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What is Passive Entry on Chrysler Pacifica?

What is Passive Entry on Chrysler Pacifica?

Comfort and ease in driving a vehicle is the desire of every driver. Chrysler Pacifica offers comfort and security simultaneously with simple technology. The keyless passive entry is the demand and necessity of today’s era. This feature adds to the security and safety of the vehicles.

What is Passive Entry on Chrysler Pacifica? The passive entry system lets you lock and unlock the Chrysler Pacifica without using keys. Press the button on the door to lock the vehicle and touch the door handle to open it. Do a kick-in and out motion to lock and unlock the liftgate and sliding doors. Press the ignition start and stop button to turn the engine on and off. A dead battery in the key fob and disconnection from Uconnect can make it unresponsive.

The keyless Enter N Go feature can also use different buttons and motions to lock and unlock the vehicle. You should check the manufacturer’s manual before using this feature.

What is the meaning of passive entry in vehicles?

Passive entry system is an innovation in the field of vehicles. You need not worry about holding keys to open the doors and start the automobile.

This keyless feature allows the driver to open the vehicle without using a key fob or keys. This system uses sensors and an electronic control module to start and open the vehicle without using keys.

It will protect the van from thieves. It also adds to the comfort and ease of the driver. The drivers do not have to struggle with the keys for locking and unlocking the doors.

How to use the Keyless Enter-N-Go feature in the Chrysler Pacifica?

The passive entry system is also known as the Keyless Enter-N-GO feature. Here is a complete description of how to use this feature.

Lock the vehicle

It uses the door handle button to lock and unlock it. It is connected to the Uconnect of the Chrysler Pacifica. The door handles on the driver and passenger sides contain a button. This button is receptive to this information and electronic module.

The key fob should be near the activation zone to lock the vehicle. It should not be more than 1.5 meters away from the minivan. Just push the door handle button with your finger to lock the doors. After the lock, do not touch or put force on the door handle as it can open the door.

Unlock the Chrysler Pacifica

Are your hands occupied with your groceries and other stuff? Do not worry; the keyless enter N Go feature is here to help you. Just a slight touch with your hand, and your job is done. It also unlocks the vehicle using door handles on the driver’s and passenger’s sides.

Keep the key fob within the range of the vehicle or within 1.5 meters of the Chrysler Pacifica to use the keyless feature. Then, touch the door handle on the driver’s side to unlock the door.

You can also unlock the passenger’s side door by touching the handle. You do not have to touch the door handle button to unlock the doors from the driver’s and passenger’s sides. The door handle button is used to lock the minivan.

Lock and unlock the power liftgate

Chrysler Pacifica also has a power liftgate, which is connected electronically to the Uconnect. You can also open it without using your hands or keys.

You have to cycle the handle of the lift gate to unlock it. The liftgate is equipped with a motion sensor to lock and open it. The activation or receptive zone is present below the liftgate handle.

All you have to do is move your feet in a certain way. First, bring the key fob within the proximity of the vehicle. Then, move your feet in and out below its lift gate to unlock it. You can also lock it by moving the feet in an in-and-out motion.

Do not move the feet back and forth or in another random fashion. The motion sensors can sense only a specific foot moment. Otherwise, it will not detect the motion, and the lift gate won’t open.

Lock and unlock the sliding doors

Some models of Chrysler Pacific are also equipped with hand-free sliding doors. These doors are usually present on the passenger side. You can also lock and unlock them by using this system.

You have to move the feet in an in-and-out kick motion beneath the sliding door to open it. After this, wait until the door is opened completely.

Any other random motion will not unlock the door. It can only unlock the hands-free sliding door if the transmission is in the park. The flashlight turns on when the sliding door opens, producing a chime sound.

Any obstruction in opening the sliding door will cause it to go to the closed position. You can unlock these doors by the same in and out kick motion in the activation zone.

Start and turn off the engine

The passive entry system can also start and turn off the vehicle. You have to push the ignition button to start and stop the minivan. The ignition button is present on its dashboard.

To start the vehicle, put the gear selector in the park position. Then, push the ignition start or stop button to start the vehicle.

Bring the vehicle to a complete stop and push the ignition button to stop it. The keyless Enter N Go system will not work if the key fob battery is dead.

Why is my Chrysler Pacifica Keyless Enter-N-Go feature not working?

The Passive entry works efficiently in normal circumstances. However, various people complain that their Chrysler Pacifica keyless feature is not working. It can happen due to many issues. The main reason behind it is the faulty keyfob.

The key fob can become defective due to problems with the batteries. A low or dead battery will hinder it from doing its job. Any obstacle in the way of the key fob can also make it unresponsive.

If you have placed it beside any object like a mobile or laptop, it can also cause this problem. The key fob will not be able to detect signals from the system.

Another issue is that the keyless feature is disconnected from the Uconnect. The Uconnect program has the option to turn it on and off. Check the program and select the option to use this feature.

Dead batteries in the vehicle can also cause issues in the normal working of the passive entry system. Check its batteries to rule out the issue.

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