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What are the Worst Travel Trailer Brands?

What are the Worst Travel Trailer Brands?

Here are 9 examples of the worst travel trailer brands with all of their features and specifications. When you are buying a travel trailer never pay money based on design and appearance. 

What are the Worst Travel Trailer Brands? The worst travel trailer brands are those that lack all the essential qualities and features of an RV. They are various in numbers but the United States of America, and there are few travel trailers brands that you need to avoid at every cost. They include Coachmen, Jayco, Fleetwood, Hurricane, Winnebago, Coleman, Gulfstream, Forest River, and Keystone.

What are the Worst Travel Trailer Brands?

Buying a travel trailer requires experience. Many people complain about the worst travel trailer brands and share their experiences. We have gone into the public and asked our thousands of readers about their opinions regarding which brands to avoid.

9 Examples of Worst Travel Trailer Brands

Mother Companies of Worst Travel Trailers  

Brand Name-Examples

Coachmen Catalina Clipper lite Viking ultra Apex Leprechaun
Jayco Jay feather-2021 Jayco embark Jay flight-2021 Eagle trailer Hawk white
Fleetwood Monaco Holiday Rambler American coach Mallard Savanna
Hurricane The Thor coach 29M The motor coach-hurricane Motor coach outlaw 2022-motor coach 2000-hurricane trailer
Winnebago Cambria 27k motorhome Micro Minnie trailer Tiny Winnebago trailer Winnebago 180 1fb trailer Travato Motor home
Coleman Coleman light Coleman LX C. lantern Coleman trailer C. Motor coach
Gulfstream Ameri-Lite ultra-trailer Vintage cruiser Ameri-Lite super Conquest Vista trailer
Forest river Cherokee Cardinal Flagstaff Berkshire Georgetown
Keystone Passport express Ultra-Lite Alpine trailer Montana travel trailer Hauler


It is one of the worst travel trailer brands. In the list of low-standard brands, coachmen exist on number two or three that is not a significant position. 

The orientation of coachmen to market

The manufacturer of coachmen launched this brand in 1964. It means the travel trailer is not a new vehicle with flaws and errors. The reputation of this brand remains high in fifth-wheelers, and now it has lost its worth. 

Classification of coachmen

These are subsidiary vehicles and belong to the forest river brand of recreation vehicles. They are expensive, but the low quality and bad qualities make them less demanding with every passing day.

The manufacturer made many brands of recreational vehicles, but they failed to produce excellent quality products. As a result, the coachmen travel trailer starts to fall on the quality list, and today you can consider it one of the worst travel trailer brands of all time.

Which factors make coachmen the worst brand of travel trailers?

Expensive with no quality

As an owner and purchaser of recreational vehicles, you know that these are expensive. The RVs are so fantastic generally that all the costs worth the money and time of a person.

A coachman is a brand of travel trailers that is expensive for no reason. Someone who has no idea about this insignificant brand bears an immense loss by buying this vehicle.

The quality of the recreational vehicle is low. You cant buy it as a lifetime investment. Every day there is some issue in it and fixing the problem adds to the expense budget.

If you have this vehicle, then you should get rid of it as soon as possible. It increases the cost by every passing day. Sometimes the repairing extends from the actual value of the coachmen’s model.

Bad outer structure

Everyone visits the whole recreational vehicle before they decide to purchase it. The outer structure of this vehicle is not appealing to the audience and the users as well.

It is so bad that sometimes it seems like a ship rather than a travel trailer. The thermostat problems of the external structure also decrease its demand.

Some people find its body attractive because they think that it is a unique style. Many of the viewers even do not consider it a recreational vehicle due to its strange design.

Fallen screws and bolts

Everyone requires a properly designed and equipped vehicle. It is essential to check the internal structure of the RV that includes the screws and bolts.

This equipment helps in holding all the gadgets together. They keep the insulation material together, but in coachmen, these are not appropriate.

Every time you touch something and the screws start falling. In some situations, the owner finds fallen nuts and bolts when he visits his vehicle. It is a bad feature in terms of travel trailers.

