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Should I Buy Casita Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer?

Should I Buy Casita Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer?

Casita spirit deluxe travel trailer is famous among people due to its design and interior features. It comes with the latest features and durable accessories.

Should I Buy Casita Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer? According to our experience, people like to buy the Casita Spirit Deluxe travel trailer because of its lightweight, aerodynamic structure, high resale value, presence of refrigerators, larger water tanks, and fiberglass exterior. In addition, it has a large storage area, bunk beds, insulated interior, ventilated and air-conditioned interior, and stylish furniture in the dinette area. Furthermore, it is famous due to additional accessories like a TV, furnace, gas detector, water heater, oven, sofas, large bathrooms, and spare tires.

In addition, people love these trailers due to their high-quality infrastructure material, which can decrease the risk of leaks and entry of dust or pests.

What are Casita spirit deluxe travel trailers?

Casita spirit deluxe is a travel trailer that you can tow with any vehicle for long trips. The company named it because casita means small room in the Spanish language.

This small room has all the necessary accessories for survival for several days. It is unique and different from other small RVs due to its shape and whitish exterior that looks cool and attractive.

Casita enterprises have been manufacturing these small egg-shaped trailers since 1983. The average length of these cabins is about 14 to 18 feet.

Why would you buy Casita Spirit Deluxe Travel Trailer?

Many people love to buy these RVs because o their luxurious design and appearance. The whitish exterior grabs customers’ attention and urges them to purchase them.


These are lighter in weight which makes them easy to tow. It cannot cause any damage to your towing vehicle because of its lighter weight.

You can easily drag them and move at high speed. Moreover, the lighter weight also helps to improve the fuel efficiency of your hauling vehicle.


Casita spirit deluxe has an aerodynamic structure that helps to decrease the emissions from pickup trucks and improves fuel efficiency.

The aerodynamic means it decreases air drag and reduces wind noise. As a result, you can easily drive your vehicle without instability issues while moving in high windy areas.

You can move faster with less fuel consumption due to their aerodynamic design.

High resale value

It is costly, and many people cannot afford them due to its higher price tag.

These trailers also have a high cost when you sell them in the market. However, the resale value is high due to their less fuel consumption, aerodynamic design, and reliability.

People also want to buy the used ones because of their high durability and economical fuel mileage.


These types of RVs are equipped with many of the necessities that are essential during trips.

You want refrigerators during road trips to store your food and prevent them from spoilage. The refrigerators are the best part, so you can keep your food safe for longer.

In addition, it is best during the summer season to keep your beverages and drinking water cold.

Large tanks

Water is the basic need for survival during road trips because you need it for bathing and cooking.

These trailers have a large water tank for a continuous water supply to the bathrooms and kitchen area for washing utensils and cooking purposes.

The average water capacity of these large tanks ranges from 20 to 25 gallons. Moreover, the black tank with a water capacity of 12 to 15 gallons is present on the side of the toilet.

Fewer chances of leakage

The exterior structure of casita spirit deluxe comprises several coatings of fiberglass material. The fiberglass material coatings help to make them lighter weight.

The chances of water leakage during rainy days are also less due to the exterior fiberglass material. Therefore, you cannot face issue any due to leaking of water and the presence of moisture.

Additional space for bunks

It can easily accommodate the sleeping area of 3 to 4 persons. Moreover, it provides additional sleeping space in the form of a bunk.

You can open these bunks during the night for sleeping purposes. In addition, you can use these bunks as a couch in a dinette area for eating food, gossiping, and reading your favorite books.

It is best for families with bunk beds because 5 to 6 people can easily sleep on them. It has two permanent bunks and two temporary ones that you can change into sofas.

Bunk beds are also beneficial for your kid at night.

Insulated interior structure

The interior of Casita Spirit Deluxe Trailers is well insulated by using carpets. In addition, foamy mats cover the walls and floors to make the interior cozy and warm.

In addition, it is better during summer days because heat cannot enter inside due to these insulated walls. Therefore, you do not need to turn on the refrigerators all the time.

The interior is warm, cozy, and comfortable during winter days. In addition, the chances of condensation are also less due to carpeted walls.

Large storage space

It also provides adequate storage spaces for the storage of different items. The storage space is in the form of cabinets and shelves.

You can place your cloth and other accessories in these cabinets and shelves. You should properly organize your luggage in these cabinets.

The kitchen area is also equipped with cabinets for the placement of utensils and electrical equipment.

Ventilated roof

Rooftop vents are on the interior side to ventilate the interior and keep the moisture out. In addition, it is equipped with roof fans which are helpful for entry of fresh air.

The roof vents are also helpful in maintaining the internal temperatures of these trailers and preventing the cracking or lines of exterior fiberglass material.

Moreover, you do not need to open the doors and windows with the presence of air vents on rooftops.

Air-conditioned interior

The interior is equipped with air conditioners which is helpful during extreme temperature conditions. You can comfortably live in them during hot summer days by turning on ac.

