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Does Kia Forte Back Seat Fold Down?

Does Kia Forte Back Seat Fold Down?

Kia Forte is a 5-passenger car and has two-row seating. People often want to fold the rear seats to adjust large and bulky cargo. Moreover, the seats in these vehicles are 10-way power adjustable to allow for comfortable sitting positions.

Does Kia Forte Back Seat Fold Down? You can fold down Kia Forte back seat by pulling the switches on your car’s upper left or right corner. It helps to increase cargo area, carry large items, transport pets, and create a sleeping area during trips. Avoid placing any material on folded seats, and do not put things that are bigger than the seats.

In addition, seats in Kia Forte also contain heated and cooled features. These cars are also known as K3 in South Korea. Folding rear seats is easy and requires less than one minute to complete. The interior of these cars is versatile because of the presence of folding seats. You can use them to accommodate the passengers and cargo.

How do you fold back the seats of Kia Forte?

Folding the back seat is easy, and you do not require help from an expert mechanic. You can do the procedure at home and within minutes by operating the button.

Turn on the engine of your vehicle by pressing the ignition button. Open the trunk of your car by using the remote control. Clear the Kia Forte rear seats and remove all things from them so they do not obstruct their folding.

Move towards the trunk, and you can see small levers on the upper right and left corners. This small lever or control switch is labeled with a pull.

Pull these levers and move towards the interior cabin. Open the rear side passenger door and grab the seats from the headrest to pull them down.

Repeat the same procedure with the second lever and other seats. Moreover, you can also open the seats by lifting them from the headrest.

Lift them until you hear the click sound to secure their specific position. It is necessary to position them properly to reduce safety-related issues.

Why would you fold back the seats of Kia Forte? 

Kia Forte comes up in the market with a foldable rear-side passenger seat. It is an exciting feature that allows you to extend the cargo area to accommodate various objects. In addition, it is a convenient feature that makes loading and unloading in the cargo area easy.

Increase cargo area

Foldable rear seats are helpful to increase the cargo area. Space in the cargo area of this vehicle is about 15 cubic feet, and you can also increase it according to your needs.

Sometimes, you need more space to adjust your luggage. You can fold them downward to create more space in the trunk.

These are beneficial when you are traveling with your friend. It is better to increase the cargo place for easy adjustment of luggage when the rear seats are not in use.

It is the best option for vacation because you can store sports equipment, luggage, and other accessories efficiently.

Many people also do this after doing grocery to adjust the shopping bags. It is also helpful to reduce the wear and tear of the upholstered material.

Sharp materials in luggage bags cause wear and tear of upholstery during loading and unloading. In addition, it also provides a flat loading surface, which reduces the risk of damage.

I prefer to do this for the accommodation of extra shopping bags.

Carry larger items

You can fold down the second-row passenger seats in your Kia Forte when carrying large, bulky items. You can transport the building materials by loading them in the trunk area.

It is also a better option when you want to carry your bicycle or motorbike with you to enjoy your trip. You can also transport large items during the home shifting to save additional costs required for their transportation.

You can easily adjust small furniture items in the cargo area and move these from one place to another. You can fold down the passenger seats during the home shifting.

Moreover, you can load new furniture when you want to take it to your home. Flat loading surfaces enhance the weight distribution throughout the cargo area for better stability.

One of my friends told me he used to take sports equipment for trips to make his vacation memorable. He told me you can easily arrange the skis and snowboards in the cargo area.

You can also organize camping tools, including tents, poles, and other accessories.

Pet transportation

Many people also prefer to keep their pets, including cats and dogs, with them. They like to take their pets with them when they are planning long-duration trips during their vacations.

You can move the seats to create space for your pets. Keeping them in the trunk area is better to protect the seats from their hair and urine stains.

I also prefer to fold the rear seats while taking my dog with me. They feel comfortable and can easily change their position.

Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in the passenger compartment is also necessary because pets shed their furs and contain dirt.

Moreover, you can also keep their bedding and toys in this extended place to make them feel comfortable during the journey.

Create sleeping place

Many people do not attach the campers to these cars because of the more cargo space and the presence of foldable seats.

It is easy to fold its rear seats to create a sleeping place at night. It is a cost-effective option because you do not have to pay the bills of restaurants to stay there.

You can use your Kia Forte as a camper during road trips. The cargo area with folded seats provides enough space for one person to sleep.

In addition, you can also utilize this place if the ground surface is not clean and full of bugs and insects that can bite your skin.

Moreover, some places are not safe for camping so that you can use the cargo area of your car for resting purposes.

It is better to keep air mattresses and sleeping bags in your vehicle. You can also use foldable mattresses that easily fit in the cargo area.

It saves your accommodation expenses and makes your trip cost-effective.

Things to consider while folding seats of Kia Forte

It is necessary to consider the various factors while folding rear seats to reduce the safety risks and damage to interior components.

Avoid sitting on them because it is not a safe and comfortable sitting position. Moreover, it can also lead to serious injury during rear-end collisions and sudden braking conditions.

It is not a safe sitting position because seatbelts are not engaged. It is also essential to carefully arrange cargo in the trunk so it cannot damage the interior cabin material. Arrange the luggage efficiently so it cannot extend the height of the folded seats.

Avoid placing large things with more height than the backside of the folded seats. Luggage with more height can slide forward and risk drivers’ lives.

In addition, it can also damage the interior components, which is costly to repair. It is also necessary to remove extra material from the Kia Forte seats, including cushions and eatables, so they cannot cause hindrance during the process.

Remove your children’s toys so they cannot break or cause obstruction. I do not recommend putting any material on folded seats because it can increase the risk of wear and tear on their upholstery.

Adjust the driver seat properly while folding them to reduce interruptions during the procedure.

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