Poor shower supplies

Recreational vehicles are a composite of all the essential features include the warm and cold shower facilities. In Coachmen brands, this feature is absent.

In those vehicles which have a shower facility, that gadget does not work. It creates a sense of frustration in people when they do no find enough facilities for what they have paid. 

Broken furniture

It is one of the most common and problems of the coachmen brands. Every time you visit its internal structure, you find out that the furniture is in a miserable condition.

Sometimes one chair is in broken shape, and other times the table starts shredding its wood. It is either the quality of the furniture or the rough material of manufacturing.

The problems are so visible that people avoid sitting on these furniture items. They also contribute to making the appearance of the lounge or sitting area insignificant. 

Bad for long term use

This brand is one of the worst options if you are planning for long-distance traveling. There is no guarantee of this vehicle at any place. Any of its parts can stop working without any indication.

It makes the whole trip frustrating that people tend to stop their journey. The coachmen and all of its brands are not suitable for the distant places. 

Faulty electrical appliances

A recreational vehicle includes several electrical amenities. All of them are beneficial for human use and make it appealing. In these specific travel trailers, the electrical appliances are in pathetic condition all the time.

Mostly, there is a short circuit, or the batteries stop working without giving a sign. The identification of the problem becomes difficult, and then repairing is impossible. 

No heat control

Heat control is one of the significant features of any travel trailers, but coachmen lack this quality.

There is no proper sealing or covering of windows and other areas. The control system leads to like damages and melting of the external sheet of the structure. 

Poor quality of seats

The fabric of the seats in coachmen trailers is inadequate. It provides an unattractive appearance to the whole vehicle. The passengers feel uncomfortable while using these seats.

They are one of the worst sitting places for long-term traveling and stays. There is no option to replace the fabric, and it is part of the process.

Flexible wheel body

The external structure of the wheels in a travel trailer helps in supporting the whole body. In the coachmen and all of its brands, and the outer body of the wheel is low. It has no supporting quality and has an impact on the vehicle’s performance.

Rough paint coating

The paint of a travel trailer is a factor in its protection. The coachmen brands lack this quality, and the external surface starts rusting within days. 

Manufacturing errors

There are few manufacturing faults in these specific brands. The manufactures avoid them and never repair them, and all of it results in a disaster. 

No construction

In some situations, when something breaks or damage occurs, there are no chances of repairing and construction. The whole RV starts demolishing, and it is in a miserable condition. 

No spare tire

In a five-wheel traveler, a spare tire is a must, but coachmen lack this facility. It makes it one of the lowest brands of a travel trailer.

Cleanliness neglected

There is no proper setup of sanitation and hygiene. The toxic substances produce fumes and a pungent odor, and it causes human diseases. 

Bad drainage system 

Faulty drainage systems are never a recommendation for vehicles like RV. They always require a proper setup with all the essential equipment.

The storage of filthy and toxic matter inside the motor leads to irreversible damages. These procedures can be helpful, but they are generally non-adaptive.

No resale

The RV is so miserable already that no one desires to buy a used one. It affects the budget, and it’s a complete loss of the trailer’s owner. 

Jayco travel trailers

People have mixed reviews about this specific brand of RV. Maximum numbers of comments are against, and the motor becomes significant in the list of worst travel trailer brands.

The orientation of Jayco in the travel trailer market

It is working since 1968, which means it is not a new brand. It lacks all of its reviews and demands with every passing day. 

What are the factors that make it the worst brand?

Expensive/ low quality

Once you have bought a Jayco travels trailers, you realize that you have paid much for a miserable vehicle.

The lack of all the essentials creates a sense of frustration in the buyer. The rates are so high as if it contains all equipment, but the reality is different from the documents. 

Poor design

The design of a travel trailer is a factor for its demand and cost. Jayco has no such features, the external structure is typical, and it never appeals to the buyers. The internal body is more miserable than the outer picture. Buying the fifth wheeler of this brand is just a waste of money. 


The malfunctioning of this brand has a wide range. The external structure to the internal appliance lack quality.

