to decrease their size for easy removal. After removal of the old ones, install the new controls accurately.

Sometimes the issue only comes due to damaged clock springs, so you can also replace them by removing them from the steering column of cars.

How do I reset my BMW steering wheel?

Sometimes, the steering wheel controls button is not working because the software is not updated.

You can fix this problem by restarting the system of BMW cars. First, you have to engage your vehicle in a parking position and start the engine for this procedure.

After this, start to move the steering to the left side and keep it in this direction for 2 to 3 minutes. Then, turn it on the right side and keep it for 2 to 3 minutes.

After this, again turn the BMW steering wheel on the right and left sides and then keep them in the middle position. Now, press the buttons and check whether they are working accurately.

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