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How to Replace Sunroof Glass on Ford F150?

How to Replace Sunroof Glass on Ford F150?

In the modern world, sunroofs have become an essential feature in a Ford F150. They are not only practical but also add to the aesthetic appeal of a truck. As a result, they are being designed in F150 more frequently.

How to Replace Sunroof Glass on Ford F150? You can replace the sunroof glass on Ford F150 by removing the small plastic covers from the interior part of the sunroof. Remove the nuts using a rachet and push the glass upward. Move out, stand on the ladder and slide it forward to remove it. Now place the new glass in the frame and tighten the nuts. Using buttons, check whether it is working correctly or not.

It is the sunroof of our truck that allows us to enjoy the beautiful sky and sun. These are a great way to bring light to your F150. Without this, you would not be able to enjoy the fresh air flowing in through your vehicle.

Why would you replace the sunroof glass on a Ford F150?

One of the most common drawbacks that occur with a sunroof is leakages.  

It is because the seal between the glass and rubber gasket can wear out over time, creating leaks that let in water when it rains or snow when there is snow on the roof of your F150.

Some cracks can also develop from the normal wear and tear of daily usage. Dirt and debris collect on it or in the surrounding areas, causing them to break over time.

The wear and tear process happens at a very slow pace, so you do not realize when your Ford F150 starts leaking water through your sunroof.

Sometimes kids throw stones on its glass, which can cause it to break. Likewise, dropping heavy items on the glass can cause it to shatter and break into small pieces.

It can be hazardous, especially when it happens while driving on a highway with a high-speed limit.

Sunroof replacement prevents water leaks inside the F150. However, due to some reason, if there is any leakage, then it can cause damage to your truck’s interior or electronics parts that may cost more than $1000.

You must be careful about this issue and replace your old one with a new one as soon as possible.

Sometimes the glass becomes foggy or cloudy from age, and you should consider replacing it right away to avoid putting yourself at risk when driving.

Things to consider when replacing the Sunroof glass on the F150 truck

Sunroof replacement is a project for both hands and the brain because it puts the eye, head, and body at risk due to flying debris. 

Since you will be removing and installing glass, there is a great deal of potential for injury. You need to wear protective gear such as masks, gloves, and goggles.

It is because a lot of electricity runs through this part of the vehicle. Some cases happened in which people were electrocuted by trying to change the glass during rain.

You can place a large piece of cloth on your seats. It will help you in collecting the glass pieces, in case it shatters. 

Identifying the Type of Sunroof Your Ford F150 Has

Depending on the year and model, there are different variations for you to consider. 

In the early f150 models, sunroofs and moonroofs were the two terms used differently. A moonroof is a transparent panel installed on the roof of an automobile, van, or truck.

It allows light to enter the truck’s cabin without opening any doors. It also reduces heat buildup within the vehicle because of its tinted glass.

On the other hand, these work by having a window that can slide or tilt open at the top of a truck’s roof. Nowadays, both these terms are used interchangeably. 

There are different designs available in the automobile market. The difference may be insignificant to the average person, but selecting it is important for your vehicle.

One of the most commonly used products nowadays is panoramic sunroofs. It is one of the latest innovations in truck design. 

It is a large panel located in the middle of the F150 that retracts and slides back to open up the top portion of its roof.

It is a particular type that is larger than usual and covers the truck’s entire roof. As a result, it offers increased visibility and an unobstructed 360-degree view of the outside world for people in the Ford F150.

Many Ford models feature these panoramic sunroofs because of their unique style and ability. In addition, some newer ford truck models have power opening and closing features for them.

The driver controls the opening and closing functions from inside using switches on a console.

The pop-up sunroof is another type. It is a roof panel that raises and lowers to allow air and light into the pickup. An electric motor can power it, or you can manually open it. 

It was only available on higher-end trucks in the past, but now they are becoming more common on less expensive pickups. 

A spoiler has similar qualities to a regular one, except instead of the roof opening up, it slides back and forth. 

