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How Do You Open the Trunk on a Chevy Cruze?

How Do You Open the Trunk on a Chevy Cruze?

Many people do not know how to open up the car trunk except for the button present close to the steering wheel.

However, they get frustrated when any mechanical problem occurs that interferes with the switch and ultimately with the opening of the vehicle’s tailgate.

How Do You Open the Trunk on a Chevy Cruze? You can open the trunk on a Chevy Cruze by using smart keys having a button for releasing the trunk. Double press the key with your finger to pop the trunk lid. In addition, you can also open it without using keys which involves pressing the small button present above the rear license plate. Furthermore, there is an option to open it by sitting inside a car by using the trunk release button, which is close to the steering wheel, or pulling an escape lever.

You can use the button present on the instrumental board, but the smart key also contains a trunk releasing the button.

How to open a trunk of Chevy Cruze with keys? 

A trunk is present on the car’s rear end that can hold luggage, grocery, etc., and commonly serves as a storage area. You can lock it after placing your things securely into it.

When you want to remove the luggage, you have to open a trunk with keys. Many people have smart keys for managing various functions in a Chevy Cruze.

Furthermore, there is a button for trunk release with a sign of trunk on it that allows you to open it immediately. You have to press the button for a while and lift your finger after a few seconds.

It opens up quickly, and you can get your luggage out of it. In the same way, you can lock the trunk by pressing the same button on the smart key.

Moreover, you have to press the key two times after short intervals that end in popping up of the trunk. 

How to open a trunk of Chevy Cruze without a key?

A key is not always necessary to open up the trunk of a car because you can do this task without keys.

However, a button is present on the vehicle’s rear end that needs to be pressed for lifting the trunk lid upward.

Moreover, this button is not visible to everyone, but you can find it easily. It is a small switch above the license plate on the back end.

Access the curve over the license plate and press the button for a short duration. Therefore, it allows its lid to open up quickly.

In addition, you can use this button for trunk opening only when the doors are not locked. It will not work with a locked car when you do not have keys.

Can you open the trunk when sitting inside the car? 

There are two ways to open a trunk from inside the car; pressing a trunk release button and pulling an escape level. 

Trunk release button

You can open the storage area of the Sedan by sitting inside a vehicle. A trunk release button is present that you can see close to a steering wheel.

Furthermore, you can also find this button on an instrumental panel. Press this button hard by accessing it from below the driver’s seat and close to the door area.

Therefore, the lid gets open after pressing this release button. It is one of the suitable and easy methods to open your vehicle’s tailgate from inside the car.

Escape lever

Many people do not know about the escape lever and have never seen it in their trunks. However, a trunk contains an escape lever that helps you get out of the trunk in an emergency.

Additionally, you cannot see this internal lever because a plastic cover is present over it. It is a handle that you can pull over from the passenger seat to open it.

However, you can reach this lever by folding the seats to quickly move to the car’s backside. You can also move to the back seat to access the escape handle.

Remove the cover present over the lever to see it clearly. Then, pull the lever in a direction away from the tailgate of the Chevy Cruze.

Do not forget to lock the lever back after taking out your luggage. An unlocked lever interferes with the vehicle’s central locking system, and you cannot close it again.

Therefore, put the lever back into its original position after closing the trunk. Ensure that the doors are unlocked, and the vehicle should be in parking mode.

It is better to choose an escape lever only in an emergency. Use a release button to get access to this area.

Why my Chevy Cruze trunk is not opening? 

When the Chevy Cruze trunk gets stuck in a locked form, many factors can be responsible for it.

Furthermore, it becomes difficult to open the trunk when the dust and grease accumulate in the door.

In addition, make sure that the vehicle is unlocked when you are trying to open them by clicking on the trunk release switch.

After checking the mode of doors that they are closed or opened, you have to check whether your car is in parking mode.

Click on its opening switch again after confirming that the doors are not locked, and the vehicle is in parking mode.

This way, you can fix the problem or, if the problem persists, take your car to a mechanic. They can resolve the issue after assessing a start button that can be broken probably.

Do all Chevy Cruze cars have an escape lever?

Different models of this car have contrasting specifications, and modern vehicles are shifting towards technological operations rather than manual.

Many modern vehicles contain an escape lever hidden from your eye inside the trunk. Some cars have a lever, but people do not know about its presence because of its coverage with a plastic flap.

The number of options for opening a lid varies between different car models. In the latest models, a smart key, trunk release buttons, and the escape lever are present.

Moreover, almost all the Sedans contain an escape lever essential to tackle emergencies.

Can I open the Chevy Cruze trunk with a dead battery?

The vehicle can run out of battery if you forget to turn all the lights off, including beam lights and flashlights.

In addition, when you leave your radio and systems functional, the battery will not be charged in the morning.

Accordingly, the central locking system cannot work in a car with a dead battery. Therefore, you have to find some alternative means to fix the problem.

You can only open it by replacing the dead battery with a new one because keys cannot open it due to a non-functional locking system.

Search for the hidden lock in your Sedan or a handle to open the trunk. Locate a trap door where you can insert a key that allows you to access the passenger seat area.

Fold the seats down or move behind the seats to pull the handle for opening a trunk. So, you can open it even with a dead battery but try to access inside the car to reach the lever.

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