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Can You Drive an RV Through Europe?

Can You Drive an RV Through Europe?

You can drive an RV through Europe; for this tour, you have to follow various specific points, guidelines and collect information from the best source. You have to make a goal, determine the budget and cost. Complete everything before leaving your country, like documentation, a map, essential accessories (medical, home gadgets, food items, and many others).

It is the best feeling when you wake up and see natural beauty like the river, lakes, mountain, greenery and other which makes you pleasant.

If you decide on the Europe tour for the first time, you have to make many arrangements before going. You can purchase or rent out the RV for a trip.

It will better for you to buy the RV if you travel for a prolonged period. It is more exciting and requires less cost it.

When you decide to go, then search out the guidance and advice. It is hard to give the best recommendation because each family has its taste and style.

Can You Drive an RV Through Europe?

Each European countries have some interesting fact that you have to know, and these are fun facts not a boring.

Although the trip to different countries makes you in confusion. It is a fascinating point, and you enjoy it a lot.

American country has some specific features like they have a well-defined schedule of duty hours and payoff, there is no extra hours requirement.

With the cluster of ATM present at the bank in the city center, you cannot find ATM at any shopping mall, grocery, or an

The EU shops shut off evening time, and Sunday is off, so you have to make the food collection before closing.

The grocery price rates are less you can afford plenty of desirable things at a low price. Here some exceptions also occur, like Switzerland you pay more on food.

You can get the best internet access and cheap offer if you want to work online or get proper streaming. They give the best opportunity if you are a Vlogger or doing some business that requires extra GBs.

Proper planning for a trip

Tour planning is a difficult task cannot decide which step you take before and after others.

You get a lot of information from different sources it becomes more challenging and exhausting for you to take the decision.

You can do proper planning in the best way and print it so you cannot forget anything.

Decide the places

If you determine your goal, then move to select the places to demonstrate that you have the decision.

You have to stick to your target, become specific, and take a concrete decision.

In this way, you can take the idea and set up your goal with ease. When you focus on your target, it is easy for you to achieve it.

Decide the travel period

In this case, you have to decide the period how much you want to travel. First, you make an idea of tour length like for a month, weeks, or year.

In this way, you can determine the cost for it that is a hallmark factor.

The next step is to decide on the less-cost place with immense beauty and enjoyment so that you cannot regret your decision.

Travel style

In this case, you have to choose or decide that you go with family, friends or alone.

It is also a factor for your planning because budget decision depends on it.

You decide your destination base on that criterion, like someplace best for the solo, partner, family, and friends.

Select the destination

Through RV you can go to travel all over Europe according to your time length. When you have that opportunity, then do not stick to the one state, country, or place.

For a better decision, you have to get the map and search out desire places and point them out.

You can also use Instagram, Google maps, and other sources for getting better information. You decide the time length you stay at one place, town, state, or country.

Do some more research

In this case, you have to take care of some points like weather conditions, time zone, tourism rate.

You figure out the cold, hot, or hurricane condition because it will not be better to regret at the spot.

Next step, you see the tourism season that is low or high, and you face difficulty in parking, camping, or relaxing phase.

Cost for RVing through Europe

When you decide on the RV long Europe travel, make a budget list because money is vital.

There are various factors which affect it, so you have to consider these. The cost figure depends on your tours’ time length, like weeks, months, or years.

If you travel for a prolonged period, then the exchange currency rate will affect your budget criteria. The per-day cost of each country is different as Spain has low than ½ of Norway.

Wild camping spots, road type, and the traveling distance also affect it.

The vehicle fuel consumption, model, travel bills, food, health, and RV insurance are few other essential factors. Your food, visiting places will also consider while deciding the budget.

When you make the travel budget cost, make a list and consider the essential components like fuel, food, campsite, parking, wi-fi, insurance, and many others.

The average annual, monthly, weekly, and daily cost is around $13,000, $1100, $250.30, and $30.53.

Fuel consumption cost

The fuel cost depends upon the number of the hour you travel and the distance per day.

Some people like to save money while driving on the road by downloading the shared economy app like BlaBla Car.

The advantage of it to join the same destination people and share the fuel cost. The average price of super, premium, and diesel is approximately €1.20, €1.24, and €1.12.

