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Can an RV Fit in a Shipping Container?

Can an RV Fit in a Shipping Container?

If you want to fit your RV in a shipping container, you should measure the size of your vehicle and the container. In this article, we have added easy methods to transport your RV in a container, along with its pros and cons.

Can an RV Fit in a Shipping Container? Yes, RV can fit in the shipping container. We have to check the size of the RV, shipping container, and the shipping container’s towing capacity. It will lead you to transport your vehicles easily. You must check that the container that you have arranged must fulfill all your needs. The average length of the RV is 265 inches, and the average width is 70 inches. The average size of a shipping container is 270 inches long and 75 inches wide.

Can an RV Fit in a Shipping Container?

Recreational vehicles are the vehicles that we can use for different tours, functions, and other entertainment purposes. There are multiple types of these vehicles that we can choose according to our use.

You can multiple methods to place the RV in the shipping containers. You can use these techniques to import your RVs from abroad countries. You must try your best to find the better choice for you. Some of these steps are as follows:

Measure the exterior size of the RV

You should measure the size of the RV, you can use the measuring scale or measuring tape to measure the exterior of the vehicle.

You must note all the dimensions of the vehicle to place it in the container. There are different types of containers are available for shipping from one country to another. You can use the blueprint of your RV to measure its dimensions.

You must note the blueprint should be according to the body of the vehicle. Few users add new bumpers and other decorative materials after making its genuine body.

You can add that length to its previous length. If you do not have its blueprint, then you can draw it on white paper after estimating its dimensions.

When you calculate the trailer’s width, you should take care of the side mirrors’ length. If these mirrors are foldable, then you can ignore their width.

You can subtract it from the total length if you have already included it. It is one of the best ways to measure the dimensions of the RV.

Arrange a shipping container

You can arrange the shipping container by looking at the dimensions of the RV. You have to add two feet on every side of the RV while looking for the right container for your vehicle.

If the RV is 30 feet long, you must arrange the container with a length of more than 32 feet. You may change the direction of the vehicle by looking at the interior of the shipping container.

Place the RV in a shipping container

After measuring the container’s size and the RV, you have to start defining the method for pushing it inside. You can arrange the pulley to its backside and attach wheels to the vehicle.

You can use a crane to push it inside. If it has lesser weight, then you can take the help of two to three persons to push it inside. You can manage the height of the lower part of the truck bed.

There are multiple ways that you can adopt to transfer its place to inside. You can use a crane machine to put it inside when the container’s weight is too high.

You can arrange V-pulleys for medium-weight trucks. You can check that the products that you are using must be free from all the faults because they can cause significant damage to your vehicle.

After placing it in the container, you have to fix some hurdles to its tires. These hurdles will not allow it to move and set it at a particular place.

If the shipping container faces some jerks during travel, it will not hit on the container’s front or backside. If you have not followed due guidelines, then you have to pay the price for it by hitting the car.

You have to observe all the guidelines by considering the path it will follow during its journey. If you think it can severely, you can add foamy sheets across the containers’ corners. It will save it from multiple problems that can cause trouble for it.  

Close the doors of a container

After taking all the precautions on the inner side of the container. You have to lock the back door of the container to hit back, and the door remains close in all situations.

You can use different types of the lock for this purpose. It can help you to travel longer distances without facing any major problem. If there are any road paths to your destination, then you must try to travel through the roads.

You must take guidance from an expert who regularly experiences these types of journeys. He can guide you in a better way according to your local conditions. You will not face any problem when you have planned all the steps of your journey.

You must overview all the processes after completing its placement. If any changes are required, you must save it from any problem during traveling.

You can arrange the container with the CCTV camera to overview the vehicle during the journey. You can do several precautions by looking at the RV cost and the path that it will follow.

What to do when RV does not fit in the shipping container?

You can face multiple problems while fitting it into the container. We will discuss some of the significant problems and their solutions that you can opt to fix it.

One major issue that most people face is that the vehicle’s length is greater than that of the container. You have to fix this problem by disassembling your vehicle if possible.

If you can remove its engine and bed from each other, then it is the best solution that you can follow in this case.

If the margin is just two to three inches, then you can try removing the front safeguard or the bumper to adjust it in one place.

Another major problem that you may face is the vehicle’s weight that is causing hindrance in fitting in the car. In this situation, you have to place all the parts separately.

You can place the engine first on the container’s front side; then, you can place its body there. It is simple to separate all the parts, and the problem of the weight will resolve easily.

You can face the problem of the height of the lower part of the container. If the container has more height and it is difficult to push it inside, then you have to use multiple supports to cover that distance.

You can arrange V-pulley there to pull it inside. You can solve all the common problems by implementing their easy solutions.

What size RV can fit in a shipping container?

It will depend on the size and towing capacity of the container. You must weigh the load before putting it in the container.

Measurement of the size is another essential constraint that you must opt for before pushing it inside.

There are multiple sizes of the container and various sizes of the vehicles that suit best to it. You must check the dimensions of both things before starting the process.

Some of the common sizes of RVs and their best possible shipping containers are as follows:

Size of RVs Minimum size of the shipping container Best size of container for RVs
240 X 60 X 63 243 X 62 X 65 250 X 63 X 67
245 X 63 X 66 248 X 65 X 68 252 X 67 X 69
250 X 66 X 69 253 X 68 X 71 257 X 70 X 72
255 X 69 X 72 258 X 72 X 75      260 X 73 X 76
260 X 72 X 74 263 X 74 X 76 265 X 75 X 77
265 X 75 X 76 267 X 78 X 77 269 X 79 X 78
270 X 78 X 79 273 X 79 X 81 274 X 80 X 82

Reasons to fit RV in a shipping container

There are various reasons for which you need to fit the RV in a shipping container. Firstly, you have to change the location of your vehicle from one place to another place.

You cannot change their location from the road, and you have to follow it through the container. It is one of the most probable reasons that you fit it in the container.

There are different areas where the weather conditions may cause damage to RVs. Many people try to save it from the worst weather conditions and they fit their RVs in a shipping container.

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