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Can You Convert a Long Bed Truck to a Short Bed?

Can You Convert a Long Bed Truck to a Short Bed?

Many people want to covert their long bed truck shorter or make a short one longer. You can also get a customized truck with your required dimensions.

Can You Convert a Long Bed Truck to a Short Bed? You can convert a long bed truck to a short bed by cutting the measured portion of its floor from both sides. A long bed is 7 to 8 feet long, and a short one is 5 feet long in trucks. First, measure a 10 to 12 inches portion on both ends of the back and cut them with a saw to make it short. Then weld both halves together and fix the floor on the frame by tightening up the bolts.

The cost of such conversion varies in different pickups. However, it is an expensive procedure, and on average, it costs 1000$ to 1500$ to shorten the length.

It also includes the cost of shortening the driveshaft, parking brakes, axle, and suspensions. It costs 500$ to 1000$ to reduce the size of its floor and sides.

What is a long bed truck?

Truck floors are available in different sizes and dimensions. A long bed is approximately 7 to 8 feet long and it is the largest size present in any vehicle. 

The pickups with large size backs have a higher towing capacity and more space to store your valuables.

In addition, people who drive trucks to transport heavy loads from one place to another prefer vehicles with large storage compartments.

What is a short bed truck?

A standard bed length ranges from 6 to 7 feet in trucks. But a short one has a size ranging from 5 to 6 feet in different vehicles. 

The size may differ in various brands and models of trucks. However, it is cheaper than the standard and long-bed pickups. 

It is easy to maintain and park in small spaces or garages.

What trucks have short and long beds?

Each manufacturer has pickup models with short and long beds. Some brands manufacture the same models in all sizes.

Here is a list of trucks with short beds:

  • RAM 1500
  • Chevrolet Colorado
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • GMC Sierra

Trucks with long beds:

  • GMC Canyon
  • Nissan titan
  • Chevrolet Silverado 3500
  • 2015 RAM 1500
  • GMC Sierra

How do you convert a long bed truck to a short bed?

Shortening a long flatbed is not an easy process. Usually, it is better to get it done by a professional. But you can do it in your garage by following these simple steps.

Separate the floor from the frame

The bed floors are attached to the frame with different bolts and nuts. Unscrew these bolts to separate the floor.

Before starting it, you need jack stands to raise both ends of the truck.

Put 2 jack stands in the front end and two on the rear end to raise the pickup and increase the ground clearance.

The floor is fixed to the frame with hex head bolts. You will need a socket or wrench to unscrew all of them.

Lay beneath the floor to unbolt all the nuts from the front and rear end of the bed. After removing them, the frame will slide out of the floor.

Mark a section on the floor and bedside

After removing the floor, place it on the table or any smooth surface for properly cutting a measured section.

For example, to make a long bed short, you should cut 10 to 12 inches from its front and rear side.

Measure the 10 or 12 inches with a measuring tape and mark it with a sticky tape.

Use a permanent marker to mark uneven or curved floor areas. Mark the 10 to 12 inches section from both the front and rear end of the bed walls.

Cut the marked portions

You should wear safety gloves to protect your hands from injury. Next, you will need a grinder or a saw to cut the marked portion from the floor.

To cut it properly, remove the tailgate and sidewalls from the floor. Then cut the marked portion of the bedside by using a grinder.

It will take some time to cut it from the outside and inside. Then cut the marked portion of the floor from both sides.

It will make it 10 to 12 inches short from both sides. Then you can use sandpaper to smooth the edges of the floor and walls.

Weld the remaining section together

Before starting welding, join both remaining parts and check for any gaps. 

Fill the gaps and inconsistencies between the metal pieces before welding them together. 

Use clamps to hold the bed parts together in place for joining them.

Use a welding machine and operate it at medium speed to prevent overheating of the metal.

While welding both halves, keep them in line and move the welder straight to avoid burning the other portion. Then, repeat the same process for joining halves of the bedsides.

Sand or grind the welded sections

After joining the floor halves, use sandpaper to remove all the uneven parts of the welded section. Rub it gently on the surface to make it even and smooth.

It will help you to find any remaining gaps between the welded parts. Then, you can again use a welder to fill the gaps for a smooth finish.

After that, apply prime on the floor and walls. Then cover it with 2 to 3 layers of paint to give it a smooth and shiny look.

Cut the same size section on the frame

It is also essential to shorten the bed frame to match its size to the floor. You have to measure the same size portion on the frame on both sides.

Mark a 10 to 12 inches portion on it from the front and rear side. Then use a grinder to remove that part from it.

The machine should have a sharp blade to cut the frame smoothly from both sides. First, hold the saw at an angle to cut the metal. Then use sandpaper to smooth its edges.

Drill holes for mount bolts

Its frame has mount holes for the bolts to join it with the floor. After shortening the frame, you also have to drill new holes for the bolts.

Use a drill machine for new holes of the same size and at equal distance.

The number of holes for mount bolts varies in different vehicles. On average, a frame contains 3 to 4 holes on both sides of the rail.

Fix the shortened floor on the frame

After completing the task, fit the walls with the floor by tightening up all the bolts. 

Attach the tailgate to the rear end of the floor. Put a jack stand again to increase the ground clearance of the truck.

Lay down beneath the bed to tighten up all the screws and bolts. Then slide the frame beneath the floor and fit it on its respective site.

Finally, tighten up new bolts in the holes of the structure and join them with the vehicle.

Sometimes you also have to replace the driveshaft parking brakes and brake lines of the truck. In such a case, replace them with shorter hardware.

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