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Can a Kia Soul Pull a Jet Ski?

Can a Kia Soul Pull a Jet Ski?

A Jet Ski is also known as a water scooter, which people usually tow with their SUVs to enjoy reactional activities during their trips. Kia Soul is a luxurious vehicle, but it does not contain a tow package.

Can a Kia Soul Pull a Jet Ski? Kia Soul can pull a Jet Ski that weighs between 2400 to 2500 pounds depending on its size and weight. Select the ramps for their installation and attach the trailer hitch on the rear side of the SUV. Adjust the trailer with these hitches, position and secure the Jet Ski on it.

You have to install the hitches as an aftermarket addition if you want to use these SUVs for hauling. Class I hitches are best for towing purposes because these can easily handle a weight of approximately 2000 pounds.

How do you pull a Jet Ski with Kia Soul?

It is necessary to consider weather conditions, speed limits, and tire pressure when hauling a jet ski with your SUV. Moreover, towing can also increase the braking distance, so it is necessary to maintain a safe distance between your Kia Soul and other vehicles on the road.

Select the Jet Ski and ramps

You have to select the jet ski and ramps according to the specific models of your SUV. The combined weight of Jet Skis and trailers should not be more than the towing capacity of your vehicle.

They are available in different designs, sizes, and accessories. Moreover, their weight can also vary according to their sizes and designs.

These usually weigh between 500 to more than 1000 pounds. You have to use the ramps specifically designed for hauling these recreational items.

Avoid exceeding the maximum towing capacity because it can overload the engine and transmission components, leading to serious damage.

It is also necessary to check the weight-carrying capacity of your vehicle while attaching the jet skis to them. You can see the towing capacity on the owner manual or visit the original website of your manufacturing brand to see the features of different models of vehicles.

Install trailer hitch

Kia Soul is not equipped with any tow package, so you have to select the trailer hitch for your SUV. Select the hitches according to the gross weight of the jet skis.

Use the class I hitches with these SUVs because of their compatibility. Raise the vehicle, remove the rear wheels, and inspect the mounting points beneath the rear side bumper.

Connect the hitches with these mounting points and secure them with bolts. You can also secure their connections with safety chains so trailers cannot come out.

Adjustment of trailer

You have to adjust the jet-ski trailer inside the hitch. Selecting the ramps according to the size and weight of jet skis is necessary to decrease the risk of damage and mishandling.

Lower the trailer and insert the coupler inside the balls. Fix the connection of the trailer with these balls by using the safety chains and cables.

Safety chains are helpful to keep the ramps connected with the rear side bumper when hitches fail to perform their function.

Position jet ski on trailers

You have to position the jet ski on the trailer after attaching them with hitches. Carefully load these vehicles on the trailers and position them in the center to maintain stability while driving.

Many people do not use straps to secure their location when traveling a short distance. However, I always secure them with straps so they cannot come off the ramp supports and collide with other vehicles.

Last year, I was towing a jet ski with my 2017 Kia Soul, and I used the large rubber straps to tie these, and I tied the straps on the designated points.

Tighten the straps to avoid uneven movements, disturbing overall stability and control.

Ensure secure driving

You have to follow these considerations for safe driving after hauling jet skis with your SUVs. Ensure that trailer lights work so other drivers can easily identify their presence during low light conditions.

Drive slowly and maintain a distance of several inches from other cars on the roads because of increased braking distance.

Maintain the tire pressure to the recommended level and lubricate the bearings to avoid uneven noises and mishandling.

How much weight can a Kia Soul tow?

Kia Soul is a subcompact SUV that provides accommodation for 5 passengers. Depending on their specific models, these can easily tow weights of 2400 to 2600 pounds.

The models from 2020 to 2022 can have a towing capacity of 2400 pounds. It shows that you can haul vehicles that weigh less than 2400 pounds.

Kia Soul 2018, 2014, and 2019 models have a weight carrying capacity of 2500 pounds. Its 2023 model contains a highly efficient engine that can easily haul a weight of 2600 pounds.

However, old models, including 2011 and 2012, can carry less than 2400 pounds.

Why is Kia Soul not recommended for towing?

You can tow several lighter-weight vehicles, including campers, trailers, and jet skis, with them. It is necessary to avoid hauling with Kia Soul because of their delicate components.

However, depending on their several models, these SUVs have a towing capacity of 2400 to 2500 pounds. Towing with these subcompact SUVs is not recommended because it can affect several components.

You can void your vehicle’s warranty when you pull a trailer, camper, or jet ski with them. It means you cannot get a free repair from the manufacturers in case of any serious damage.

Repairing expenses for your SUV increase because of a voided warranty. In addition, it can also affect the transmission system and braking components.

The issue also comes when you haul heavier loads with them, which is more than their towing capacity.

It also disturbs stability, especially during windy conditions. Following the rules and restrictions for towing vehicles while driving on highways is also necessary.

Decrease your speed while accelerating, braking, and moving at turning points.

Why would you pull a Jet Ski with Kia Soul?

Many people want to take the reactional equipment to enjoy their trip while performing different activities. These usually function in water because these are water scooters.

You cannot move them on dry and solid road surfaces. You have to tow them with your vehicles for easy transportation to your camping location.

In addition, my friend bought a new jet ski from the market, and he towed it with his SUV instead of booking a separate vehicle to save his cost.

It shows that you can also take the new ones to your home by pulling them with your vehicles because these are lightweight. Some vehicles have more towing capacity, and they can easily pull one or more jet skis without showing any negative impacts on their components.

Sometimes, these become faulty, and you have to take them to the dealerships. You can tow the faulty and damaged ones with your subcompact SUV for repair.

Moreover, smaller SUVs are more fuel-efficient than larger ones and pickup trucks. You can save your fuel expenses while doing this.

These are smaller in size and have less weight than the towing capacity of the Kia Soul. It is a convenient towing option for short distances and flat roads.

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