Food cost

EU is a prominent place with 44 countries the food cost of each varies from the other.

For example, the weekly shop cost in England is more than in Spain. You have to prefer the dry and canned food, but people also have the fresh and less budget best food.

Non-food items

It includes medication, toiletries, clothes, and Roo Rolls cost around €350.

Camping fee

It depends on what you choose, like a campsite, Aires, and wild camping. The average cost of it during the peak season is around €10-€30 include the electricity price and local taxes.

Shipping cost

When you spend your time on the ocean, you need shipment. There are various companies which do this activity like K-2 is famous for it.

There are other sources like brokers who can also manage your vehicle documentation and paperwork.

Its cost relies on two factors like your RV size and its value. For small-sized, the average price is approximately $50-$55, which high for a large vehicle. 

Documentation required

When traveling through an RV you should have prepared the documents.

It includes a passport, driving license, green card, vehicle insurance certificate, international driving permit, and registration document, which are necessary items.

When you decide to visit the European countries, make the paperwork proper, not face any upcoming future issues.

The green card gives you information about minimum insurance coverage according to law. If you visit or stay above the three months, then you must get it.

You can contact the insurer and get it or download it from an official source and make a print.

The purpose is to show if an accident occurs to the police and during border crossing.

You use the equivalent new license plate and the regulation nationality sticker, which refers to the vehicle country registration. For example, Spain country has a white oval sticker over which black E letter imprinted.

Some EU countries highway is free from the toll fee like Germany, Netherland, Greece, Belgium. In countries in which the vignettes system used includes Austria, Slovenia.

You can buy the sticker from any gas station and move freely without any restriction.

The price and duration of this are different like Romania and Bulgaria is around €300, €10-15 respectively. Use the theft-proof bag for the safety of your documents and hide under the seat. 

Select the best route

The EU countries immerse with cultural varieties like a gem hidden which you need to explore.

If you want a stay to take a little break, use the local restaurant or residence for dining in with peace and comfort.

You can find the route and follow the map for exploring culture and various interesting facts, so you have better internet access and hotspot facility.


D902 which also known as La Route des Grande Alpes. It passes through different mountain sections and enjoys the natural beauty, becomes the best part of your travel.

This road starts from lake Geneva to the Mediterranean sea. You can travel in specific months from this route, around June to October.

Coast of Portugal

The Portugal coast is along the Atlantic Ocean with plenty of beaches that you cannot afford to miss. This land has a specific culture due to the empire and its beautiful nature.

You can view or entertain through the recreational vehicle. It starts from the Viano do Castelo and ends at the Tavira.

Through Netherlands and Belgium route

The countries where you enter or exit and those near each other contain different nature, culture, customs, and history.

The Netherlands and Belgium are the best examples of these types of features. When you travel and visit these countries, you observe the apparent difference in their lifestyle.

Norway and Atlantic roadways

These roadways start from the Andalsnes and end at the Oppedal.

The specific feature of the road is the winding and beautiful scenic view. It is a short route, but you can enjoy the natural wonders.

The Rheinische Sagenweg Route

It is the adventurous route of Germany and enriches with natural view. It starts from the Dusseldorf and ends at the Mainz.

The Lorelei, Laacher See spectacular lake view inspired tourists, and these places have mystical charms.

Stelvio Pass

The Passo dello Stelvio is the Italy mountain pass. In the Alps, it is the most impressive scene of the mountain. There are many rough road curves adventurous motorhome drivers enjoy this journey.

Ring road

You can enjoy the Iceland travel through the Ring road in 14 hours.

You relish the spectacular view and natural wonders like waterfalls, capital city beauty, and many other interesting sights along the road.

You could also see the colorful Northern dancing in the sky and the rural parts of this route.

Wild Atlantic Way

It is the long coastal route that starts from the North Derry to South Kinsale. The specific fact about the Ireland shore is the cliffs, narrow mountain ranges, and the green scenery. 

RV or motorhome parking and overnight stay or camping

You have several options for the RV stay and overnight parking. It includes campsite, wild camping, and France passion.

There are several other options for your vehicle parking like storage facilities, streets, and driveways.

The main concern is to find the parking area when you do not have enough knowledge. Due to heavy crowd, it becomes difficult so arrives at time.