The in-adequate functions of all the devices make the whole vehicle a complete mess. The drainage system is deficient, and water starts flowing on the floors of the RV. Multiple features are missing that make a travel trailer. 

Everyday repair

A significant travel trailer is a vehicle that remains in quality state maximum time. An RV that requires everyday repairing and fixation is one of the worst of all vehicles. Jayco is like that vehicle, and the repairing cost leads to more than the actual value of the RV. 

Crooked appliances

Every appliance and electrical amenity in the RV is fragile, and whenever the user touches the device, it gets damage. The appliances are in crooked form, and they require repairing solutions. It is heavy on the overall budget. 

Unhappy customers

There are thousands of complaints regarding this vehicle. The unhappy customers report this vehicle so much that it falls in the list of standard RVs. 


These travel trailers were popular in past times, but now they are one of the worst brands. The reason behind this fact leads to low quality and customer service by the manufacturers. It is now one of the fifth-wheelers which you should avoid buying.

The factors that make it the worst brand

Huge with typical design

One of the drawbacks of this travel trailer is that it is mega in structure. The setup lacks quality despite extra space. The design of the travelers is so typical that some people do not consider it a travel trailer. 

Faulty control panels

The power boards and electrical systems make a whole recreational vehicle. In Fleetwood travel trailers, these qualities are missing, and every electric panel requires repairing. 

Broken systems

All the systems from the draining areas to the electric showers broke. They require repairing, and it is expensive on a budget. 

No warranty

There is no warranty regarding the vehicle. It makes the customers suspicious about the motor home vehicle. The later results of the brand cause a series of complaints from unhappy users. 

Poor batteries

The faulty batteries are the fault of the brand manufacturers. The install low-quality material on which the whole setup relies. The result is in the form of sudden short circuits and electrical breakdown. 

Rusting/paint shredding

The sunlight and environmental changes have effects on the outer walls of the travel trailers. These vehicles have resistant walls and paint on them generally, and that protects them from these hazards. 

This brand does not have any such protective layers of paint, and with small changes, the wall paint starts shredding. Some areas of the vehicle start rusting with passing time.

Bad customer reviews

Customers of this vehicle always remain in complaining positions. The bad reviews make it unappealing, and its demand is falling drastically. 

Expensive with no reliability 

It is a travel trailer brand that is one of the most expensive in terms of cost. There is no reliability of the feature and other qualities. Buying a Fleetwood travel trailer is a miserable choice for today and the future. 

Hurricane home trailers 

It is one of the most inferior brands in terms of travel trailers. There are many reasons which make it so substandard and non-appealing

Factors for low grading of hurricane travel trailers

Miserable popularity

They are low popular brands due to their lack of features and excellent qualities. People degraded this brand badly that it cannot survive in the RV market anymore.

It is unattractive to any RV buyer. When someone asks for the worst motor homes, everyone keeps this brand at the highest level.


The travel motor homes are generally expensive. When a company offers cheap rates of such motor home vehicles, there is something wrong with it.

It is a red flag for the buyer of hurricane trailers. It is a composite of multiple problems, and few of them have no solution.

Dents and damages

The structure and internal body of the hurricane motor homes are deficient. The rotten walls and terrible flooring of the recreational vehicle lead to awful situations.

Any slight damage leads to ubiquitous dents. These vehicles are lousy, and no one wants to keep them.

Unsatisfactory parking brakes

It is one of the drawbacks of Hurricane travel trailers. They have no leveling control even in the parking areas. The brakes are pathetic with no power control, and as a result, the caravan gets uncontrollable.

The indemnities are enormous in number, and it harms the driver as well. The brand challenges the protection scenarios of the passengers. 

Poor installation of equipment

The customer service is substandard, and the company takes no responsibility. All the electrical equipment are either broken or installed terribly. You cannot use them simultaneously because one power button destroys the whole power system. 

Inadequate for long-distance traveling

People use caravans and RV for long-distance traveling, but the hurricane motorhomes are distressing for his purpose. You cannot rely on such a mediocre vehicle when you are moving out of town. Sometimes there are no repairing services available related to this house trailer. 