The air conditioners also have the heating element to make the environment cozy during winter or cold days.

It becomes suitable for both the summer and winter seasons, and you can live there comfortably.

Stylish furniture

Its interior contains luxurious and stylish furniture, which makes people happy and comfortable when they live there.

The dinette area has stylish furniture with two chairs and a table. Moreover, it also has large beds that you can convert into a sitting area.

You can convert these beds into sofas during the day for dining purposes.

Additional accessories (TV, oven, furnace, cushions)

It contains other accessories like a TV which is present in dinette areas. You can easily turn them on to watch TV shows and movies in your spare time.

The kitchenette is equipped with an oven to deforest your food items so you can eat them. Moreover, the ovens are also beneficial for serving hot meals.

The furnace is on the interior side, which is beneficial during the winter season to make the interior of RVs warm and cozy.

Spare tire

Spare tires are the essential accessory to tackle emergencies during driving. Sometimes the tires become faulty and cause issues during driving.

In addition, the damage to tires also occurs due to road hurdles or excessive weight, which can make their movement difficult.

You can change the old or damaged tires with this spare one for a safe and comfortable journey.

Water heater

The water heater is attached with their water take to provide warm water during the winter.

You need warm water for bathing purposes when you travel in cold areas. You cannot wash your hands with cold weather in cold weather.

Bathing with warm water gives a soothing and calm feeling to your body.

Gas detector

The LP gas detectors are on the interior side to detect any leakage from the kitchen area and decrease the chances of damage.

Gas leaking from the stove harms the passenger because it can make the interior suffocate, and you cannot live there.

The gas detectors detect the presence of leakage of gas and make you aware of this issue.

Why do some people not like to buy a casita spirit deluxe travel trailer?

Many people dislike purchasing casita deluxe travel trailers because of several problems. These problems are minor, but it is annoying for many people.

The lighter color of the carpet

The walls and floors are carpeted with greyish or whitish color mats. It is a light greyish color which becomes difficult to clean.

In addition, the stains of food crumbs and spillages are more prominent on these lighter color carpets.

Due to their lighter shade, you can easily see the dust and dirt particles on their surface. You have to clean them repeatedly, which is a hectic procedure.

Small battery compartment

You need to place the battery in your RV to provide electrical supply to several electronic components.

People often need two batteries because of the addition of excessive electrical devices for ease and comfort.

The battery compartment is only enough for the adjustment of one battery. You cannot adjust two batteries in this smaller area.

You have to decide the specific place if you want to add two batteries.

Faulty latches of door

Many of my friends who use this trailer complain that the latches of the doors are not durable and break after some time.

The breaking of door latches causes a problem with opening and closing. The major issue is that you have to replace the entire door to fix the problem.

Aluminum window coverings

The coverings of the rear and front side windows are made of aluminum material. The aluminum material is quite a noise when you move on the roads.

In addition, it can also produce noise when you are moving on bumpy roads. The aluminum coverings also make the opening and closing of windows difficult.

What do reviews say?

I survey about 187 Casita travel trailer owners in America to take their reviews about its durability and reliability.

Out of 187 people, 78 people (42%) said that it is the best one due to the presence of multiple accessories.

82 (44%) said that sleeping area is good in which 5 to 6 persons can sleep easily.

27 people (14%) said they do not use these trailers because of their higher price tag.

One person mentioned, I have been using this trailer for a longer time and never seen any leakage from the roof of windows due to multiple layers of fiberglass.

Another buyer mentioned: that when I tow this trailer with my vehicle, the fuel consumption remains minimum, providing better mileage.

“I love casita trailers that I bought from the second-hand market due to their aerodynamic structure and bathrooms.”

Does Casita Spirit Deluxe have a bathroom? 

Casita spirit deluxe is famous among people due to the presence of bathrooms. It provides a large area for bathrooms that is enough for toilets and showers.

The interior is large, and you can easily take a bath without facing any difficulty. Moreover, the floor of the washrooms is also the best and looks luxurious.

The bathrooms also contain small cabinets for adjusting accessories like soap, handwash, and tissues.

How long does the Casita Spirit Deluxe Trailer last?

These types of travel trailers are long-lasting and last for about more than 35 years. The manufacturers also state that casita trailers last for a lifetime.

The material used for their manufacturing is long-lasting, making them durable and highly reliable. Therefore, people purchase them due to their longevity and durability.

You can sell them when you get tired of using them and purchase the new one.

Why is the Casita Travel Trailer so expensive?

Casita spirit deluxe travel trailers come under a high price tag due to the presence of a lot of basic accessories.

Their average price ranges from $21,000 to $22,000. However, depending on their condition, you can find the used ones under the price tag of $15,000 to $18,000.

The price of used ones also depends on the specific model and their launching year. However, these are expensive because of their fiberglass exterior material, which helps increase their reliability.

In addition, these are costly due to luxurious furniture in dinette areas.

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