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Why is My RV AC Dripping Inside?

Why is My RV AC Dripping Inside?

Many people complain that their RV AC is dripping inside. Here are the 6 main reasons that lead to this issue.

Why is My RV AC Dripping Inside? The RV air conditioning system starts to leak inside due to the malfunctioning of its component. The blockage of the drain pan, evaporator coils, and pipeline because of dust and debris build-up. The clogged filters and tight gaskets will block the route of water and air that will result in dripping.

RVs are often used in the summer holiday. At this time, the air conditioning system helps you a lot by making your trip more pleasant and by preventing heat and sweat from you.

Why is My RV AC Dripping Inside?

The air conditioning system install in RV has its air vents outside. The system gets power from a 120-volt outlet inserted into the main battery supply.

 There are several reasons due to which the Air conditioning system stops its accurate functioning. It will start the dripping process inside the camper make it prone to water damages. 

The system also pushes the cold refreshing air in the interior compartment with the help of air vents.

The air conditioning has different parts that can make its function accurate, like condenser, evaporator, fans, compressor and refrigerator fluids, etc. 

The air conditioning is a closed system in which the refrigerator liquid circulates. It pushes the hot air out and cold air inside the camper with the help of air vents. 

They absorb heat from the hot air and pass it to the cold evaporator coils. The coil converts them into cool air and sends them inside the camper. 

Some of the vehicles contain two air conditioning systems in them for making the environment comfortable.

Dirty evaporator coil

The evaporator coils also play a vital role in the proper functioning of the air conditioning system. They perform their work synergistically with the drain pan.

It is vital to clean them often because they perform the function of collecting the water and passing it to drain holes from where the water moves outside, and cold air comes inside. 

When you turn the conditioning system ON, the evaporator coils cool down and convert the hot air into moist air and expel it outside with the help of drain try and air vents. 

The whole cooling function depends on them, so it is vital that your coils perform their function accurately, or else water starts to leak from them. 

Cleaning the evaporator coils with the help of a cleaner and brush. Check the drain holes; if the drain holes block, it will further aggravate the condition.

As a result, more water leaks from the air conditioning. You must go on the roof of the camper because the evaporator coils are present there.

You can clean by removing all the screws and bolts that held the shroud in its place. There is another covering attach with the drain pan unscrew it and remove it.

Wash the cover and the evaporator coil with some good cleaners to remove all the debris and slime.

Rearrange all the components to their appropriate position screw them well with the help of a screwdriver.

The cleaning must perform with the help of a professional to prevent any damage to the system. The professional will also rearrange the system accurately.

The drain pan malfunctioning

The most common issue in RV air conditioning system leakage is the drain pan not doing its exact function. The drain pan must expel out all the water from the evaporator coils to prevent the roof from deteriorating.

The water collecting tray often clogs due to the presence of dust, debris, and wasps. 

There are drain holes present in the water collecting tray. The blockage of these holes also affects the air conditioning work, and it starts dripping inside the RV.

You do not treat the leakage problem accurately. It will start damaging its roof structure and make it prone to cracks.

The moisture level inside the interior compartment starts to increase. It will elevate the risk of mold and mildew production. It will start to impose detrimental effects on your health as well as the camper. 

 It is vital to find the root cause of the problem and fix it as quickly as possible. The finding of the actual cause is necessary so you can treat it with the appropriate method. 

If you try other methods like starts sealing of the drain holes. It will lead to further destruction of the camper. For fixing this problem, you need to clean the drain holes and pipes accurately.

 The blockage in them is causing all these problems. You can use plastic gloves and an accurate cleaner for this purpose.

The gloves will protect your skin from allergies. Repeat the same process as you perform for cleaning the evaporator coils.

Make sure that your drainage tray is properly clean also check the drain holes. After inspecting the process, dry them entirely.

Attach all the covering back to their place and screw them. Try not to fix the screw and bolts too tight it will crack the plastic cover.

Improper sealing and the wind

The camper is the best transportation means to travel around, but the air is the causative agent for blocking the drainage tray and holes.

The dirt and the debris make your evaporator coils dirty. The irregular maintenance techniques also result in the leakage of the air conditioning system.

Sometimes the people do improper sealing around the gasket to prevent leakage.

It will further aggravate the situation because it will block the open places to remove excessive condensation.

The condensation has no place to move outside. The moist air starts to leaks from the air conditioning system.

Damage to the rubber gasket

The air conditioning system attaches to the roof with the help of a gasket. These gaskets are made of rubber for giving compressibility to the products.

The gasket compresses easily with the help of bolts. The manufacturer decides to make this gasket tight or loose. 

The gasket damage due to the presence of ultraviolet rays coming from sunlight. 

It is vital to replace them and accurately seal them around your air conditioning system.

The problem that increases the dripping of your AC is the gasket being too loose or too tight.

Your gasket must have approximately a distance of one-inch space. This space between the gasket and air conditioning will help to expel the water out.

When there is excessive condensation during summer, the water starts to drip down from the ceiling and the AC.

It is essential to replace them frequently because they deteriorate within a year or more.

When you try to replace it with the new one, make sure to leave some space for expelling water outside. You can also install it with the company if your guarantee date is still pending.

Clogged drain lines

The drain pipes of the air conditioning system also cause the leakage problem inside the RV.

The pipes are used to collect the water from the drain pan towards the roof and expel it outside. 

The cleaning of these pipes is a vital step for the proper functioning of this system.

These drain lines are the main channel for transporting the water out, and they are also the reason for any leakage.

The pipes that block due to the presence of dust and debris make the flow of water impossible. All these systems connect; the blockage of any one of them can result in leakage.

The evaporator converts hot air into moist air or water, then transports it to the drain pan from where it collects by drainpipes and moves it towards the roof.

Another reason is the pipeline is due to the installation defect. If the drain lines are not tightly secure.

The vibration of the vehicle during traveling also makes the situation worse. The improper pipeline starts to lose further and results in leaking.

For this purpose, check the loose connection and fix them immediately.

 You can treat the clogged pipeline problem by cleaning it accurately. Turn the air conditioning off and get on the roof, remove the shroud of the system. Now remove the covering on the top of the drain pan.

You need to clean and dry the drain pan with the brush and some towels. 

Clean all the debris inside the pipe, and then carefully add bleach to the block pipes to cleanse it more. Assemble all the parts to their original place and secure them well. 

Blockage of the filters

Sometimes due to blocking in the air filters, the air does not accurately circulate towards the evaporator coil.

This blockage occurs due to dust and debris build-up or due to improper cleaning techniques.

When you run the air conditioning system for a long time, the evaporator coil becomes too cold and damages the whole unit. The water dripping is also a sign of block filters.

You need to address this problem immediately. Clean the filter to protect your RV air conditioner.

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