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Can a Bike Fit in a Honda Civic Hatchback?

Can a Bike Fit in a Honda Civic Hatchback?

Many people travel to Mountain trails with their Honda Civic Hatchbacks and put their Mountain bikes in their cargo.

Can a Bike Fit in a Honda Civic Hatchback? You can fit a bike in a Honda Civic Hatchback by folding the back seats through the hatch, opening the trunk with a key or lever, putting the bike without removing the front tire, and maintaining it horizontally.

I saw my friend fitting the bike on the roof of a Civic Hatch and stopped him from this transportation method. I told him to fold down the rear seat to increase the car area.

How do you fit a bike in a Honda Civic Hatchback?

The Honda Civic Hatchback is a family car with highly efficient Petrol and diesel engines according to the frame and overall performance. The car variants have automatically regulated and manually controlled transmissions.

They have specific cargo areas with particular dimensions and volumes. Moreover, their hatchback variants have more cargo area than the standard model because of the manufacturers’ specifications.

The more cargo space on the rear side of the vehicle and dual box style make it a Hatchback. These cars have a hood on the front side of the stock frame and comprise a trunk or cargo on the rear of the chassis.

These variants of the Honda Civic provide more stable wheel performance. You can drive these vehicles with exceptional control in the corners.

Their suspension has particular struts that increase the flexibility of internal springs and stabilize the link of the suspension system on the rear side.

The 4th and 5th generation Honda Civic comes in Hatchback versatility. Also, the 6th, 10th, and 11th generation has Hatchback models with more cargo volume.

It means the models from 1990 to 2022 have these designs because of their layouts and characteristics.

They have a specific layout with a safe frame that resists collisions. Several people travel with their mountain bikes and hike on the Mountain trails.

However, they fit the bikes in their cars for transportation to distant locations. In such circumstances, you can select a Hatchback to fit them in the cargo area. However, you should make more space by folding the rear seats of your vehicle.

Holding the upper side seat latch benefits you from pulling it manually. It immediately releases the seats from their static position, and you can fold them towards the front.

You can open the cargo door of your car with a key or utilize the stock lever.

Its lever mounts near the built-in battery of your car, which is inside the trunk. Pushing the lever can open the cargo door, and you can identify the internal space.

Holding the door handle and lifting it upwards can open the door of the rear cargo area on your Hatchback variant. You should fold the rear seats and make the space.

Then, lifting them to the cargo outer edge is essential, and putting its front tire in this area. You should not remove their tire because the cargo space is sufficient after folding the rear side seats of this model.

Then, you should change their position inside the storage space and fit it. It is better to fit it horizontally and put its front and rear tires with both side walls of its cargo.

You should not secure them during the fitting procedure. It fits in the cargo of the hatchback without protection with chains and ropes.

You should close the cargo door and lock it before starting the traveling conditions.

Why would you fit a bike in a Honda Civic Hatchback?

Many people fit their bikes in their Honda cars for safe transportation.

Easy transportation

Many people transport their bikes to distant locations through their cars. However, the Hatchback variant of the Honda Civic makes their transportation less challenging.

You should fit the Mountain and other standard bikes in the vehicle cargo space.

Their front and rear tires fit with both side walls of your car. In such circumstances, it fits properly and does not move forward or backward inside the storage trunk.

Safe carriage with no wheel removal

You should fit your bikes in the cargo unit of your hatchback because it produces safe carriage. Furthermore, the fitting procedure does not require the removal of the front tire.

You should not remove their seat or other parts while fitting it in this cargo. It does not move towards the internal corners of the car’s cargo because of the precise fitting.

The removal of the wheel of the bike consumes time, and re-installation is challenging. Therefore, several individuals prefer their safe carriage without removing their front and rear tires.

In such circumstances, selecting a Hatchback variant of the Honda Civic is better because of the exceptional cargo space.

This storage unit provides their safe carriage to distant locations, and the fitting procedures do not require the removal of their wheels.

Enough cargo space

Many people select Hatchback variants of the Honda Civic because the manufacturing companies have upgraded their cargo sections.

In addition, the two box vehicles have appealing storage trunks on the rear side, with a lever-controlled door.

You should open the door to identify the internal space. Measuring the size of your bike is essential before fitting it inside your car.

The space is enough to fit them horizontally without damaging their handlebars and seat covers.

The space is sufficient for one standard bike because of the volume and area on the other side of the door.

Easy removal

You can place it inside the rear trunk of your Honda Civic Hatchback because their removal is less challenging. Pulling them through their wheels is better than removing them from the storage space.

You should fold their seats, pull the bikes outside, and never hold them in the standing position. The cargo of these variants has enough width for their horizontal fitting.

But, you cannot fit them vertically because the vehicle roof is not high enough for this procedure.

You should remove them horizontally by changing their position slowly. Removal of one wheel from the rear trunk makes the procedure less challenging.

You should hold and pull their wheel outwards by changing the position inside the cargo unit.

What is the cargo size of the Honda Civic Hatchback?

Many people measure the cargo space of the Hatchback variants of the Honda Civic when the rear seats remain upright. You should measure the trunk with or without folding the rear seats of this car.

The space is around 25.7 cubic feet (44409.6 cubic inches) when you do not fold the rear side seats. However, the area becomes 46.2 cubic feet (79833.6 cubic inches) when you fold the rear seats and make space for fitting the bikes.

The rear cargo space of the Hatchback models of the Honda Civic has a width of about 71 inches (5.9 feet).

Also, their tallness is 57 inches (4.75 feet), and the volume is 25.7 cubic feet without folded seats.

These cars have variable trims like Sport, which has a width of 6 feet (72 inches) and a height of 4.69 feet (56.3 inches) with a volume or space of nearly 22.6 cubic feet (39052.8 cubic inches).

The length of a standard bike is around 5.8 feet (68 inches), and the width is nearly 24 inches (2 feet). Their handlebars have variable dimensions according to their types and frame specifications.

The average length of the Mountain and standard bikes is 6 feet (72 inches). The handlebars of mountain bikes have a width of 20 to 24 inches (1.8 to 2 feet).

Their width is around 15 to 18 inches (1.25 to 1.5 feet) for a standard bike. The cargo space of these Hatchback variants of the Honda Civic is enough to fit a bike without damaging its tires, seats, and handlebars.

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