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How to Get Rid of Smelly Windscreen Washer Fluid?

How to Get Rid of Smelly Windscreen Washer Fluid?

Windscreen washer fluid contains ingredients that help remove stubborn debris from the truck windscreen during driving. It is used in cleaning the mess or any scratches on the windshield in bad weather conditions.

How to Get Rid of Smelly Windscreen Washer Fluid? You can get rid of smelly windscreen washer fluid by cleaning the tank and refilling it at regular intervals to prevent the manifestation of bacteria. Turn off the AC while using washer fluid to avoid the smell entering the vents. Next, unbolt the washer tank by popping up the bonnet and draining the fluid from the system. Finally, you can use a variety of quality disinfectants and duct system cleaner sprays to eliminate the foul smell.

It removes the dirt, scratches, and debris from the windscreen as it contains solvents.

For your vehicle’s maintenance, you have to look after all the mechanical parts and fluids that keep the parts functioning efficiently.

For example, it enhances wiper blade action, keeps the windscreen in good condition, and removes the dirt from the glass.

Using the wipers without drenching them with fluid may scratch the windscreen.

However, many people say that they can get rid of the smell by using suitable quality products and changing water from the tank.

It smells terrible due to molds or fungus in the reservoir, and you feel it through the vents.

By changing the water of the washer fluid reservoir

If your truck is standing for a long time in a parking place, and whenever you wipe off the windscreen foul smell comes. It is due to the stagnant water present in the washer bottle for many weeks or months.

While driving, when you clean the windshield with fluid, a smell enters through the outlet of the ac or heater system. The still water in the reservoir produces molds or bacteria that cause a foul odor.

To get rid of the smell, you have to check the washer bottle. Then, replace the old water regularly to prevent the formation of bacteria and empty the tank.

Firstly, open the bonnet and disconnect its duct from the end. Next, empty the reservoir and drain the fluid.

Rinse the bottle with water thoroughly after disposing of the stinky material fluid from the tank. Now put 1-2 caps of sterilizing liquid in boiling water and pour into the washer reservoir.

Then pump out the fluid, and empty the tank by cleaning the whole surface. Next, refill the bottle with distilled water and good-quality products.

Connect the hose with the nozzle, and the fluid smells good when you turn on the wipers with fluid.

By using Ac and heater duct cleaner

If you let the washer fluid stand in the tank for many weeks or months, it promotes the growth of bacteria.

It smells awful if you turn on the windscreen fluid to remove the dirt without replacing the water. The smell enters through the vent system of the truck when you turn on the heater or AC.

Some people use anti-microbial spray and duct cleaner on the vents to get rid of the bad odor. You can use the duct cleaner spray by turning on the vehicle and switching off the AC.

Turn off the ac system and spray the duct cleaner to get fresh air into the inside vents. You can leave it for a few minutes and feel that half of the smell go away from inside.

The fluid tank must be cleaned regularly and adequately filled to avoid bacteria in the water. You can also add a good fragrance to it or use aromatic duct cleaner sprays into the vents.

Dilute washer fluid with deionized water

Some fluids need dilution with distilled water, while others come with full strength; you do not need to mix it.

The washer system stinks if the tap water is poured with the fluid and stays longer. Tap water contains minerals that deposit on the surface of the reservoir.

When you turn on the wipers during the rainy season, it produces a smell due to a clogged system.

If you pour the tap water into this reservoir and forget to take it out, it produces a mildewy smell. You have to empty this tank and flush it thoroughly with warm water.

The chemicals present in the simple water clog the truck’s spray nozzles and the hose. Mixing the deionized water with fluid effectively cleans the debris or scratches from the screen.

It also helps remove the system’s blockages and clears away all the dirt. My friend replaced the tap water with deionized water, and the problem vanished.

By using a disinfectant, weak bleach solution, and white vinegar

Many people say that using the windscreen fluid with an empty bottle gives a smelly odor. My truck was standing in the parking for a couple of weeks, and it was terrible when I turned on the windscreen washer fluid.

Using disinfectant spray will keep away all the smell-causing molds and leave a good fragrance.

Some people use white vinegar and hot water in a 50/50 ratio in the washer bottle and let it stay for half an hour to fix the smell.

Then, soak the filter in the vinegar, and flush the hot water in the fluid tank to clean it properly. It is an effective cleaner and safe technique for eliminating the unpleasant smell from the vents.

You can add a 1:9 ratio of bleach and water, respectively, to make a weak bleach solution in the washer fluid tank. 

Replace the washer fluid hose

Sometimes despite using all the products, the windshield fluid smells bad and is not working correctly. In this condition, you have to check the washer hose, nozzles, and fuse.

There may be a leakage or crack in the washer hose, leaving the bottle empty. When you turn on the windscreen wipers without using the fluid, they rub against the screen producing an unpleasant smell in your system.

Some people say that the dirt enters the tank’s nozzle and clogs the pores. You have to replace the washer hose with the new one to avoid any damage in this condition.

Use the right products

Using low-quality products produces an unbearable smell in the truck. Instead, pour clean and adequate fluid on the windscreen to protect it from debris.

Avoid using the local disinfectant or fluids in the reservoir as it damages the whole system. If you use one type of product, do not mix it with different kinds of fluid as it produces a smell.

Some wind glass cleaners contain chemicals in concentrated form and damage the interior of the washer system.

The wiper blades also deteriorate by adding a high amount of chemicals. Some detergents disable the whole system entirely as they contain freezing agents in the fluid.

It is better to use high-quality and cost-effective products to keep your truck interior system in good condition.

You can top up your washer bottle with a fruity or lemon index smell in service stations to make it smell good.

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