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How to Replace Broken Side Mirror on Your Truck?

How to Replace Broken Side Mirror on Your Truck?

Here are 9 best DIY methods to repair and replace a broken side mirror on a truck. We have added the tools required along with this step-by-step guide.

How to Replace Broken Side Mirror on Your Truck? You can replace a broken side mirror on your truck by removing the broken trim panel and door panel, disconnect electrical connectors, and attach a new mirror.

Broken side mirrors replacement from a repairing shop is a costly job. It costs approximately $40 to $300 in replacing the broken mirror. The good news is that you can do it in your home using some simple ways and tools.

How to Replace Broken Side Mirror on Your Truck?

In this article, we have explained 9 amazing techniques that will help you fix the side door mirror on your pickup. Many fellows think it’s a difficult procedure. Just follow the steps mentioned in the correct sequence and you can quickly do this.

Tools Required

  • Precut glass
  • Sealant
  • Masking tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Hooked pick
  • Panel remover lever
  • Trim pad remover
  • Spray paint
  • Gloves
  • Clean cloth

You do not need to change the whole side assembly when the plastic base is totally fine. It is a very cheap method, and it cost less than $30 to do it. You can do it within 10 to 20 minutes. Now follow these steps to do it.

Purchase a precut glass

The first thing to do is that you should buy a precut glass for your vehicle. Be vigilant while choosing the precut glass for the vehicle. these are commonly available at the market. Buy a device that exactly matches the size and shape of your device.

The glass you are buying should have a clear and transparent surface. It should be easy to install at home.

The edges should be smooth and easily fixable for proper fixation. It should have superior quality because low-quality equipment has a problem of increased glare at night. It will make your Ford F150 look better.

Pickup broken pieces

First, wear leather gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes.

Use some ice scraper screwdriver to pull apart the loose pieces of glass. You can also use some tweezers to pick up small pieces of glass.

Don’t forcefully pull apart any piece of glass. Leave the remaining glass there on the plastic base. You can add a new product to the remaining glass easily.

Now take a clean cloth to clean the remaining part and plastic base. Clean all the dust and filth from it.

Wet the cloth with water to thoroughly clean the plastic because the dirt and old sealant will hinder the replacement. Use soapy water to clean the stubborn old sealant. After the procedure, let it dry for some time.

Apply sealant

Buy a thick bead of rubber sealant from any auto repair shop. Permatex is the most widely used sealant that is cheap in price with good results.

Usually, the precut glasses one side is adhesive, and it easily sticks to the plastic base. But it does not make a strong bond with the plate. That s why an extra bead of sealant is essential.

Cut a 1-inch piece of rubber sealant and apply it to the perimeter retainer. Apply 2 to 3 dollops of sealant on the honeycomb portion of the plastic base. This also stops truck mirrors from vibrating.

Apply a large dollop on the remaining section also, never apply the sealant on the adhesive pads of the plastic base. Here the sticky sides of the new product attach with the device, secure it correctly. This is a must if you want to carry more weight on your pickup.

Apply new glass

After applying the sealant immediately, use the new part; otherwise, the sealant will get dry. Apply it on the plastic base with your hands.

Apply some pressure with the palm to adhere to it with the sealant. The adhesive edges of the glass fix in the plate by applying pressure.

The sealant sets it in the base and binds it with it strongly. You can also use masking tape to hold it in place until the sealant sets in properly.

Cut a measured piece of masking tape to apply it to the edges of the gadget. Remove the tap from it when the sealant gets dry.

Replacing glass mirrors with electrical connectors

In this procedure, you need to change the whole assembly. You can do it yourself with the help of some appropriate tools. Just follow these steps to do it.

Purchase new side mirror

You can buy a newly manufactured product according to the model of your pickup. You can also buy a second-hand gadget of an old vehicle.

Choose any of these depending on your budget. But keep in mind that it should have superior quality and easy to install.

Search online for a suitable product for your vehicle. Here different options are available with a full description of the product.

When you are buying a used product, also buy paint to match the color with your pickup. After purchasing it paint it by spraying paint on it. It is necessary to match the color. You can add an underglow light kit on your truck.

Remove side mirror trim panel and door panel

The first step is removing the door trim panel, it will disclose the electrical connectors.

Find out all the screws and fasteners that fix the door panel in place. These fasteners are usually under the decorative vanity caps. A truck door panel has four screws, one is behind the armrest one is behind the speaker.

The other two screws are behind the finger pull area. Open up all these decorative vanities to disclose all the screws. You can use a screw opener to open all of them.

Now look for the trim panel, which is located at the upper right or left corner of the door. Use a flat head screwdriver to pull the trim apart. You have to be careful not to damage other parts.

Now remove all the screws that secure the indoor panel. Phillips screwdriver is commonly used to remove these screws. Tight i correctly to prevent any damage in the future.

Disconnect the electrical connectors

When you have removed all the screws, follow the cable to its connection. When you find its root connection, disassemble it from the automobile.

Use your fingers to pull out the electrical wires. Keep it disconnected and remove it from the pickup.

Attach new mirror

This final step is somehow tricky, and it will take sufficient time. After disconnecting the connection, place a new gadget in its place.

Install the assembly mounting bolts and properly tight all the bolts. Be careful in not overtightening the bolts. You should know the average weight of Ford F250 for better results.

Attach the disconnected electric wires to a new device. Its attachment side is usually present at the back or in the casing.

Place the door panel back on its place and use a rubber mallet to place any trim panel fasteners. Secure all the screws in their specified location. You can use a screw tightener to do it.

When you are installing it, accurate positioning is very crucial. It allows you to see any approaching vehicle from a wide-angle.

When you are changing the right side, set its position by sitting in the driving seat. While positioning the equipment, keep the horizon in the center of the gadget.

There should be a small area of the vehicle on the left side. The right side should capture some of the vehicle’s body so that you can see the road behind you.

Use the same technique for this procedure, position the left side slightly lower than the right side.

It helps you to have a better view of the road while turning around a corner. You should also adjust it according to the positions of the seat.

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