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Can You Add Heated Seats to a Toyota Tundra?

Can You Add Heated Seats to a Toyota Tundra?

Here are easy steps for adding heated seats to a Toyota Tundra. Also, the Platinum, the Limited, and TRD Pro trims of Tundra have factory-built front row heated seats. 

Can You Add Heated Seats to a Toyota Tundra? You can add heated seats to a Toyota Tundra by accessing front seats with electric connections, disconnecting battery terminals, and detaching the airbag sensors and seatbelts. Next, add a heating coil pad under the seat cover below the cushion, connect it with a similar battery circuit, add a relay and join electric wires. Also, get instant warmness, comfortable traveling, and manual control on the heated seats. 

Furthermore, the electric relay supports manual handling, fulfills desired temperature limits, and spreads warmness in the pickup truck interior. However, across America, 70% to 79% of Toyota Tundra users admire the feature. Also, they replace their ordinary truck sitting setup with heated seats.

However, the climate controllers make it a desirable vehicle for far away traveling conditions and protect everyone from a sudden illness. Also, in cold weather and rainy situations, constant heat flow through the driver’s body keeps him stable and comfortable. 

The expensive Toyota Tundra trims levels have these features and aim to improve cabin comfort. 

However, they require more power for activation and constant running conditions but are desirable for every driver.

How to add heated seats to a Toyota Tundra?

For installing, heated seats in your pickup truck, prefer mechanical support and get non-problematic additions.

On average, professional labor charges you around $310 to $440 and completes the activity in less than 55 to 65 minutes.

I have mentioned a general stepwise guide for installing these heating items with appropriate methods and fewer restrictions.

Access the location

These seats are suitable on the front side. Also, check the surroundings, nearby electric connections, and design of your already existing seat.

With a fabric seat, access the stability and attachment point of a cushion. In those situations, when the cushion is fixed with its cover, the removal is challenging.

Also, the overall addition prices get trickier and require professional support with mechanical expertise. 

Disconnect the power supply and remove the seat cushion

Access the pickup truck battery, and remove the positive and negative terminals. Also, leave the system for around 4 to 6 minutes for cooling. Furthermore, access the front electric panels, and identify the plugs and connectors. 

Now, remove the connecting plugs of the electric seat belt and airbag sensors. However, it is challenging but helps in completing the process without any problem. Next, detach the seat cover, remove the cushion and set it aside.

Install the heating coil

In this step, hold a coil and install it with the electric panel of your seat. Also, connect it with the electric wiring of your battery through the plastic connectors. Furthermore, use a similar circuit that operates the seat movements, airbag performance, and controls belts. 

Now, fix a switch for the on and off activities and join the system. Typically, a cloth seat uses an additional cover and installs the heating coils with pads under them.

In these situations, you cannot remove the top cushion because it remains to fix throughout. 

Now, cover the open seat section with the cushion, turn it back in its original position, and adjust its cover. Then, connect the electric power supply, turn on the electric relay and get warmness in approximately 3 to 4 minutes. 

Why would you add heated seats in a Toyota Tundra?

Typically, the Toyota tundra models have this advanced feature for weather control, temperature maintenance, and comfortable driving conditions in cold seasons.

However, I have described five significant benefits of these particular specifications. Also, these factors appeal to the pickup truck owners, and they add heated seats in their vehicles.

Cold weather control

Typically, the leather seats get warm in summers, but they have a cold effect in low-temperature conditions.

Also, a cloth absorbs moisture in cold weather, and it results in uncomfortable driving. But, these provide heat through the thermostat heat regulation process. 

However, there is a turn-on button and electric switch that turns on the procedure. Then, an electric current passes through the coil pads and turns the electric current into heat.

Now, the heat travels to the seat cushions and provides comfort to the human body by establishing a magnetic field. 

In this way, a pickup truck driver controls the fluctuation of weather and survives low-temperature conditions.

Works in all climate conditions

Few people get cough and flu even in summers, and their bodies are sensitive to weather changes. Also, they cannot survive long-distance traveling to different climate zones. 

As a result, an advanced feature helps them stabilize their body temperature and keeps them warm and comfortable. 

In these situations, the addition of such seats is not an option but becomes compulsory for facilitating ill travelers.

Climate control feature

Generally, the heated seats utilize electric current, and constant working conditions result in excessive heat production. In short, the situation is not beneficial for the overall truck frame, the driver, and other travels because it can catch fire without any sign. 

Moreover, the experts suggest turning off these items after a particular heating limit. Also, leave it for cooling and then get the advantage after a specific time.

However, the feature allows the drive for manual controlling, appropriate handling, and desired use conditions.

It is an attractive option because the owner can modify the temperature limit and enjoy the specification according to standard requirements. 

Dissipation of heat in the truck

Heat regulation and spread appeal to the pickup truck owners because the seats have an electric heater. Also, it facilitates the whole truck interior with warmness and controls the temperature. 

Moreover, it makes the internal environment cozy and comfortable for long-distance travelers, and they spend maximum time inside the truck. 

Self-control mechanism

On ignition, the heating system does not turn on automatically and waits for the manual input signals. Also, the relay and heat control buttons are available on the front electric panel near the dashboard. 

Furthermore, each front seat has a separate temperature controller. As a result, none of the travelers has to tolerate the similar temperature limits in a pickup truck that makes him comfortable.

Also, it proves as desirable specifications for children because they are vulnerable to various diseases in cold climate circumstances. 

A Comparison chart of heated seats and standard seats

Heated seats

Standard seats

They provide maximum temperature control and comfort during the journey. Typically, pickup seats comprise leather or fabric material with a cushion and heating mechanisms.
The manual control facilitates confidence and handling simultaneously. The seats convert electric energy into heat and provide warmness to human skin. They have airbag sensors, automatic seatbelt control and are comfortable for travelers.
They work as a heating pad, provide instant relief from cold weather conditions and protect a person. They use perforation of the seat, circulate, and provide air through electric passage. Also, the system comprises an internal fan for air production, and item quality determines the air spread.
The installation is complex and expensive, but the results are worth the cost and effort once you add them to your pickup truck. The installation of cooled seats is expensive, complex, and requires professional support.

What are the effects of heated seats on the Toyota Tundra battery?

Typically, the heated seats do not drain the battery while the truck moves at a specific speed for long hours. But, when it is stable at one spot, the heating seats drain the electric power of a truck battery quicker than a standard limit. 

Also, excessive use of these items leads to battery damages because it cannot handle such high loads for several hours. 

Furthermore, the heater utilizes fuel for its standard operation and affects the overall economy. However, the internal engine and battery mechanism turn the engine fuel into beneficial heating.

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