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How To Attach Dash Cam To Windshield?

How To Attach Dash Cam To Windshield?

Dash cams are small devices, and you can mount these on the windshield to record road views. However, they can record the interior or passenger cabin of your vehicle. You can install these as an aftermarket addition and attach them to the windshield for exterior and interior recording. It is helpful to enhance your safety by giving proof in accidental cases.

How To Attach Dash Cam To Windshield? You can attach a dash cam to the windshield by properly cleaning the glass material with isopropyl alcohol and cotton pads to remove dust and grease from its surface. Remove its stickers with a plastic scrapper and use the mounts to attach it. Secure its suction cup on the windshield and add the camera. However, you can also use 3M adhesive tape for its attachment.

They have SD cards for recordings that have different storage capabilities. Some luxurious vehicles have factory-installed dashboard cameras for driving safety. These turn on when you start your vehicle.

How do you attach a dash cam to the windshield?

You can put the dash cam on your car’s windshield, and the video recordings are saved in their SD cards. Moreover, it takes power from your car battery, and you have to connect its wirings with cigarette lighters or 12V sockets properly; otherwise, it will keep turning off. Select the right mounts for their attachment according to your preferences.

Suction cup

You have to clean the windshield from the interior side to attach cameras on the glass surface. Use isopropyl alcohol or other glass cleaners to remove the dust and oily residues from their surface that cause problems in the installation of mounts.

You cannot mount the suction cup on the dirty surface because it causes adhesion issues. It can come off from the glass material because of poor adhesion.

Use the isopropyl alcohol swabs to clean the glass surface. Some of the dashboard cameras come with a suction cup for their installation.

You have to moisten the suction cup to ensure their better adhesion against the windscreen. One of my friends was also trying to attach the dash cam to the windshield with a suction cup.

He told me it was not sticking to the glass material because of the hard rubber. I advised him to boil water in an electric kettle and dip the rubber portion in warm water.

He did the same to resolve the problem and improve its adherence. You have to moisten the suction cup rubber to mount it on the windscreen.

Sometimes windshields also contain several stickers, and you also have to remove these for better installation. Use a plastic scrapper to scrape off the sticker’s adhesives.

Attach the dash cam with a suction mount and install it on the windscreen while adjusting its angle. Connect their wires with the cigarette lighter or power socket of your vehicle.

Run the wires behind the windscreen and secure it with plastic clips.

Adhesive tapes

Many people prefer to use adhesive tapes for attaching a dash cam on the windshield, but it is not a reliable method. My friend also used the adhesive cap for the dashboard camera attachment, and it came off after a few days.

He told me he lives in a hot area where temperatures usually rise more than 50 degrees. Windscreens also come in exposure to high temperature because of environmental conditions and outside parking of vehicles.

High-temperature exposure reduces the adhesion of adhesive tapes. In addition, it causes the melting of gluing material, and it suddenly comes off from the glass during driving because of certain vibrations.

However, I prefer 3M adhesive tapes because they provide better adhesion on glass surfaces. Moreover, I also cleaned the glass material before their attachment to ensure the sticking of adhesive tape.

I put the double-sided adhesive tape on the dash cam mount and attached its other side to the windshield. I grabbed it in my hand to ensure its strong attachment.

Where is the best place to fit a dash cam on a windshield?

Correct attachment of the dashboard camera on the windshield is necessary to provide a better road view. In addition, you have to set their angle properly if these are recording interior views.

You have to adjust their mounts between the windshield to provide better left and right-side road views. Attach it behind the rear-view camera of your car so it cannot obstruct view while parking and reversing your vehicle.

You should attach it on the backside of the rear-view camera so they do not obstruct the rear-view and increase the risk of accidents. However, you have to adjust their angle slightly away from the rear-view camera when adding it for interior recording.

How much time and cost does it take to attach the dash cam?

The time and cost required for attaching dashboard cameras to the windscreen can vary according to several factors. It also depends on the type of mounts that you are using for their installation.

Many people use suction cups because of their better adhesion and reliability. However, some use adhesive tapes because these are affordable and require less time for attachment.

These mounting equipment are available in hardware stores for $50 to $100. The price of these items can vary according to the different hardware stores, quality of material, and respective state.

You need 15 to 20 minutes for their attachment, including cleaning procedure before mounting.

Why would you install a dash cam in your car?

Some luxurious cars come with pre-installed dashboard cams because the main motive of these brands is to enhance their customer’s safety. However, these are easy to attach and hardly require 10 to 20 minutes, and you can add these to your old and new cars.

Record road activities

Dash cams are responsible for recording the road and the interior view, depending on their type. Many people prefer to attach these to the windshield to record the road during driving.

These devices automatically turn on when you power your vehicle. They store the recorded data in the SD card memory and have different storage capabilities.

These are beneficial because you can record the beautiful natural sceneries and aesthetic views. You can save these beautiful moments to revive your memories and freshen your mood.

Information source for car insurance companies

Dashboard cameras are the greater source of information for car insurance companies. These are helpful to record every moment during accidental cases.

Insurance companies rely on the data recorded in the SD card for inquiry to know about the faults of the drivers. However, many insurance companies also mandate their installation for correct information.

These are helpful to maintain the insurance rates because these can increase because of the vehicle’s age, number of accidents, and speed tickets.

Find the cause of accidents

Police and other authorities can also use the dash cam recorded data for inquiry. They can find the cause of the accidents to resolve the problem during serious collision chances.

In addition, these also enhance the safety of drivers when they realize that they were not at fault during accidental cases and no one can arrest them.

It has wide-view cameras that can also capture other vehicles, including motorcycles, cycles, trucks, and pedestrians in their surroundings.

What is the downside of installing a dash cam in your car?

Many people do not attach dash cams on their windshields because these devices are not a budget-friendly option. Depending on their size, weight, and storage capabilities, you can purchase these devices for $250 to more than $400.

Moreover, because of its recordings, my friend did not attach these to their car’s windshield for exterior and interior views. He said that the biggest risk associated with these dashboard cameras is the truth-telling ability, and you do not want to reveal the exact situation at certain times for your safety.

In addition, these can also cause distraction for some drivers because they keep their eye on these devices instead of focusing on the windscreen.

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