These are new brands in the motorhome era, but it is not a choice to buy. The appearance of the brand is appealing, but you should not consider it as a house trailer. 

There are several problems with this brand, but few people find it normal. The appalling construction of the motor home includes the design and frame. The damages require a budget for repairing.

The faults require time for identification and resolving. The outer body is unattractive because it is not in symmetry. Various human errors make the whole caravan a typical and un-attractive vehicle.

Impoverished wall structure

The customers of Winnebago always seem to complain about the front-line walls of the RV. These walls are not even aligned, and it is the worst feature in terms of protection.

The quality of the material is awful, and this wall sheet breaks with a small hit. There is no finishing of walls, and the seal remains open from many points.

Series of internal faults/electrical malfunctioning

The structural and design issues are a significant problem, and as a buyer, you cannot neglect the internal areas. Some faults relate to the electrical devices as well, and the errors travel from poor battery conditions to sudden short circuits. 

The repairing cost enhances the monthly bill. The interior starts damaging within days, and furniture is inefficient. You cannot rely on this motor home at any term. 

Defective custom services with no warranty 

Many people complain that their office members are rude and unanswerable towards the customer’s complaints. They offer no warranty once you have purchased it. The only option left is to replace this disaster with something valuable. It is advisable never to consider this recreational vehicle for use.

Coleman travel trailers

It is on the top of the worst travel trailers, and no one has to invest in such a vehicle. It is an old brand and had a high market value, but it starts losing its quality. 

The customers complain about everything regarding Coleman, but the design is on the top. It has a quintessential structure. Everything looks inappropriate in the symmetry. 

Multiple factors make it inferior, but the design of the vehicle is top of the list. Its structure is indigent and mediocre. There is no standard quality, and everything is below the standard. 

If someone buys a Coleman travel trailer, then he tries to find a substitution within days. The whole mobile home is miserable, and no one wants to keep it for a period.

The initial expenses on repair and maintenance change all the manufacturing parts. The alteration makes the owner unsatisfied and frustrated. The worst part is no one wants to buy an old or used Coleman at minimum rates. 

Faulty appliances

All the electrical appliances of a Coleman travels are inadequate in terms of functionalities. One amenity stops working due to lack of electrical flow and other damages with a short circuit.

All of them connect in a series, and one tiny change leads to a big disaster. There are few sections of this house trailer like bathrooms and lounge. All the furniture and other things are either fragile or broken. 

No warranty and reliability

There are numerous features of this mobile home, but the company offers no warranty. In case of any mega damage in the first week, the seller takes no complaints. They refuse to provide any reliability claim about the vehicle.

Substandard ventilation systems

The windows and doors are a source of ventilation in any motor home. In the Coleman travel trailer, all of them are in miserable condition.

One of them suddenly opens and breaks with a jerk. The substandard wheels cannot bear a small road jerk from rocks or any other debris. Sudden locks

The sliding area of the mobile motor home is significant for the movement of luggage. People also use them as their passage, but in this brand, it ruptures at any time. 

The rupturing results in the door’s sealing and lock; you can get stuck inside or outside of your caravan. It is one of the worst drawbacks for people with claustrophobia. 

No responsibility by manufacturers

People try to condemn this brand by complaining about the manufacturing faults. The company takes no responsibility for these reviews and comments. The authorities go into a state of denial that it can never happen to the brand. This response compels the buyer to get rid of this mess.


Gulfstream travel trailers are in the vehicle’s market since 1983. The brand was one of the best in the past decade, but now it has lost popularity. 

The appearance of Gulfstream vehicles is one of the worst features. They are uninviting in terms of their walls and front portion. People reject this brand due to their demolishing design. The design has flaws by replacing the basic formula of manufacturing a fifth-wheeler.  

Low standards

The low standards of quality in terms of appliances and other things make it vulnerable. Everyone considers the bad reviews about this trailer’s brand, and it diminishes the demand. 


The leaking of floors and walls is a long-term problem in Gulfstream trailers. They are unstable on the roads, and water starts flowing outside. The wall becomes miserable due to the constant penetration of water. 