The best campground is essential when you want to find a parking site. You can get the International camping card for admittance to these areas.

When you explore Europe by the motor home, Aires is the best place for your overnight stay.

They love the camper so provide them the accommodation facility and prepare the parking space in the village or town at low cost.

France, Spain, Italy (Sostas), Germany (Stellplatz). These give the motor home proper facilities, including parking bays, fuel, toilets, parking bays, and shop.

You can search from the map or download it to find the Aires spots in different countries.

  • Aires de service means service area
  • Aires de Jeu means playgrounds
  • Aires de loisirs means rec areas
  • Aires de Repos contain fewer facilities

Some provide the 24 hours stay, a few ¾, and you can stopover for 3 to 4 nights in some parking service areas.

Spend time with different local families to understand their culture, life routine and exchange their points of view or ideas.

Few organizations like Servas give you that opportunity by providing the host list of countries if you want. They will visit you in the different local areas and teach you about their culture and lifestyle.

You can also install a mobile application like park4night that gives you the list of accessible parking areas for camping.

RV and health insurance

You have to ready the motorhome paperwork like insurance which is advantageous throughout European traveling.

However, you have to take the original certificate rather than its copies. Some countries have changed their health rules and regulation, like the UK, after the Brexit referendum.

You have to make the appropriate health insurance policy for you and your traveler member in this situation.

Your RV accessories

Personal kit Grarge kit
Seasonal clothes, shoes according to situation Collapsible water disposable bucket
First aid box(painkillers, plasters, and others) Cleaning chemicals and products
Toiletries Telescopic or folded dustpan and brush
Microfiber towels Electronic battery charger, USB
Bedding, pillows, sheets Tool kit
Hiking or running outfit Portable washing machine, tent pegs

RV equipment list

When you decide or choose the equipment option, select the essential items according to the RV adjustment and weight it carries.


Nowadays fridges have new advanced technology like automatic energy selection. In this case, you cannot manage the power, but they get it on its own after the plugin.

Awning light

An awning light is best for illumination when you cook or in sitting condition. The well-reputed brand Thule is the best option for it.

You have to tighten it through the strap help and need some other accessories like a bolt, sunscreen, wind diffuser, and central rafter to install it.

Bike rack

You have to check and find the proper guideline before purchasing the bike rack. It is suitable for motorhome, or campervans. You have to adjust it at the vehicle’s rear end.

Washing machine

It is suitable when you decide to go for an extended trip. It is available in small size with proper guidance.

Decide the parking area

There are some allotted spaces known as campsite or sites in recreational vehicle Park where you can stay overnight.

You can also say them campground that provides camp tenting or cabin facilities. There are many factors that you should look at while searching for the perfect campsite.

For picking the place, you should consider the composite length. If parking is the main stress factor, finds such space that is easy to get into for living. 

Accessories requirement

While picking the appropriate spot, first, you have to prioritize the elements that you need. A perfect campsite should have the facilities you need.

You will consider electricity and water availability. If you are going to use a solar system, you should select a site with a lot of sunshine.

The park should have other facilities like a barbecue area, laundry, bathhouse, convenience store, dump stations, exercise equipment, swimming pools, restaurants, gift shops, and golf courses. 

Choose a better camping location

Another factor in deciding about a campsite is the location of parking. Find the spot near pools and playgrounds when you have kids with you.

Consideration of traffic travel through the park is equally necessary.

If road noise is one of the concerns, then avoid spots near highways. Allocated sites should have Wi-fi facilities, Telephone and television connections.

Along with the location and availability of hookups, some campers make an ideal image of a site that they consider perfect.

It depends upon the choices of individuals. Some tourists like open spaces, while others prefer lush green areas. For this purpose, you can check the satellite view of the campsite on google earth. 

Food source

For RV trips, keeping and storing pantry food you like with you is a convenient way. It gives peace of mind when you are in an unknown location.

Having plenty of food will help you to keep your cost down.

When you drive all day through Europe and feel tired with no energy for cooking, you can go camping and pick some of the desired meals you stored like rice packets, soups, and canned veggies.

There is some lightweight, inexpensive and delicious item. You can take with you canned beans, olive oil, powdered milk, boxed soups, canned tuna, pasta and sauce, grilled packages of chicken and coffee, and tea.

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