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Can You Add Heated Mirrors to F150?

Can You Add Heated Mirrors to F150?

Heated mirrors in F150 works by drawing enough power from the truck’s battery to heat the small metal coils inside the pad, which eventually heats the mirror. 

Can You Add Heated Mirrors to F150? You can add heated mirrors to your F150 by opening the mirror panel on the inner side of the door. Next, lose the bolts using a ratchet and socket. Now pull the outside panel of the mirror gently, and it will come out easily; attach the mirror pad with the mirror and connect the wires accordingly.

Heated mirrors are a great alternative to traditional rearview mirrors. They allow you to have a better view behind you, making it easier to park and providing a more secure feeling while driving.

What Are Heated Mirrors? 

Heated mirrors usually have a heating plate that attaches them, and whenever the driver pushes the button, they start to heat it.

There are two different types of heated mirrors; one is an electrical mirror, and one is a solar heated mirror, which uses solar energy to heat the mirror.

Adding Heated Mirrors to F150

Adding heated mirrors to your F150 truck is an easy procedure and only a professional worker can install them within 30 to 40 minutes.

You should check the instruction manual that comes with Ford F150 trucks and ensure that your vehicle does not have heated mirrors.

First of all, you need to buy them from your nearby automobile shop.

You can also look at online stores and buy them at a reasonable price; their average selling price is around $20 to $50 as the price depends on the quality and the type of company selling them. 

A low-quality product will last only for a few months, and you will have to spend more to buy a new one.

On the other hand, if you buy a good quality one, you can save your money, which will last longer.

Once you have these mirrors, the next step is installing them, and for this purpose, you need a screwdriver and a pair of heating pads.

The pads also have a set of wires and a fuse that you can connect with the battery, and a circular or rectangular-shaped button that will power them.

Now you need to open the inside panel of the side mirrors of your truck, check which type of screw is holding them, and then bring that particular screwdriver.

You can either use a plastic trim removal tool or a flat-head screwdriver and cover it with a cloth.

You can also pull the panel with your hands by gently pulling it outward, and when the panel is out, you can place it on your seat.

This plastic cover or panel is usually on the inside part of your truck’s door, and it either has black color or light grey.

When the panel is no longer there, you will see wires from inside going outside into the mirror; you need to pull this harness clip out and remove it.

You will also see that two or three bolts are holding it firmly, and to remove them, you will need a ratchet and a socket of the desired length.

Check the dimensions of the nut from your user manual and bring the ratchet and socket accordingly and detach them.

When you remove all the nuts, get out from your truck, put one hand below the mirror and the other above it, and pull it slowly.

The whole panel will come out; you may need to apply a little force while taking it out.

Similarly, you can repeat the same process on the other side and, after removing, put both of them on a soft surface.

Now take out both the mirrors from their respective panels; make sure that both the heating pads are working correctly.

You can attach the wires with the pads’ hooks, connect the other end with a charger battery, and ensure that it is producing heat. Now clean your mirror using different cleaners and wipe it with a small cloth, so no dirt remains.

Place the pad in the center and ensure that it is a perfect match, but you can cut it if it does not fit correctly on the mirror.

I usually use scissors to cut the pads, but you can also use a cutter to trim the extra piece of the pad; you should be extremely cautious while dealing with the cutter.

You should first mark the part you need to remove and then cut it.

Now turn it upside down and remove the cover from the pad and attach it firmly with the mirror; you should not stick the hook side of the pad with the mirror.

The pad needs to be as smooth as possible, ensure that it does not come out easily, and remains stick to the backside for a long time.

Bring your outer panel and place the mirror with a pad on it; notice where the hooks land and mark that position using a marker.

Drill 2 holes in the panel so that the hooks and the wires can easily get inside the panel.

You can use a drilling machine for this purpose, and after that, place the mirror on it and then connect one end of both the wires with the hooks of the pad.

You need to take the other end of both the wires out of the outer panel, and after that, you need to install the panel back.

You should always connect the right-side mirror on the right while the left one on the left side; otherwise, you will only cause problems for yourself.

Using a ratchet and wrench, tight the bolts and attach the wiring harness again; take out the other end of wires from the hole present in the inside panel.

You should attach the wires with the button and with the cables coming from the battery; install the button on the main panel of your truck.

Some of these buttons have a light on them, and whenever you turn the button ON, that light lit up, indicating that the heating mirror pad is now working.

Why Would You Add Heated Mirrors to Your Ford F150?

People usually use them in areas where the snow and ice may build up on the exterior surfaces of the truck’s mirrors. The heated mirrors will help melt this ice and snow and allow you to have a clear view. 

They help drivers see the road better and improve safety, but this technology has more applications for everyday driving than just assisting truckers in getting through winter.

There are three main reasons for installing them in your truck; they deduce the driver’s anxiety and frustration when using rearview mirrors that have snow on them.

They also reduce the chances of accidents due to poor visibility because of excessive snow or frost on the mirrors.

The final and main reason is that they increase the beauty and appearance of your truck, and they are also easy to install.

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