Poor installation

Electrical appliances like refrigerators and irons lack proper installations. The result is so damaging that someone can lose their precious life due to electric shock. The short electric circuits break the devices, and repairing cost is expensive.


These are expensive than their qualities, and additional charges also imply when you buy one of them. A person who purchases a Gulfstream trailer gets a loss in terms of money. The reselling of this motor home is also not easy. 


The website of the brand shows no response to the complaints. The comments and enormous complaints lead the graph low. 

Forest river-motor homes

These were popular in the past due to their enormous qualities, but now they are not. They are working in the trailer market for the back half of a decade, but now they lost their popularity. 

People keep on complaining about the vehicle on the brand website. They also utilize other ways, and ultimately almost everyone knows about the worst features of a forest river trailer. 

These negative comments are from the customers and regular users of this brand. They have just not complained about the brand but also restrain others. 

Leakage of walls and floor areas

The leakage problem of the trailer spread in all the water areas. The water flows freely on the living room’s floors and penetrates inside the walls.

The walls of the home trailers are different, and they cannot absorb this water. The water finds its way to come out of the caravan.

On a traverse road, the problem exaggerates from the limit. The floors become sinking, and they can fall anytime. It is not suitable for the passengers, and even the equipment is unsafe. 

Uninviting trailer design

The company makes multiple vehicles like caravans and fifth-wheelers, but they lack design quality. The outer body is so uninviting for the viewers that they never choose it. There is no symmetry in design, and it somehow seems ugly. 

Poor customer service

The customer service increases the complaints to an enormous number. The brand is just about making money. The complaints charge you, and it is an unpleasant activity.

The repairing and maintenance of the trailer are heavy on the budget, and when the user contacts the company, they start asking for a fee. 

Lack of reliability

You cannot rely on a travel home motor that has leakage and structural issues. The electrical amenities are insubstantial.

You cannot travel out of town in such vehicles. The manuals are missing for these trailers, and the company has no answer about it. It is a suggestion not to consider it.

Keystone travel trailers

The brand has a mixed review of the happy and unhappy customers. The viewers of the caravan also pass enormous comments on the offerings. The brand is in the travel trailer market since 1996. 

A vehicle that has a structural impairment and lack of design and has a restriction. Never add this brand to your list of recreational vehicles.

Malfunctioning of internal body 

There are millions of complaints about the malfunctioning of the internal body and appliances. The walls lack designs with no alignment. The quality of the material is inadequate to fulfill the requirements of a motor home. The electric boards lack fitting capacity, and it leads to shocks to the users. 

The internal area is not safe because the walls and doors lack seal points. The placement of appliances is without any proper design.

The manufacturers never follow the general body design of travel home. Some electrical devices are away from the electric source, and you cannot even move them. The short circuits are a daily happening.

Impaired website/deficient customer services

The website of keystone travel trailers lacks the proper information. The representatives are unavailable, and on connection, they offer no information.

The behavior of the owners is rude, and they never answer the issues. They provide no warranty card, and sometimes even the manual is absent.

There is a vast list of external and internal faults that make it less demanding. It is never a choice for long-distance travel and stays. 

The technical mistakes relate to the manufacturers of the caravan. The doors and windows are not in symmetry. Some locks are difficult to open once they have closed.

The stuck-in situation is a routine for this brand. All of these things make the vehicle miserable. Never waste your money on this brand, or you will spend a lot of money and time on its repair.

Things to consider

  • Always check the design and internal structure.
  • Check the price in terms of quality.
  • Never buy expensive travel trailers.
  • Take documents of durability and warranty from the owner. 
  • Never move the trailer out without full documents.
  • Check the vehicle for leakage.

Things to avoid

  • Never avoid the damage of draining systems and electrical appliances. 
  • Always give half payment before testing. 
  • Never compromise on the non-symmetrical structure. 
  • Ask for the material and other details about complaints.
  • Do not trust the representative, and check the whole vehicle to avoid the worst travel trailer.

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