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Can I Install a Sunroof in My Truck?

Can I Install a Sunroof in My Truck?

Here are easy methods to put a sunroof on your truck. We have also explained different types of sunroof along with features and prices for their installation.

Can I Install a Sunroof in My Truck? Yes, you can put a sunroof in your truck. Most of the best sunroof tilts through the electric motor give you fresh air crossing and a pleasant environment. You have to figure out that vehicle is suitable, the best sunroof style, cost, and installer for it. These are cost-effective, and the price of the popular panoramic sunroof is around $100 to $270.

Can I Install a Sunroof in My Truck?

The sunroof is a great attribute for your truck. It also enhances the space and allows sunlight, and circulates fresh air gives you the best feelings.

It acts as an extra window to provide ventilation, increase the truck’s importance and texture, and noise level reduces.

The manual sunroof can tilt or lift from a close position to get fresh air and light, while motorized can open or close by press a button. It can slant, slide full or partial closing and opening.

If you buy a truck that is without this facility, then you can install it. 

Types of sunroofs for truck

There are several varieties of sunroof available which well-fitted for your truck. All of them have various styles and sunshades and a lot of benefits and functions.

Its selection is a difficult and challenging decision for you which is preferable and fit according to your need and pickup requirements. 

Built-in sunroof

This style adds value and innovative design, and its quality develops beautifully and excellently. These equip with structure plus and, sophisticated finish gives the best fitting to let in air, sunlight through lifting or complete opening.

A built-in sunroof is a classic design which is a popular panel style that moves out inside the truck roof. It is suitable for large vehicles and gives and makes extra space.


Spoiler sunroof is suitable for small vehicles provides an extra-large opening and space. It has the best key feature like automatic shut-off when the ignition turns off, wind deflector, soft-touch electronics.

These are available in both large and medium-size and slides off on the top roof side besides of inside opening. 

Pop up

It is cost-effective and affordable for any person of all other designs. To use a liver hatch, its panel close and open by manual help, and the older model contain a rotary crack function and tilt-assist to air vent within the passenger area. These can remove entire from the vehicle with ease. 


These panoramic designs become traditional in the modern vehicle but expensive than another sunroof. You can experience it because it is suitable at night to give a clear view.

There are various glass panels with panoramic moon roofs, which cover a large part of the whole roofing and open most of the forward body.

Difference between moonroof and sunroof

Moonroof term defines as a see-through glass panel, which opens or closes with a button press. It can slide over between the headliner and a roof.

The glass can help minimize heat and sunlight glare. There are sunshades available that can close or open to cover up the sun rays and optimize the light.

It can completely open as compared to the sunroof. It is preferable because of ease opening through a press button.

Most the Ford owner and manufacturers prefer these types of the roof due to its variation and properties. Another can pop-up, tilt, and removable, and made of most metal material. It is close or open by manual or with a crank that operates by hand. 

How to install a sunroof in your truck?

When you go to add the sunroof in your truck, then various changes occur in it like cutting, wiring, accessories replacement, installing, and few others, if necessary. You have to check out before its installation that it affects the vehicle warranty. 

Items require for installing

  • Screwdriver
  • Wrenches
  • Jigsaw 
  • Nibbler
  • Electric die grinder

Check your truck

Depends on the vehicle models and design, aftermarket sunroof fixing is not suitable for all your vehicle.

Sometimes it can disturb or weak the vehicle function and its roof integrity. These are not favorable because various items on the truck roof like roof supporting accessories, bins which store overhead.

Relocation of roof components

You have to determine which items roof-mounted, like the antenna located overhead the passenger and driver area. 

Determine its space

In this case, you assess the space which sufficient for the fixing. Its size must 15-18 inches and requires extra room, almost 3 to install other accessories along with it. If your truck roof contains a DVD player and others, then assess its space. 

Check its compatibility with your truck

You can search online configurator to assess if it is available for your vehicle size. You can look at the various brands of sunroof manufacturers.

Next, you find out the installer in your city. You can go to find out if any local installer present which gives you the service. 

Search for a suitable sunroof design

Each sunroof design and style has its quality and characteristics, and cost. You can select which is best and suitable, and versatile.

You can choose from its various types that available for aftermarket installation. Your choice depends on its affordable cost and how much you want to invest in it.

Webasto can provide guidelines and help determine the style and types because each option cannot fit your vehicle. Each type has versatile and various designs and sunshades, which best for it. 

The sunshades style has various varieties like rolling cover, perforated vinyl rolled sheet, and sliding sunshades, it over with fabric which attaches with truck headliner and help to stop the light passage.

You can buy the sunroof-like panoramic installation kit from any auto parts or online store for around $100-$250. 

Find a sunroof installer

Most of the trucks you purchase are without its facility, so install them with some professional help. It is difficult for you to fix on its own because it is the makeup of metal and glass and its cutting and connecting electrical components with its roof.

