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How to Make Your Own RV Dump Station?

How to Make Your Own RV Dump Station?

Here are 19 easy steps to make an RV dump station at your home. We have added various types of dumping options for RVs.

How to Make Your Own RV Dump Station? You can make your RV dump station by choosing the right location near the sewerage. Take accurate measurements of the hose and joining pipes. The addition of concrete to the dumping floor is one of the best ideas for the precision of drainage. Adapt the methods of container and maceration for solid waste dumping. Cover the drains, rinse the tanks and wear a precautionary uniform.

How to Make Your Own RV Dump Station?

It requires professional expertise and essential tools to build your dumping station. You should comprehend the exact method before starting it. A dump station needs a proper place for dumping, and it is one of the significant necessities. 

A dump station for the RV means a place where you can drain all the waste material. The municipal authorities and parks provide the dumping station facilities. These stations are not excellent for the health, and it is essential to follow the whole process carefully. 

Types of RV dump stations

There are multiple types of dump stations for RVs. The location of the station determines the name of the dumping place. 

These dumping places areas known as Public dump stations, home-based, tank dumping, and sewer dump.

Public dump stations

  • These dumping stations are either in a park or in any other public place. 
  • People can visit these stations in terms of their needs.
  • The municipal department also offers areas for dumping waste material.
  • These places have all the essential equipment for the disposal of RV waste material. 
  • In the circumstances when the dumping station is under the custody of someone else, and you have to pay for disposing of the waste. 


  • These are small dump stations as compare to the public stations.
  • They offer the disposal of all the black and grey waste stuff.
  • These dumping stations rely on the formulas of containers and sewer piping. 
  • The home base dumping stations offer all the essential requirements. 
  • They have full equipment and all the facilities. 

Tank dumping

  • The tank dumping station involves the use of tanks and containers.
  • These tanks associate with the main lines.
  • You can use them for black water disposal.
  • These dumping stations are small but efficient. 

Sewer dump

  • It is a dumping station that involves the pipe of all the sewer systems.
  • The pipelines of the RV directly drain in the hole. 
  • All the sewer dumping stations have the essential equipment and design. 

Things required

There are specific tools for building a dumping station on your own. The equipment comprises multiple things that are as follow:

Concrete for flooring: A concrete floor is essential for the drains. It helps in the prevention of wastewater flow out of the draining area.

A lid: A cap of the drain is one of the significant parts. In the absence of the lid, the system becomes miserable. 

Drain: The system should contain a flush so that disposal becomes easy. Additions of signboards are an excellent option for safety concerns.

Gloves: Always use safety gloves when you are building a dump station. The toxic substances of the waste material are not beneficial for human health.

Reach to main holes: Always use lengthy piping so that the system can approach the whole area. Access to the system is essential, and it makes the setup unique. 

Control the waste: Controlling the waste means no extra spilling of wastewater on the floor. It is necessary to cover and seal the entire pipe properly. 

Tank method

This method is for dumping station s which are in the parks or other public places. You can purchase a specific location for your RV. Do not waste your RV by paying a certain amount as charges.

When you are building your dumping station in an open area, you need to follow proper guidelines. Few steps help in the step-wise building of a dump station.

These points are to select the appropriate place, find the main sewerage line, join the pipes, build a hose, join the tank with the hole, and adjust the drain pipe.

Select appropriate location

It is the first and most essential step when you are building your RV dump station. You cannot make it anywhere without considering the basic rules and requirements. Invading someone else property bypassing your waste material is like a crime in the United States of America.

Make sure the flow of waste is not towards someone’s tress and orchards. Always choose a location that is away from the populated areas.

The waste material of RVs mostly contains solid and liquid wastes. These substances are toxic, and they contain chemicals. The hazardous fumes can make their way inside the human lungs through inhalation.

The fumes of the waste material can be numerous. They can stay in the air of the dump station, and preventive measures are essential.

The location of the dump station also includes the measurement of the station. It must be in terms of the size and model of your RV. 

You cannot build a small dump station for a 44-45 foot RV. It can make the draining process extremely slow and time-consuming. 

Find the sewerage’s line

The main sewerage line of any open ground includes the draining of all random waste. These lines are capable of carrying all the solid, and semi-solid, and liquid waste.

You should find the mainline before moving to the next step. All the significant method moves towards this essential point.

 Access the sewer by following the pipelines, or you can also take a map of this specific location. The owners of the park or ground also guide about the sewerage lines. Locate this area and mark it by placing any sign or a rock. It helps in identifying the exact place during the process. 

Join the pipes

This step is for the direct draining of the waste material in the hose. You can use 2-3 pipes from the parking location of the RV to the hose.  

It is like the septic tank method of waste disposal.

Build a hose

In some circumstances, when there is no hose or hole in the ground, build it. Take measurements according to your RV’s size, and start digging.

The hose for draining all the dirty material should be deep and wide. It must contain the draining holes and add concrete flooring.

The concrete absorbs all the liquid waste immediately. In this way, you can save the surrounding from the spillage of waste matter. The solid masses sink in the bottom of the hose, and it is beneficial during dumping.

