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BMW X5 BC Button Not Working

BMW X5 BC Button Not Working

BMW X5 is a famous mid-size SUV because of its 3-liter turbo engine and smooth driving. BC is the board computer button located on its turn signal stock or the steering wheel, depending on the model of the vehicle. You can click this button to show different information about your SUV on the instrumental screen.

BMW X5 BC button not working can be due to dead batteries, physical obstruction, broken buttons, software bugs, broken wires, corroded contacts, and blown-out onboard computer fuse.

I mostly use the BC button to see fuel tank capacity and average speed while driving on the cluster screen of my SUV. Last week, I pressed the button but saw no information on the display. I clicked the button several times, but the issue remained the same. I moved my BMW X5 to the dealerships for error code identification.

Causes Solutions
Dead battery Check battery charging by connecting a multimeter
Physical obstructions Use slime to remove dust and debris
Broken button Use the BC button carefully
Software bugs Reset the iDrive system by pressing the volume button
Broken wires Carefully inspect blue and brown wires
Corroded contacts Use electric contact cleaners
Blown-out OBC fuse Replace the control panel fuse

Dead battery

The battery in your BMW X5 provides power to several electrical components for their functioning. Sometimes, batteries become dead and do not supply sufficient current to the instrumental screen and BC (board computer) button for their normal functioning.

These are electric components and cannot function because of insufficient power supply. BC button uses the electric current to signal the instrumental panel and display information.

Batteries become dead when you do not replace them for longer. In addition, the issue also comes because of over and undercharging, which leads to sulfation and corroded terminals that cause power supply interruption.

Moreover, the installation of aftermarket accessories and parasitic drains also make these dead. It is necessary to check the battery voltage using a multimeter.

You have to recharge the battery if the multimeter shows a reading of less than 11 V. It is better to replace it if you see physical signs of damage, including bulging, cracks, and broken seals.

Physical obstructions

Board computer buttons also stop working because of physical obstructions in their surroundings. These physical obstructions do not allow their proper engagement and transmission of signal to the instrumental screen.

The issue comes from the accumulation of dirt and debris on their sides. You can face this problem when you do not regularly clean your vehicle as a part of their routine maintenance.

In addition, dust and dirt can also accumulate on the sides of these parts because of hidden corners. The issue also comes because of the spillage of liquid drinks during driving.

My friend told me he was driving his SUV while drinking coffee and using the turn signal to move toward the left side. He had to press the brake suddenly because a child was coming from the front side. Coffee spilled on the sides of the turn signal because of sudden braking.

He said he used the tissue paper to soak liquid from there and used the alcohol pads to properly clean the residues of liquid spills so they do not obstruct the BC button.

You can also use slime to remove the dust and dirt from their surroundings. It is better to clean it regularly with tissue paper or a soft cloth to remove dust particles.

Broken button

Many people complain that they cannot see real-time information on the X5 cluster screen when they press the board computer button located on the turn signal.

The issue comes because of the broken button. It can break because of its frequent use during driving to see various information on the screen.

In addition, the issue also comes when children frequently press it and play with it. You should not allow your children to play with buttons inside your vehicles because these contain springs that can break because of overuse and poor handling. Moreover, you can also increase its longevity by pressing it carefully.

Software bugs

Software bugs in iDrive cause the malfunctioning of the BC button. It cannot transmit the speed and fuel consumption information to the cluster screen because of software bugs.

Software bugs are common in BMW X5 because of the overloading of the system. The issue comes when you do not reset the system for a long time.

Moreover, the problem also comes when you do not update their software and ignore the software updates. You can remove the software glitches by resetting the iDrive system.

You can reset the iDrive by pressing the volume button for 20 to 30 seconds. In addition, you can also press or hold this power button for 25 to 30 seconds for resetting purposes.

In addition, you can also take your vehicle to the BMW dealership if the problem is not resolved after resetting the iDrive system. They use diagnostic or scan tools to identify the problem in the respective system.

Broken wires

The BC button stops functioning because of damaged electrical components. The issue comes because of broken wires that connect it to the instrumental screen.

These wires can break because of the frequent use of buttons for information display. In addition, continuous vibration also increases the risk of wear and tear of electric wires.

Moreover, the issue also comes because of loose and disconnected electric wires behind the control panel that does not allow information to display on the cluster screen.

My friend has the latest BMW X5, and he called me for help when the board computer button in his SUV suddenly stopped functioning. He said he checked the batteries and reset the iDrive system but could not get information on the display screen.

I told him to disconnect the batteries to avoid any electrical issues and check the wires. The wires of this button are blue or brown, and replace the damaged wires with new ones.

He checked the wires, which were not broken, but their connection was loose. He tightened the loose connections and connected the battery to check its functioning.

Corroded contacts

BC buttons contain metal contacts that can corrode over time and cause malfunction. Corroded contact points do not allow the electric current to flow through them and transmit the signal to the instrumental screen for information display.

Corroded contact points made the electric connections faulty. The issue comes because of water-related damage and moisture exposure.

You can face the problem when using a wet cloth for cleaning. Moisture can seep inside their contact points and trigger an oxidation reaction there.

Moreover, you can face problems because of water and liquid drink spillage while driving. It is necessary to soak the liquid spillage to reduce corrosion-related issues. You can use electric contact cleaners to remove the corrosion from contact points.

Blown-out OBC fuse

BMW X5 contains different fuses for electric components, so they can break the circuit and cut off the power supply when detecting unusual changes in the circuit.

The blown-out fuse does not allow this BC button to function correctly because of a disconnected power supply. These fuses can blow out because of corroded contact points and disruption in the flow of electric current.

Moreover, loose and frayed electric wirings also cause the fuse to blow out. It is necessary to check the control panel fuses and replace the blown-out OBC fuse with new ones of the same amperage.

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