You should contact them to find out if they do aftermarket installation. 

Measure the roof length

Its size depends on the vehicle space availability and length along its sides. Measure it by starting the front end to the rear end and repeat this process for the opposite side.

When you finish the measurement, then write down these dimensions to figure out its size and width according to these. Then, cutting the template, which measures its size, and attach onto trace area with tape.

Cut the truck roof

Cutting the roof after its dimension does some extra activities. You have to trace the portion which needs to cut down correspondence of the sunroof measurement.

Trace the template with chalk or marker and tap it to know for making a drill hole. These are wind deflector holes, and sometimes for kits, its number is around 6.

The next step is to cut that trace area with tool help or equipment like a metal nibbler sheet or jigsaw. You do this procedure with care and slow so that any wrong cut or beyond its measurement does not proceed.

You separate the rigid headliner through a razor knife. When you do this, wipe and clean any material like paints or small metal pieces. In the end, remove or detach part of the roof from your truck which becomes replace with a sunroof. 

Place the sunroof

When you install the sunroof before doing this, wipe out or clean its glass penal help with some primer, cleaner that vinegar and ammonia-free. You can lubricate the moving portion by greasing material like white lithium.

You allow it to dry, and this process prevents future rusting or corrosion. You have to attach the sticky weather foil stripping both the outer and inner cut area and put a black seal or ring over there. These rings are wind deflectors that attach to the sealer and washer.

Next, take the sunroof and insert from the interior side, not on the roof side and screw, so the sticky strips remain in their position.

Then, attach the front and back clamps with supports and attach switch and cable makes the connection. You make assuring that these are working best.

You use the push-in fasteners to fix the front covers and back sides. The alignment you make like the distance from the curve point to the rear part where the back mirror start is around 6-7 inches on both sides.

Secure it from both the left and right sides with the window at a distance of around 8-9 inches. In the end, confirm the alignments and trim out the excess material through pliers.

Unmask the truck surface and reinstall the interior

After installing, you have to unmask the truck roof surface, which helps to prevent any damage. Reinstall the interior parts which become dismantle before doing the replacement.

Do I Really Need a Sunroof in My Truck?

Modern sunroof usually contains a glass panel that is movable and open to allow ventilation and circulation easy. In previous, these available but manual operate. 

Automakers often deliver a new type of panoramic glass panels which available in multiple forms. These have openings both above the back and rear seats, which can function or be mounted glass panels. 

It also overcomes the noise issue produced by the window opening and high-speed air gushing that disturb the passenger conversation. This factor reduces by it, and airflow gives the proper ventilation. 

During rainy conditions, the view from your cabin is clean and clear, and you can enjoy the weather through it. In cold climate conditions, you can see through this, and inside become bright and illuminate. 

Weatherstripping is an essential part of aftermarket sunroof installation. The purpose is that to prevent water leakage into the truck interior.

It also protects the interior and exterior glass or from water stains. You have to replace it, to prevent further damage like cracking or rubber deterioration. It is an easy task, not a hectic job, and less time-consuming.

Why is my truck sunroof not working?

Here are the main causes:


It is a general issue, and it is a disaster to face difficulty to handle it. During its drainage, clog occur, and the rubber seal wears out due to possible causes.

The cost of fixing is not a big issue, but damage can cause the truck’s inner portion, like water drip into critical points. 

Glass scratches

These are heavy-duty and cannot break easily. If these become damaged or scratches appear can lead to handling it difficult.

These are lack of ting so cannot tolerate the cold or hot weather condition. It also causes significant problems like the aerodynamic in which fuel consumption becomes high. 

Electrical issues:

Sometimes electrical issues appear like fuse break down, switch failure, and the dead motor becomes a horrible situation for your and vehicle.

During storms or rain, it becomes disturbing nobody wants to put themselves in this situation due to improper function.

The damaged fuse can fix with ease but repair with some professional expert to prevent further issues. The problems are rare but not easy and cheap, but it is a replacement. 

Mechanical issue

Sometimes the motor function is improper, like sunroof closing difficult and partial. It can happen due to the accumulation of dirt and dust stuck in the gears.

You can check it, remove, and clean it. You have to go to the repair center if you face a problem with its fixing.


It is a rare issue and cannot be a big problem. The simple reason for its damage is the glass-like scratches and cracks.

How much does it cost to put a sunroof in a truck?

The installation time depends on the glass panel number, like the need for replacement urethane and headliner drop.

The installation time duration becomes high if you have a sunroof with multiple glass panels. The single one takes less time, around 1-1.5 hours.

Aftermarket installation is good or bad?

The roof of your truck is a vital element, but sunroof installation keeps it attractive. The safety issue occurs, sometimes like during the crash time.

It also affects the rigidity and integrity, and resale value. You should buy the industry-fitted one.

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