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BMW X5 Comfort Access Not Working

BMW X5 Comfort Access Not Working

The comfort access system in the BMW X5 is the keyless entry system that allows you to lock and unlock the SUV doors using the touch sensors. Start the engine by touching the start button inside your vehicle. Moreover, you can also adjust the seats and steering position to the pre-programmed settings. You can unlock the trunk by swiping the foot on the lower side of the bumper.

BMW X5 Comfort access not working can be due to radio frequency interferences, malfunctioning of the key fob, environmental factors, failure of door antennas, dead key fob batteries, dirty sensors, stuck door look, and problems with iDrive.

I experienced the same issue last week when I returned from the grocery store. I had bags in my hands and swiped my foot under the sensors, but the SUV trunk lock could not open. I put the shopping bags aside and opened the lock with my hand while using the key. I checked the sensor connections, and those were fine. I cleaned the sensor, and it started working fine. I realized that the identification issue comes because of dust and mud spots on their surface.

Causes Solutions
Radio frequency interferences Identify radio devices in your surroundings and turn these off
Problems with iDrive Reset iDrive system
Environmental interferences Wait until the weather becomes fine
Failure of door antennas Replace damaged door antennas
Dead key fob batteries Change key fob battery
Incorrect distance Maintain a distance of approximately 5 feet
Dirty sensors Clean door handle sensors
Dead battery of SUV Recharge batteries
Stuck door locks Use hair dryer

Radio frequency interferences

The comfort access feature uses the radio frequency signals from the key fobs to lock and unlock your vehicle’s doors. Sensors of the BMW X5 computerized system detect these radio signals and allow you to open the door and trunk.

You can only use this feature when standing near your SUV and within recommended distance. One of my friends claimed he was standing near his X5 but could not open the door when he touched the sensor located on the handles.

He said the key fob was also present in his pocket, but the feature was not working. I told him to turn off Bluetooth from his mobile phone to reduce the chances of interference and try it again.

Moreover, radio frequency interferences can also occur because of radio devices and multiple vehicles in the same parking lots. It is better to turn off the radio devices and move your vehicle slightly away from the parking lot.

Problems with iDrive

iDrive is the infotainment setup that is present in BMW vehicles. It is the operating system that allows the SUV owner to interact with the control system.

It controls several features of the BMW X5, including a climate control system, comfort access, driving modes, and navigation. It receives the information from the key fobs and sensors and processes it to lock and unlock the doors and trunks.

It allows the synchronization of the key fob and sensor signals with your computer system so you can open the trunk lock without touching the handles.

However, software issues disturb the functioning of the iDrive system. The problem comes because of software bugs and non-updated systems.

It is better to reset the iDrive system in your SUV to remove software glitches. Press and hold the volume or power button for 25 to 30 seconds to reset the system.

Environmental factors

This feature only functions because of the transmission of radio frequency signals.

Several environmental conditions cause interruptions in signal transmission. My friend also faced the issue in rainy and stormy weather, and he told me that he tried to open the BMW X5 door by pressing the touch sensor.

He became worried and thought it could occur because of a faulty system. I told him to try it again when the rain stopped. He did this, and everything started working fine.

Failure of door antennas

The comfort access feature uses antennas for the interpretation of the signals. These antennas are located on both sides of the doors and connected to your SUV’s central console system.

They transfer the signals from the key fob to the center console unit of your BMW X5 for interpreting and unlocking doors and trunks.

Many people complain that they cannot set the steering position and seat angle according to the pre-set position. The issue comes from the failure of antennas that are not receiving information from key fobs.

Antenna failure comes because of its broken and corroded parts. Replacing the damaged antennas with new ones is better for correct signal interpretation.

Dead key fob batteries

You can only use the comfort access feature in your SUV when you have a key fob in your pocket and near you. The key fob emits the radio frequency signals that the receiver receives and allows the opening of the trunk.

The feature stopped functioning because of dead key fob batteries. Dead key fobs do not allow the transmission of signals. The issue can also come because of broken key fobs.

It is better to replace their batteries with new ones. Check the owner’s manual while replacing batteries to identify what type of battery your SUV needs.

Incorrect distance

Comfort features in BMW vehicles function in specific proximity. Your vehicle’s computer system recognizes the key fob when you are at a distance of approximately 5 feet.

The computer system of your BMW X5 cannot identify the key fob when you are not standing nearby. The feature stops functioning when you do not maintain the correct distance from the SUV.

It is necessary to maintain the distance while using this feature. Moreover, you should keep a key fob in your pocket and near you to unlock the trunk.

Dirty sensors

Doors handles contain sensors in the form of horizontal bars. You have to touch these sensors to open its lock.

I experienced the same issue. I had a key fob in my pocket and touched the door handle sensor to enter my SUV. The door could not open, and I rechecked the key fob in my pocket.

The issue came because of my dirty and greasy hands. It is necessary to keep the sensors clean and remove the dust from them using a soft and dry cloth so you can use the comfort access feature.

Avoid touching these sensors with oily and greasy hands because it can lead to poor recognition.

Dead battery

Sometimes, the batteries of the BMW X5 become dead and do not power the electric system. It does not activate the onboard computer system and sensors to receive signals from the key fob and allow the engine to start and open doors.

Batteries become dead when you do not charge them properly. The issue can also come because of the failure of alternators that do not provide sufficient charge to batteries.

Moreover, the issue also comes when you forget to turn off your vehicle completely at night. Turn off all components of your SUV at night to avoid parasitic drains.

Recharge batteries when you see headlights flickering and stalling issues.

Stuck door locks

You cannot use the comfort access feature in your BWW X5 because of stuck door locks. The locking mechanism and door latches get stuck and do not allow you to open the doors after pressing the touch sensor.

These locks can get stuck because of environmental changes, including cold and snowy weather. In addition, the issue also comes because of corroded components.

Faulty electric components do not allow the actuator to engage and disengage the door latches. I also experienced the same issue in winter and checked the key fob battery, but it was fine.

I realized the issue was due to stuck door locks in freezing temperatures. I used the hair dryer to give mild heat treatment to melt the snow and fixed the problem.

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