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How to Replace Broken Antenna on Toyota Tundra?

How to Replace Broken Antenna on Toyota Tundra?

Here are easy methods for replacing the Toyota Tundra broken antenna. You must have the universal kit in your toolbox.

How to Replace Broken Antenna on Toyota Tundra? You can replace the broken antenna on Toyota Tundra by removing the stud with the help of an extractor, aviation snip, and drill bit. Buy and place the new antenna and tighten it till the last clamp. You can also change the broken antenna base by removing the front passenger tire, mud flap, and remove it from the fender edge. Replace its damaged base, apply the cleaning spray and clean its body with a dry sponge.

The adjustment of the antenna in front of the Truck helps in the navigation system. It catches the magnetic radio waves and sends them to the receiver. The device will amplify the signals, and you will hear the voice.

It also helps in the navigation and WLAN signals in the vehicle. Therefore, you should repair or replace it before going on a long journey.

Things to consider when replacing the broken antenna on Toyota Tundra

You should consider the following points while changing the broken antenna or changing the design and color.

It should have a rubber cover that will protect it from harsh environmental conditions and accidents. The manufacturer used high-quality rubber to make it.

The antenna should be lightweight and elastic so that it can bear the air pressure.

It should be resistant to cracks, break, and fading. It is available in a superb and unique design that enhances the charm of the Toyota Tundra when you look at it from the outside.

Remove it from the vehicle when you go for the wash; otherwise, the automatic car wash will surely damage it.

You should confirm before buying that the base has a carbon fiber column. It will provide extra protection and flexibility.

Hold the antenna in your hand and turn it at different angles and leave while buying.

It is better to read the instruction book to get the information about the range and strength.

You should check carefully that the nut of a new one is visible and about one inch in length.

It is better to contrast and match the color with the Truck if you want to make your vehicle appealing.

Many people think that the heightened antenna will catch more signals that is why they buy larger lengths. It is just an illusion because the coverage does not depend on length.

Easy Steps to replace the Broken antenna on your Toyota Tundra

You do not need to worry when you see the broken antenna. Adopt the following method and repair it within minutes.

If the antenna break at the base

First, look at the broken part carefully; if it breaks the base and the nut remains in the base, you should pull it out.

Take an aviation snip and rub the corners of the nut to make the space so that you can pull it by pliers. The aviation snip has sharp edges that will help in digging but in a polite manner.

Finally, you can use the drill machine by adding the drill bit that will hold the nut. Place the drill bit on the nut and power on the machine.

Hold it carefully to protect the body of the Toyota Tundra from damage. You can lose it by rotating it in an anticlockwise direction with your hand. Now the nut is outside and ready for the placement of the new.

Unpack the new one and fit it in the hole and tighten it carefully. You have done with it within few minutes without spending a penny if you already have a universal kit.

Tighten the lost antenna

Park your vehicle at the side and take it from the road.

Sometimes you or the mechanic forget to tighten it, and it will leave its place. Place that again and tighten carefully on the base.

It will take more few minutes and effort to change the antenna base. Remove it from the base if it is present. Hold the corners and pull them to separate the rubber from the edges of the hole in the body.

There are two ways of extracting the internal part. First, push the base with the help of a screwdriver and make the hole clear. The internal part will remain inside; you should cut or turn off the connection from the radio.

Apply packaging tape all around, or you can also apply it on the bottom side. It will protect the body from scratches and discoloration.

Get the screwdriver and turn the base and pull it outside. Apply the cleaning spray on the antenna base and around the hole. Remove the packing tape, place the new base and clean it with a soft microfiber cloth. You will have to do it patiently and separate it from the copper wires.

There is also another way is to replace the broken antenna from the backside. First, you will remove the mud flap, passenger tire, and inner fender from the passenger side.

The mud flap has about four Philips screws, and the fender has 7 bolts. Hold the ratchet wrench in your hand and unscrew all the nuts and bolts. You will see the connection at the upper side of the fender edge.

You can pull the base inside, fix the connection with the new base, and place it tightly in the hole. You can also repair the damaged wires and connections by this method.

Place all the accessories, fix the antenna and turn on the connection. You can now use the mobile data, tracking application, and WLAN without distraction.

You can do it yourself if you have the universal kit or borrow it from the workshop. All the procedures will take a minimum of 30 minutes, but you can reduce the time by arranging all the needed tools in one place.

How much does it cost to replace the broken antenna on a Tundra?

If you are replacing without calling a professional, then you only need to buy a new one for about $75 to $100, depending on the quality of the material.

The labor cost will be about $60 to $80 if you take your Tundra to the mechanic. You can also do it without spending money if you adjust the existing to a suitable position.

You should buy standard quality so that you can enjoy the radio without interruption for a longer time.

Why would you replace the antenna on Toyota Tundra?

You replace it because of the following reasons and conditions.

The main and significant reason of breakage is the automatic vehicle wash. You should remove it before parking your Truck for a wash.

Road accidents and high-speed driving on the rough path also damage the thread or slide the wires from their position, interfering with the tracking system.

The harsh weather and environmental condition affect the functionality of the antenna. The heavy ail and snow wall exert the force, and it breaks at the bottom.

Sometimes it happens that someone will pull or lose it to tease you. It can break easily when the manufacturer uses low-quality material such as plastic.

Many people like to change the vehicle’s exterior look by changing its design and style after some time.

You can decorate the existing one by adjusting the ornaments at the top and sides. Next, place the rainbow strip ball and sunflower on the tip. These all should be lightweight and have a firm grip with thread.

If you are decorating your vehicle, you can only tie a ribbon at the center and leave both ends in the sir to make a flower or butterfly.

You can also make modifications according to the events. For example, replace it with new and cover the tip with a Christmas cap and Christmas tree. You can also stand the small tree beside it.

On Halloween day, buy a lightweight skull and place it on the top of the antenna. You can also fix the other emojis and animation with it.

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