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Can You Add Running Boards To BMW X5?

Can You Add Running Boards To BMW X5?

BMW X5 has various accessories to add to the comfort of the driver and passengers. Running boards are accessories installed on SUVs and other automobiles to provide an easy entryway and exit.

Can You Add Running Boards To BMW X5? You can add running boards to the BMW X5 by removing the plastic rivets and trim to pull out the old ones and install new running boards. Secure clips all along the boards to fix them. The cost to install these varies from $300 to $1000.

On average, it takes one to two hours to add these on both sides. You will need a screwdriver, gloves, and extra screws to install them.

Can I add running boards to the BMW X5?

The BMW X5 is an expensive and luxurious vehicle with many advanced features. It also comes with factory-installed running boards and other accessories. But you can also install after-market products of your choice. It will not hinder the performance of the vehicle in any way.

They are essential for all types of vehicles to provide an easy entryway to the drivers and passengers.

They also have other advantages for the SUVs, like preventing the entry of dirt and debris inside the BMW X5. You can also add them to enhance the look and aesthetic appeal of your SUVs.

What type of running boards are suitable for BMW X5?

They are available in a variety of designs and types. Side steps are most commonly used for SUVs. They are easy to install and have a unique design. Another option is the retractable running boards and Nerf bars.

The retractable bards retract on opening and closing the doors. They are more lavish and give a more elite look to your vehicle. Nerf bars have the additional advantage of protecting the lower body of an SUV from damage.

The material suitable for BMW X5 boards is aluminum. It has many advantages over other materials. It is more durable and corrosion-resistant. It can tolerate daily life wear and tear effortlessly.

How do you add running boards to BMW X5?

Installing a running board to a vehicle is a difficult task. You need patience and a lot of expertise to do it.

You can also take the help of a friend or a professional mechanic to do it.

Park the SUV on an even surface

Preparatory work is essential before starting the actual procedure. For this purpose, park the vehicle on an even ground with sufficient daylight. It is better to park your SUV in the garage.

Turn off all the electric appliances inside the vehicle before starting the procedure. Turn off the ignition and raise the front side of the vehicle.

It will help to increase the ground clearance to have a look beneath the BMW X5. Gather all the tools and wear safety gloves to protect yourself from any damage.

Check the contents of the package

It is essential to open the package to check all the hardware. First, go through the manufacturer’s list of hardware and recheck that all required things are present in the package. Carefully inspect all the contents to check for any damage or broken parts.

In case of any missing parts, contact the manufacturer and demand another package.

Remove the plastic rivets and trim

The plastic rivets are present on the rear wheel well. Use a screwdriver to remove the plastic rivets. Sometimes, you have to apply pressure and force to remove the rivets from their place.

In some cases, it is easy to remove them by hand. Then, remove the trim from the panel to get access to the clips of the running boards.

You can use any flathead tool to pry off the plastic trim. Using force can also be an effective way of removing it. In some cases, the trim is held in place with the help of holding clips. Remove the clips to pull off the trim.

Remove the old running boards

The running boards are held in position with the help of mud flaps. Locate the screws of the flaps to unscrew them. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the mud flaps and set them aside.

Then, release all the clips on its underside with the help of pliers. Then unscrew the screws on the front and rear ends of the boards.

You have to use some force to release the board from its place. Remove it from the passenger side in the same way. Then remove the old reinforcement piece from its place by unscrewing all the screws.

Install new running boards

Clean all the lower portions of the BMW X5 before installing new boards. Remove all the filth and debris from its entire corner to make it clean.

Install the new enforcement piece and tighten up all the screws to secure it in position. Then, install the new running boards and attach all the clips to the respective holes.

Make sure there is no gap between the holes and clips. Otherwise, they will not fit properly.

Ensure all the clips are in their respective position and boards are beneath the SUV door. After this, reinstall the mud flaps to fix them.

Fix the rear trim and plastic rivets from where they have been removed. Repeat the same procedure for the passenger side boards.

How much does it cost to install the running board on BMW X5?

The cost depends upon the price of the boards, the tools used, and the labor cost. The average cost to install new boards on the BMW X5 ranges from $300 to $1000.

The cost of the running boards can range from $250 to $800.The price of higher-quality Nerf bars can also go higher.

Retractable boards are more expensive than all other types. The labor cost to install them ranges from $150 to $250.

In case of consultation from an experienced mechanic, the charges will be higher. The cost can also vary depending on the area from where you are getting the services. It is better to repair minor faults like scratches and cracks on time to save money.

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