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How to Make Under Seat Storage for Ford F150?

How to Make Under Seat Storage for Ford F150?

Ford F150 is a pickup truck with massive size, and custom-fit under seat storage maximizes the storage area under the back seats of the full-size crew cab.

How to Make Under Seat Storage for Ford F150? You can make under seat storage for your Ford F150 measurement the space under the backseat of your vehicle. The manufacturing of Wooden boxes involves cutting wood panels, their accurate assembly, the addition of dividers to create pockets to place many things at a time, and plywood stand at the bottom for support. In addition, simple plastic, polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, and steel boxes are in use to make storage boxes to place under the backseats in trucks.

It helps you organize personal belongings in a better way, to keep your back-seats clutter-free, and safely store valuable things out of their site.

In your F150, the full-width drawer revolves the wasted space into lockable storage that is even approachable with the downward backseats.

Two types of boxes are commonly used for trucks, wooden crates and plastic boxes, which are placed under your vehicle’s back seats to make under seat storage.

Wooden Box for under seat storage

First of all, check the space is there under your back seat and how much longer you want to make your box.

Make measurements and try to limit it by concerning the space and your want. For example, if the space under the seat is 40in x 24in x 25in, then the box size will be 39 in x 23in x 24in.

This step provides you with the better adjustment of your box in the truck, and there is no need for further modifications in size at the installment time.

After the accurate measurement, make the list of materials needed to make the wooden case for placing under the back seat.

Wood screws, hinges, panel boards, measuring tape, table saw, the Kreg jig, miter saw, and drill are some of the requirements for making the wooden under-seat storage in the truck.

You should wear gloves and goggles, and you should make the vacuum handy because of the sawdust the Kreg jig generates.

Now cut the wood into pieces, drill pocket holes in the boards, add some glue at the edges of two boards, and clamp them together.

You have to flip the entire panel for facing up the pocket holes, drill pilot holes, and drill screws on the outer edges, as well as where the two pieces are in touch.

In case of any little overhang, you have to sand the wood down to ensure that everything is flush; and follow the same process for making the other panels to make a complete wooden box.

Now comes the turn of assembling; you should assemble the top as a priority because this step looks very simple, but it is challenging.

Place the side panels on the floor, wedge the pieces (one at a time), make sure that the corners are square with your speed square, and then clamp them together.

You will assemble the bottom support, like making the top panel by clamping and ensuring that it is square.

You can add extra plywood support at the lower side of the box to keep it slightly above the ground; this makes your box safe from any jerk during driving.

You have to place the unit front down to add a back; make sure that the plywood is aligned on the back of the wooden box.

You can also add plywood support to the sides of the box to make it hard and safe from any damage.

You have to measure the dimensions and add dividing panels in the box, and the number of the dividers depends upon your needs.

In this way, you can place your clothes, water bottles, and repairing tools within the same box.

Now, examine your cabinet for any imperfections, nicks, holes, and dents and patch it with a wood filter using a putty knife.

You should wear goggles and a face mask to make yourself healthy because sanding is tedious and messy work and creates dust.

Painting is not compulsory, and you can paint the box to make it attractive. Add polyurethane to keep the natural wood color, and you are all set.

You can also add the lids and doors in the box, this is not a compulsion and depends on your desire, and your solid and sturdy storage box is ready to place under the back seat.

Plastic Box

It is burdensome to make plastic cases; you can buy them from the market and use the plastic cases to utilize the under seat area in a good way for your F150.

Many companies offer storage boxes with durable thermoplastic frames using an innovative roto-molding process.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material

Polyvinyl chloride material is rigid, lightweight, resistant to chemicals, and commonly used for manufacturing under seat storage cases in pickup trucks like Ford F150.

PVC is strong but is not flexible, and that is why you can’t use it to make those boxes that have additional pockets or partitions inside.

Husky liners cases have a frame of polyvinyl chloride material; and are very lightweight and easily manageable.

Polyethylene (PE)

Polyethylene is more flexible than polyvinyl chloride material and is commonly used to manufacture boxes that have special functions.

Polyethylene is flexible and malleable, and you can mold it to add dividers that will fit in different sections of the storage box.

It is capable of thermal expansion, and due to this reason, it is the most popularly used material for manufacturing the under-seat storage cabinets in F150.

Tyger auto boxes are made of impact-resistant polypropylene material and have dividers that serve as gun racks.

Reinforced 16 gauge steel

You can use reinforced steel to make heavy-duty under-seat storage cases that focus on security, and their use is in the military, industrial, medical, and commercial industries.

Steel cases in big trucks have customized shapes, pockets, and built-in locks, and it is not easy to install due to their heaviness.

Why would you make under-seat storage in F150?

The Under-seat storage boxes under the back seat of your Ford F150 help you to keep your luggage in an organized way and store your valuables safely out of sight.

You can place different things such as food items, luggage, and water bottles in the under-seat storage cases when you are on a long journey.

Dividers in the box create pockets that will help you put many things in the box simultaneously, and you can also keep the things you want to hide from others.

You can create a compartment for keeping repairing instruments, a partition for placing the clothes, and a cabinet for hunting tools while going on a trip.

Sometimes you are carrying cargo such as battery acid, rifles, and first aid kits, and these items can fit safely and securely in pickup storage cases.

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