It also gives drivers an unobstructed view of their surroundings, making parking easier and more convenient.

Replacing the Ford F150 Sunroof Glass

Many people know how to replace it. It is because they have the experience and the skills to solve the problem. 

Some people even consider it as a profession or at least a skill. You can also become one of them if you know how to do it and have the right tools for this job.

Ensure that all of your tools are in order so you do not have any problems later on down the line with getting everything. 

You will need a rachet. Step inside your truck and move the interior cover to look at its interior side. 

You will see two covers that guard the nuts. You can easily squeeze those covers and remove them. 

You can also use trim tools to remove the covers. Under the covers, you will see six nuts on each side. 

You can remove these bolts with the help of a rachet. Once the nuts are removed from the track brackets, you can see the shims. 

These shims are placed in between the brackets and the sunroof. Now slightly push the glass upward. 

Step out of your Ford F150 and place a small ladder or chair near your truck. Remember that your F150 has a panoramic sunroof, so you need to stand on the ladder, slide it forward and remove it. 

Carefully pull it outside, as the studs can do serious harm to your truck’s paint. 

Now take out your new one and carefully place it in the frame. Next, get back inside the vehicle and install the nuts on the bolts with the help of a rachet.

Now start your pickup and check whether it is working correctly or not. 

Slide it back and forth to check its smoothness. In this way, you can replace it without having your mechanic fix it for you. 

How Long it Take to Replace the Sunroof Glass?

In general, a professional will always take less time than someone who does not know what they are doing. 

In many cases, the average time it takes to replace a cracked or damaged glass is about 70 to 90 minutes. 

However, the factors that go into the time may include the type of truck and its make, model, and year of Ford F150. 

In addition, there can be other factors, such as whether or not an individual has taken any courses in automotive repair or if they have experience with this type of work.

It depends on many other factors as well, like, how is the truck’s design? For example, does it have a single or double sunroof? 

Is the truck equipped with an electrical system? What type of glass is used? Is it plastic or tempered glass? Are there more panels to replace besides the one that has been damaged?

How to protect the Sunroof of your truck?

Everyone wants to own a truck with a sunroof, but few of us are willing to deal with the hassle of cleaning it.

These are one of the most eye-catching parts of a pickup. They are also an eyesore if they are covered in dirt. 

Dirt brings down the overall appearance of your truck and makes it look dull and unkempt. 

This part requires cleaning more often than most other parts of the F150 and you have to be careful to avoid cracks.

The culprit is the rain, but it is not just the rain. Dirt and dust can also get in there and leave a film on the glass, which looks terrible when you open it up.

Use water to clean it, but that does not seem to be enough every time you need to clean it. 

The best thing about this is that it leaves no stains, which is very important when cleaning windows in general.

To protect your expensive glass from getting damaged, you can also use a deflector. 

Deflectors are specially designed to keep water and other debris away from the glass. However, it still allows air to flow in and out of the Ford F150 through the vents.

Use a cover when not in use. Even with a drain hole, water can still get trapped inside the cover and cause stains on the roof.

For kids or pets, be sure that they do not track in mud or dust onto your glass when they enter the truck. 

How Much Does It Cost to Replace It?

In case you are worried that the repair will cost too much for your budget, consider purchasing an extended warranty or insurance coverage from your manufacturer. 

The problem with replacing the glass is that many people do not know how much it will cost them or where they can get the best deals on replacement parts.

You might be surprised how much it could cost you to replace your Ford F150 sunroof. Many people do not realize that the price a repair shop quotes is only an estimate, and hidden charges can increase the final bill.

The cost of replacing it is going to vary depending on what is wrong with it. The biggest factor in pricing will be whether or not you need to replace the whole panel. 

The average replacement cost varies from $250 to $650. It depends on how much work needs to be done and what kind of glass you want to install. 

The shade of glass will cost you around $15 to 30 dollars. The average cost of edge trims is $35. 

The repair kit can cost you approximately $40. However, you can buy the whole tool kit for about $37.

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