Join the tank with the hole

Joining the RV tank with the hole of the dump station requires more pipes. Make sure these pipelines are lengthy, and they must contain the waste in full volume.

Join the drain pipes together, and attach the one end of the drainpipe to the tank. The other should indulge inside the hose of the dumping station.

The attachment of waste material to the hole makes the system so efficient that it differentiates the waste. The pipes separate the liquid waste from the solid masses. Water starts absorbing in the padding of the hole, and the soli remains in intact form. 

Adjust the drain pipe 

During the dumping process, adjust the drainpipe repeatedly. It helps in the one direction flow of the toxic material. The spilling of dead water on the floors is not an excellent choice in any condition.

Is dumping at public stations legal?

It is legal to dump the sewage of the raw material. Drain in those areas where the owners allow you. It should contain all the requirements and tools.

The sewage must include enough dumping space in terms of the RV and its size. In general, there are official companies that allow the drainage of waste material. Local wastage plants also allow building a separate dumping station for the RV waste. 

Benefits of building your own RV dump station

  • Building your dump station offers comfort and convenience. 
  • You can use this vehicle as a place of enjoyment and other activities. Allow your guests in the RV and attach the drainpipe with the dump station directly. In this way, everyone can enjoy the amenities without any hesitation. 
  • Building your dumping station helps in saving a lot of money. There is no need to pay the charges for draining the waste of your RV. You can do it at home or any other local and personal dump station. 
  • You can use your dumping station at any time without any restriction. 

How to dump RV waste at home?

It is a small system, but you can drain your RV’s toxic material in it. It can comprise the waste dump two to three times a day. It is a simple method, but it requires mega machinery.

There are some waste grinders in the market, and you can purchase them from the market or online stores. These grinders help in the maceration of the wastewater and other solid materials. 

The grinder helps in cutting the larger particles of the massive material into small pieces. These pie es are easy to drop in a dump station.

The macerating machine is the dumping point of all the unnecessary material. Install a pump with the macerator and develop a pressure. Use a hose of your home’s garden and set the piping system.

The machines help in draining all the stuff directly into the home’s toilet. This method is simple and less time-consuming, and you can also take the help of a friend.

Use main septics

The septic systems at home are the main pipes that have big drains. They must contain a lid to cover the upper surface of the drain pipe. 

The assessment of the port is the essential factor of the whole procedure. Always check that in which area you are creating the pressure. Try to pull the solid dumping and keep o checking the direction.

In the circumstances, when you find out that you on the wrong direction, and it is too late because the system gets dead. Screw the cap of the drain but always go easy on it. There are toxic fumes in the darning area that can lead to lethal diseases. 


This method is also known as the bucket method or container method. Few people consider it the way of dumping at home. It requires expertise and professional guidance, or the damages are irreversible.

You can use a container like a bucket and remove the waste material in it. Pour all the waste matter in the mega hose or the home toilet directly. Never use this method for that vehicle in which tanks are already full of waste matter. This will make your RV toilet smell better.

How to dump black and grey RV waste?

  • Always dump the black water first and make sure there are no solid residual masses. 
  • Start pulling the rig near the dumping station. Stay as closer as you can, and it helps in proper washing.
  • Always wear gloves while draining the black and grey waters.
  • Open the tanks by unlocking them, start accessing the cabins that contain the waste masses.
  • Make sure that black and grey valves are tightly closed. 
  • Attach the hose area and pipes of both valves.
  • Open the black water pipe and allow it to free-flowing. 
  • Wash the tanks with cleaners and clear water.
  • Rinse and sanitize your hands before touching anything.

What is the legal significance of dumping at home?

It is legal to dump the waste at home, and it is one of the most convenient methods. Toilets at home are personal properties, and the utilization is according to the choice of owners.

Always consider that the draining pipes of your home toilets are not leading to someone’s premises. In such cases, the situation becomes difficult to handle. The government can charge you an amount in case of reports against you. 

How to dump an RV in a dumping station?

Make sure that the tank of the RV is three half of its original value.

Add water if the level of water is below the normal range. The pipes of the RV work on the phenomenon of gravity.

There is no need to pull or push the pipe and place it in a constant state. 

Connect the hose with both waste pipes that are black waste and grey waste. It helps in the proper draining of the vehicle’s tank. 

Attach the other end with the hose area. Remove the black water in the first place, then go for greywater.

Make sure that each pipe is working without any blockage. Add the cleaners like toilet cleaner in the flush.

Allow free flowing of water from the flush to the hole. Clear the tanks and make sure there are no residual masses.

If the RV lacks the built-in cleaning mechanism, then add this advancement. 

The draining process depends on the method you follow and also the proper guidelines. 

What are the things to avoid during dumping?

  • Never change the dumping material, and it should contain the wastage of the recreational vehicle. 
  • Clean the tanks even after removing the toxic material. 
  • Remove the garbage from the dumping station.
  • Clean the tanks as soon as you can, and rapid dumping offers excellent results. 

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