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Does Kia Soul Have Navigation System?

Does Kia Soul Have Navigation System?

The navigation system in your Kia Soul is connected to various satellites to take data. You can get a real-time map of your current location with voice commands. It includes a large screen to show the map according to your selected destination.

Does Kia Soul Have Navigation System? Kia Soul has a navigation system to deliver a better driving experience, provide mobile phone connectivity, improve mileage, better for new routes, give audio commands, and include multiple infotainment options. Click on the navigation button that is present beneath the screen and select the map option to get information about your current location.

This system usually takes data from the global positioning system to detect the current location. The navigation screen is electronically controlled and becomes faulty because of electrical issues, including loose and frayed wires and a blown-out fuse.

Why does Kia Soul have a navigation system?

The navigation system takes data from GPS and other software. Moreover, they also give information about traffic congestion on the road to alert the driver. You have to keep the Kia Soul system updated for its better functioning.

Enhance convenience

The navigation system in these subcompact SUVs is the better option for drivers’ convenience when driving on unfamiliar roads. It is a convenient feature that is easy to use and requires no experience.

The map shows your current location on the screen after pressing a single button. Moreover, it is a built-in feature in Kia Soul, and you do not have to use any handy tools with them.

It is a better option than a smartphone and standalone GPS devices. These devices require more concentration for their function and also cause distractions during driving.

Moreover, it is available in the interior cabin all the time. Many people forget to take GPS devices and mobile phones with them, which can cause problems when finding several routes and destinations.

Some of their trims also contain an offline navigation feature that automatically stores data in the computerized system. This mode is beneficial when traveling in remote and rural areas with weak cellular networks.

Mobile phone connectivity

It is beneficial because you can connect your mobile phones to your vehicle. You can see the features of your smartphone on the navigation screen.

Moreover, you can also use mobile phone apps on the infotainment screen. I also learned that it is good to use mobile features on the infotainment screen.

It helps to make and receive phone calls without using your mobile phones, which helps reduce distractions while driving in city areas and highways.

Kia Soul is compatible with Android and iPhone devices. However, it is also necessary to check the compatibility of your mobile phone devices on the owner manual because it varies according to their specific models.

Improve mileage

The navigation system in your subcompact SUV helps improve the mileage and fuel economy.

The specific system that is present in your Kia Soul displays the best possible route to your location. In addition, it also gives information about road conditions, including traffic congestion and construction work.

It saves your fuel when you are moving in unfamiliar places. You do not have to waste time or fuel to find your destinations.

It shows the most efficient route on your screen based on real-time traffic conditions. It provides a direct path and shorter routes, eventually saving you fuel.

I always prefer to update the map regularly to get up-to-date information about the specific routes, traffic conditions, and roads.

Better for new routes

It is helpful when you are traveling in unfamiliar places. It is also beneficial when you are moving from one state to another and do not have enough information about them.

You can use the map with the current location to reach different places without wasting your time and money on fuel. Follow the map on the Ki Soul screen for direct, short, and clear driving routes.

It ensures smooth driving by giving information about clear routes. Smooth driving also provides better acceleration and improves the braking component’s life span.

You can also find nearby eating places, restaurants, and fuel stations near your current location.

Audio commands

The navigation system also gives the audio command for the convenience of drivers. You do not have to keep an eye on the infotainment screen to see the map.

Voice commands give you enough information about the routes and traffic conditions.

You can use the voice command option instead of using navigation buttons to use the infotainment screen and map. Moreover, you can also select various languages from the settings for better communication.

The microphone is located near the display to catch the audio signals from nearby areas. Speak words clearly and pronounce them correctly.

Better driving experience

Drivers always need comfortable environment for driving on the road. Distractions in their surroundings and unusual behaviors can lead to serious accidents and injuries.

Driving with a navigation system is better because it improves the overall safety of the passenger and vehicle. It is also known as the upgraded feature because you do not have to keep an eye on the infotainment or mobile phone screen to use various features.

You can completely focus on the road and steering wheel movement while using this feature on your Kia Soul. You can use voice commands to use the navigation screen.

In addition, you can also receive voice commands along with specific directions on the screen.

Infotainment options

It also provides several options, including music, weather, real-time traffic conditions, and other useful apps. These are connected to speakers so you can play music while traveling according to your preferences.

I also prefer to play music during long journeys, so I do not feel bored or sleepy during driving. You can also get weather updates about specific locations to take preventive measures for safe driving.

What Kia Soul models have a navigation system?

Kia Soul comes in the market with various trim levels and packages that differ because of the presence of distinct features.

2023 Kia Soul LX, S, X-line, and GT-line are the higher trim levels, and these are equipped with upgraded navigation systems.

S, X-line, and GT-line are luxurious trims that contain a 10.25-inch screen, a push start button, USB ports, and a wireless charging system.

A large screen gives a broader view and helps improve the visibility of the display screen. However, the LX trim has an 8-inch infotainment screen to show the map and current location on display. Moreover, all of these SUVs contain audio packages for the convenience of drivers.

How do you use the navigation system in Kia Soul?

You can see the navigation screen with multiple buttons on the right side of the steering wheel. The size of the infotainment screen varies according to the model and trims of your Kia Soul.

You can see buttons labeled with a nav underneath the display. It is adjacent to the map button, and press the navigation button to see features on the screen.

You can see various options, including places on your infotainment screen. Click on the place option to see a search bar with multiple keys.

You can also see the keypad on the screen, type your required destination in the search bar, and press the ok button. Select the location from the screen, and you can see a map with the time required to reach there.

Click on the start guidance option that is located on the lower side of the touch screen with a red highlight.

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